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  1. These are two great wrestlers who are contemporaries of one another. Logan had a more successful collegiate career and was a bonus point monster. They've had similar levels of success thusfar on the world stage, though Taylor is obviously still going. Yet, if you asked most wrestling fans who was better, I think they would say Taylor. Why? Am I wrong?
    Is it due to the association with Penn State and their team championships? Is it because of their one high school match up kind of "cementing" a pecking order?
    Maybe I'm just flat wrong, but I just found myself thinking about the two and automatically putting Taylor ahead, and then I started questioning myself.
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    It appears you purposely created a blurry window of time. Taylor is still competing so he’s earning everyone’s respect. Steiber had more success in D1 wrestling and arguably early post-D1. But the window is vague and could be further complicated if one of them goes on to find a cure to Covid.
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