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  1. The kid from Penn State figured it out.
  2. It says: Subscribe today to watch the LIVE event here. FREE It's misleading.
  3. So Roflkin said "free" so I registurd. Now it looks like they meant "free for subscribers" and want $10 bucks. Do I have this right?
  4. Years back we’d say he’s built like a brick sh!thouse.
  5. Wasn’t Taylor #3 at 174 at the time? Did he and Dake flip a coin to decide who would go up?
  6. I had that match in hand. I rushed the shot.
  7. He’s come a long way. Remember the phase when he referred to himself in the 3rd person?
  8. I was here earlier and saw your post. I spent some time thinking of a rebuttal and nothing came to me. So I slipped out the back door.
  9. Happy wrestling was spared. It wasn’t long ago when JRob was fighting Title IX and the wrestling program was always under scrutiny by the administration. I wonder if Brandon Eggum’s softer approach may have helped spare the program.
  10. Oh geez, I hadn’t posted for a couple months because I was feeling self-conscious about my Covid weight gain. I look worse.
  11. Didn’t Evans finish 666?
  12. The bigger question is if Cael will approve.
  13. Taylor is really improved now. I’m talking him vs Cox or Dake or Burroughs next time.
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