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  1. No challenge going down to beat Tayler again. Moving up to take out Snyder makes a ton of sense.
  2. I prefer to not follow him on Twitter.
  3. Kaepernick and Rapinoe. Not a fan but I see why they get coverage.
  4. headshuck

    Yianni at Yasar

    Yes, but magic beans and some calisthenics took care of that. Tayler will never again find himself on his back.
  5. headshuck

    Yianni at Yasar

    He doesn’t need Tayler bridging muscles.
  6. headshuck


    His brain was freaking out at the screwed up series and misfired on controlling a leg for a moment.
  7. headshuck

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    Barry Davis foot stomping to the oldies.
  8. headshuck

    Last 25 years

    Jammies got in TBars head. Mission accomplished.
  9. headshuck

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    Maybe Ben wanted a hug to kick off the round?
  10. headshuck

    Lets look forward to 17th of next month....

    Tayler is the better wrestler.
  11. I heard he was seeking some of those magic beans.
  12. headshuck

    Nolf - Why?

    Nolf 1, Green 0 to open the series.
  13. Maybe Dake is worried the injury won’t be healed and he’d rather pull out of this event than lose to Dieringer?
  14. Wasn’t Dake already beating Tayler in freestyle?
  15. Good point. BTW, does Dieringer have any wiggle room if he dings himself up prior to Fargo?
  16. headshuck

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    A PSU guy came out on top after a video review? No way!
  17. headshuck


    Tayler has never lost a hypothetical match with Dake. When you start your poll, do something like this... "Hypothetical matchup: Dake vs Tayler at 80kg. Who you got?"
  18. headshuck

    Mudflap Update

    Well... never thought I’d be thinking about the lyrics, but maybe the waistband is a handle of sorts for the lucky bun day?
  19. headshuck

    Mudflap Update

  20. headshuck

    Suriano vs lee

    ^^^ sometimes the illness is so apparent.
  21. headshuck

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

  22. headshuck

    Mt Rushmore for your state

  23. headshuck

    The Mt Rushmore topic

    Anyone think there might be 2 Gables on the Mount a decade from now?
  24. headshuck

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    Hmm, we need a 10-pt disdain rating.