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  1. Huh? He tilted everyone he wrestled his true freshman season.
  2. Come on! Save us old farts from creating Reddit accounts and post your report.
  3. I entered the transfer portal after a tough Gopher loss. After some crazy spinning I found myself in Cael’s basement playing video games with Snyder and Kerkliviet. After several hours of National Duals debate, I decided to click my heels 3 times to go back home to Minnesota.
  4. Didn’t Marsteller transfer with unique circumstances?
  5. Excuses are for wussies.
  6. Something has happened to Taylor’s conditioning for sure.
  7. This thread along with the thread on undefeated in high school folkstyle, go together to find evidence that we sometimes choose a GOAT with a loss.
  8. While impressive growing in size, he sprinkled a few losses along the way. And anyone could beat Taylor if they had been living in his head for so long. I mean Dake even build out 2 decks, one on each side of Taylor’s head.
  9. How about Indiana? Undefeated Red, Tsirtsis? Or Howe, Escobedo, Nick Lee?
  10. Marsteller the GOAT of Pennsylvania high school wrestling?
  11. Impressive. With 172-0, you’d have to assume McGuinness is the GOAT Iowa high school wrestler?
  12. How many wrestlers would you say made it through 4 years undefeated would you guess?
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