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  1. I was under the impression that Cael would be recruiting over him at HWT?
  2. Move over Iowa and Penn State with your merging teams to win titles. In the new era, you eliminate your team, gain national attention, raise millions from donors to spend rebuilding your team to win titles.
  3. Cost of living in California? Same home is probably 3x.
  4. In the last couple of months I’ve started to think UFOs are real. Where were all these experts and military witnesses a year ago?
  5. I think we’ll see a more humble AJ in a couple years, and he’ll be helping guys up off the mat. You’ll see.
  6. Maybe Penn State can grant some money to kickstart the rebuild.
  7. Which weight at PSU hasn’t had a case of “recruiting over?”
  8. I’m surprised as a badger, you aren’t aware of the Minot State Beavers. Cooler still.
  9. Doug Schwab could... Nah, his wife wouldn’t let him.
  10. Now a tear off mid-flip might be cool but this just feels so scripted, like a Pelosi speech tear.
  11. That was stupid when I I was forced to watch it a month ago. Now i get suckered into a second viewing.
  12. DAVE DEAN 1987: 190 (2nd) 1989: 177 (3rd)
  13. Pinned for 5 seconds before the slap.
  14. Huh? He tilted everyone he wrestled his true freshman season.
  15. I entered the transfer portal after a tough Gopher loss. After some crazy spinning I found myself in Cael’s basement playing video games with Snyder and Kerkliviet. After several hours of National Duals debate, I decided to click my heels 3 times to go back home to Minnesota.
  16. Didn’t Marsteller transfer with unique circumstances?
  17. Excuses are for wussies.
  18. Matt Nagel was a 5-timer. Was he undefeated in grades 9-12?
  19. Something has happened to Taylor’s conditioning for sure.
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