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  1. Wait a minute, this topic switches from best career to best wrestler. If they never wrestle another match, Dake had the better career. 10 years from now the giddiness over Taylor's potential will be forgotten. 3 titles in 3 tries vs 1 out of 2 tries.
  2. Howe doesn't score in bunches like Taylor. He grinds his opponents into a pulp. It will be interesting to see how Taylor responds to a vicious head butt into the bleachers.
  3. I believe it is relevant as i don't think he has faced a returning champ like Howe yet.
  4. Taylor hasn't faced a Burroughs yet IMO. Who has been his toughest opponent to date and what were their credentials?
  5. Those beautiful white teeth are blinding against that tan! http://www.alicia-logic.com/capsimages/ww_043.jpg
  6. Are you suggesting a fare with 8 loud, short, muscular, funny-eared fans splitting a $10 fare 8-ways isnt appealing to the Detroit cabbies?
  7. Probable loss of BigTen Network coverage is substantial.
  8. Who are the team captains anyway? Are there any other seniors besides Marion?
  9. Cut wrestlingfan101 some slack. The tricky words aren't covered until 201 level courses.
  10. Johnny, could you post similar "What they have to do" posts for some of the other teams? Individuals have to do "much, much, much, much" better? Maybe you could develop a 2X-5X much rating system?
  11. Nothing wrong with wanting to join the defending national champs. What's integrity got to do with anything? He'd be "corrupt" if he chose another school? Disgraceful?
  12. I hope I never have so much time on my hands that I surf internet message boards for typos. Just noticed a couple digs at a kid that's making one of the biggest decisions of his life. Nobody's purfect.
  13. It's "commit" and "shown." Hopefully he takes his English classes seriously.
  14. After his 3rd title he could take a redshirt to bulk up to 165 and win his 4th.
  15. If any one of you claims you haven't wanted to hip-toss a woman during, say, a slow dance, I'm gunna call you a liar.
  16. Why is it that EVERY one of your posts is about Iowa? Hmmmm...... I think this poster is this one crazy old guy Brands stop letting creep around the locker room that Jimmy let hang around. Harmless dude but weird, and he has an axe to grind. IC... you might want to hit the sack.
  17. As strength and conditioning coach? Or Schwab's departure? Or simply a rebuilding year?
  18. I saved this post from a credible Iowa fan relating to Brands taking over at Iowa. ------- The argument does not lack all credibility... I am a Hawk fan to the end, but not believing it is sticking our heads in the sand a bit. It helped one year and may have hurt the following... But, there is no doubt, had Tom stayed at Iowa, the Hawk would have gotten SLaton, Leclere, Borschel and Metcalf. Morningstar was not a forgone conclusion as he was considering other schools and may have gone to another school if an offer was significantly better. Dan Dennis would not have been a Hawkeye, as there would have been no need to recruit a kid at the same weight as Slaton. Dennis was a late pickup for Jimmy after he lsot Slaton. Phillip Keddy was also at the same weight as Jay and Chad. So again, Phil was not a priority until Jay signed with VT. So it would not be logical to believe Iowa would have recruited two guys (check that three) for the same weight. Chad Beatty, see above... Dan Erekson, Was recruited by Jimmy as a 197 pounder. No telling if he would have fit into the new staffs plans. He became a priority after the others went to VT and it opeened money up to make the push for Dennis/Keddy/Beatty/Erekson. I think Ryan would have ended up at Iowa with his friends and at a lower cost than he ended up getting from Jimmy. I honestly believe that if you looked at it without the "iowa" glasses on, you could see Iowa (with Brands as coach) getting Slaton, Leclere, Metcalf, Morningstar and Borschel... But, there is no way they would have gotten in the same class: Dennis, Keddy, Beatty and Erekson.... I love the Hawks, but you have to admit... Thats why Iowa fans get a bad rap, is that in the face of all things logical, we stick to what we believe in no matter the facts. Before I get jumped on for stating my opinion that differs from the majority, there was nothing wrong with what happened. It is what it is, it just worked out in Iowa's favor.
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