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  1. Ah ok now I get it. You’re asking who was the more skilled wrestler. Sanders was and is one of the most skilled wrestlers with limited hardware due to always being undersized. I’ll bet if you did a poll of Taylor vs Dake, who’s more skilled, Taylor would win that poll as well despite the 0-11.
  2. Olympic weights change every 4 years. The trick is to figure out how to win some world titles between the changes.
  3. It appears you purposely created a blurry window of time. Taylor is still competing so he’s earning everyone’s respect. Steiber had more success in D1 wrestling and arguably early post-D1. But the window is vague and could be further complicated if one of them goes on to find a cure to Covid.
  4. Gotta win the tight matches. Psychologically, Steiber.
  5. Does anyone know if Q2 total deaths relating to pneumonia, heart, flu, covid, etc was up or down compared to the prior year?
  6. I’ve maintained that Metcalf was trying to help Caldwell rotate through the flip to stick the 10 pt landing.
  7. The Stash Evans vs Brown on now.
  8. I’d like to see Logan Storley back on the mat after his success in MMA.
  9. If they wrestle 11 times in both folk and free, how do you think the matches would go? 8-3 IMar? 9-2 IMar? How about Zain vs Steiber? 7-4 Steiber?
  10. He’s always among us. He has several personalities. Right?
  11. Taylor's 0 fer 11 vs Dake gives a bit of a doubt. Getting skunked rarely happens in any sport. The skunkee always finds a way to pull one out.
  12. I feel he lost points at Slipperygate.
  13. Dumb editor thinks I’m writing HTML or something
  14. May I paraphrase? JB > Dake
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