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  1. Was I seeing things or did Ness allow himself to get put into a cradle?


    Overall, his style is way to open to beat Oliver. I really don't think it will be close.


    Oliver will smoke Ness. If they meet, I don't think Ness will advance to the finals even on the opposite side of the bracket, anyone is free to quote me here. Oliver wins by at least 10.


    Quoted. 10 huh?


    That's exactly what they said about Jamal Parks and TheTank Molinaro vs Ness. He's got amazing defense and riding ability when he needs it. Still, I'd pick Oliver at this point. We'll see how the lead-up to NCAA's goes.

  2. Looks like it's queued up on CBSSports/U-Live.

    What's the difference in the events marked "Premium" and those just marked "Watch" on CBSSports/U-Live? I'm assuming you must subscribe to watch regardless. If so, what's the cost?



    $14.95 per month



    When I registered I received the following email:


    Dear Muddy Waters,


    This is to inform you that your recent XXL subscription order has been successfully processed and you can now enjoy all the benefits of XXL membership. Please save a copy of this e-mail for your records.


    Subscription: XXL

    Transaction date: 11/16/2012

  3. Thorn - was out sick, came back and lost in a fury. If he gets back to 100% I think he's an AA

    C. Dardanes - 1 loss in Scuffle final. AA

    N. Dardanes - Some good wins, some tough losses. Round of 12.

    Ness - been out with the exception of the Scuffle. Not himself. Big questionmark.

    Zilverberg - Finally back from injury, seems to have locked up the spot. Round of 12.

    Yohn - Same as last year. Round of 12 to AA if he pulls it together.

    Storley - One OT loss to #1 Perry. High AA.

    Steinhaus - One close loss to Bosak. High AA.

    Schiller - Two close loses to Wright and Haynes. Round of 12 to longshot AA.

    Nelson - One OT loss. High AA to champ.


    Overall, if Thorn and Ness come around, I think we're stronger than last year.


    I wonder if the "flatness" you're seeing is the team knowing they haven't been at 100%?

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