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  1. Uh oh. Don’t need that thought crossing his mind.
  2. Some sports define the skunk rule like this: "Head-to-head streaks of 7-0, 11-1, 15-2, and 21-3 are match-winning 'skunks.' As if being 'skunked' isn't bad enough, the skunkee may also be required to perform push-ups or drink two beers."
  3. If Taylor got Olympic Silver, the same fans would say Taylor had overcome Dake and had the better career thus far.
  4. I’ll never understand how the joke “Vote early, vote often” became the norm.
  5. I think it will take a couple more golds to overlook the 0-11 head-to-head.
  6. Apparently you’ve never watch Benny Hill comedy. It’s hilarious.
  7. I just want to know why Yaz got himself so flat-footed with the win nearly in hand. He should take a lesson from Burroughs on how to circle to run out the clock.
  8. Do NIL income sources get tracked by anyone at the university? I could see incoming blue chip recruits making much more money than existing team members.
  9. Carl approves of this message.
  10. I might watch just to see the Bo helping hand.
  11. The forum down for hours… nobody really seems to be outraged these days.
  12. Could NLWC start a clothing brand and award PSU wrestlers $10k worth of cash and merchandise for their name on the merchandise?
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