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  1. Are Snyder and Kirk still living in Cael’s basement?
  2. https://fortune.com/2020/02/25/coronavirus-treatment-us-trial-covid-19/amp/
  3. Seems like Burroughs, Dake, Snyder, Cox, Taylor, etc. could all benefit from a few years as a top assistant coach to determine what their skills and interests are before offering them a head coaching position. Maybe Terry Brands can open an academy?
  4. I dunno. Need to figure out how to equalize them. If Hodge was wrestling for PSU right now, you'd barely notice Taylor, Nolf, Ruth, Rutherford, etc.
  5. Questioning John Smith sporting gold pants tonight.
  6. Iowa coaches about to get a lot of TV coverage. Maybe trade the white New Balance sneakers for something a little more contemporary?
  7. Well, there was 60 seconds of broadcasting Lee’s disappointment in himself. But I agree Vak.
  8. Therapists say you should like yourself. How does that apply here?
  9. It was senior night for his brother Bobby. Family photo shoot, the whole works.
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