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  1. Bobby Knight, both in success and occasional minor flareups?
  2. These 2 are as closely matched as the figure skaters Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding.
  3. You have to admit there was something odd about Lee saying that excuses are for wussies in the same breath as saying that his performance was affected by having a knee injury.
  4. Yes. His trajectory has been off the charts. I don’t think he’ll stop wrestling, but rather add new skills. He said he plans to be the first world champion wrestler, entertainer, fighter.
  5. Snyder could transfer to Minnesota and train with Gable.
  6. With this logic, Mason Parrish could find a coach somewhere that would help him beat Gable Steveson?
  7. The way he felt his IRI opponent’s balance and tossed him aside for the win… He must use the force tomorrow vs Sadulaev.
  8. Structurally, I’m not sure it can be done. With the ear features necessary for the likely candidates, you’d end up with something like Arches National Park.
  9. Ok, got me. I meant major world competition. Wanna get away...
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Gilman
  11. Taylor has superior ears because of the longevity. Cael developed great ears in a much shorter timespan.
  12. Must be some grumbling back in Iowa that NLWC gets credit for Thomas Gilman now.
  13. Wow. What a determined man keeping with that second takedown. So much strength and balance.
  14. Who had a betterer International career over Cael--Dake or Taylor?
  15. Dake has a pretty good underhook.
  16. I missed the awards ceremony. I was flying back from the Netherlands on my vpn. Did he really tear up?
  17. I’m surprised none of the Dake vs Taylor threads have been bumped yet.
  18. The world will be talking about the Cox tripod for some time.
  19. Have they ever tried to schedule 5 weights per day to shorten the event?
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