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  1. Who wears the buzz better? Robb or Marinelli?
  2. I gotta hand it to Brands for recruiting top dogs into the lineup. He must have remodeled his basement.
  3. Eierman is the oldest looking guy in the arena.
  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen JB give up a TD like before. Looked almost fake.
  5. I wonder if Fleeger and Reiter have spoken since their controversial match?
  6. Lizak was a beast on top in folk. Glad to see that skill transfer over. And NICE takedown!
  7. He’s been running the country the past 4 years! And doing a respectable job of it...backing outta the room.
  8. Yeah, Minnesota should encourage him to pursue a career in real estate since they are no longer a heavyweight powerhouse.
  9. Let’s drink a glass of water together.
  10. I hope you aren’t keeping a list.
  11. The twit doesn’t fit, you nitwit.
  12. That may have been happy hour after the mission. Give it a break.
  13. Gable in an earlier interview said all he was interested in was a shot at #1 Gwiz. Mission accomplished.
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