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  1. The right audio is somewhere in here: https://youtu.be/JqX0uhyslfEI
  2. Is it fair to say Brands acknowledges the mental aspect following the injury, but there's no evidence that Brands has seen video of the moments leading up to the injury?
  3. I am not sure brands saw the angle that we did on BTN before the interview. Certainly he had an issue with how his wrestler behaved the remainder of the match.
  4. 10 seconds in, it looks like more of a 2-step “foot adjustment.”
  5. Didn't Nickerson's tapout help him win a national title?
  6. It’s blurry because of the mobile phone capture. http://tinyurl.com/2g9mqh
  7. ^^^ You should submit this as an opinion piece to a few wrestling outlets.
  8. Minnesota’s Lee was dq’d for the same toe pull. I don’t know the rule.
  9. Tilt schmilt. Pin your guy. Weak Hodge candidates. Cancel it until next year or further risk it becoming just another MVP award.
  10. “No matter how much he begs, don’t throw Terry after the match!”
  11. For some of us, this might be one of the only forums we share our thoughts on. In the words of Kentucky Muflap, you guys are like a reel family to me.
  12. I thought the topic was going to suggest a team-based event. Maybe top 4 team bracket.
  13. I had to Google those names... interesting.
  14. Hmm, that might explain the footprints 4’ up my bathroom wall.
  15. Good point. You can already see Dake complaining about something to the ref. Legitimate or not.
  16. As he was stumbling down the stairs trying to catch his balance after realizing his kid was ok, he plowed into the wrestlers. No foul.
  17. Put a value on his time training for the Olympics. He might not afford the time spent grocery shopping, cooking in the kitchen and packaging up portions to store in his non-existent chest freezer. Plus, the whole discussion is around a sponsorship opportunity that was presented to him.
  18. Ugh, I had to watch 3 Mike Bloomberg ads to get to the content.
  19. Pizza smells better than fish. Pizza can be eaten with your hands. Pizza has garlic. Pizza tastes better with beer. Should I go on?
  20. What has changed? As good as Dake is, JB has always pulled out the win. You’re all thinking age caught up with JB this year? It’s like the decade of Taylor is better than Dake argument.
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