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  1. Cael will tell them how to score that.
  2. I’m pretty sure Pletcher is a lollipop kid.
  3. Has anyone been called for stalling today?
  4. “Keep working!” Dang, why didn’t someone tell me that when I was wrestling.
  5. Labriola turns Scott with a cradle and he’s FLAT. Ref in good position but wants to make sure. Of course Scott breaks free. I see this hesitation way too often.
  6. 5:30 cst. Round of wrestlebacks first.
  7. How long is concussion protocol? Angelo vs Lee started yesterday.
  8. He looked deep to me. Just couldn’t finish.
  9. Could we ignore JC today?
  10. Little McKee missed the last few weeks with a knee injury.
  11. The headshuck is a similar vintage as the headsnap.
  12. Could Cassar come out with a shoulder brace?
  13. Still too much snow on the ground.
  14. Proudly posting useless **** since before the first Cinnabon was frosted.
  15. Perfectly timed with the basement remodel with 2 XXL bedrooms.
  16. Are Snyder and Kirk still living in Cael’s basement?
  17. https://fortune.com/2020/02/25/coronavirus-treatment-us-trial-covid-19/amp/
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