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  1. My Dad and I were at the MATCH in the OLDE Hec Edmundson Pavilion !! Dad and I got there early and had 4th row seats. It was crazy !!! I was a JR in High school at the time. We lived East of Seattle in a little town of Maple Valley. Tahoma High School, and WSU .... PS... For those of you that I have followed over the years .. I am signing off ... Stage One Alzheimer's is kicking my ass !! ​Time to put my shoes away, and go fishing ....
  2. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/Dan-Gable/the-losses-dan-gable Washington - Larry Owings
  3. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/6839 http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/6839
  4. When the BSU Football Coach went to the UW in Seattle, one of the first comments he made to the Washington athletes and student body and the UW Management team, was how he admired the Wrestling at BSU as they we always working !!! Running, pushing weights, etc.. He went on to say, they were the most dedicated and hard working athletes of all of the sports. He wished his Football players worked as hard. Bummer they dropped another program in the PNW. Our High School kids now, never see College wrestling live.
  5. I have the book as well .... Still pick it up now and then and read it .... AGAIN.
  6. There is a stigma with regards to the PNW ... It's called weather. North of Portland up to Seattle is a "Rain Forest" environment. Most folks don't realize O State is in a "Dry" Climate. ( both Washington, and Oregon are 2/3 dry arid High desert) Also O State is in the middle of nowhere. Someway, we need to get the UW and WSU back into the Wrestling game.....
  7. A long time ago .... The UW in Seattle was a top 3-5 team. Poof .... and they were gone. Thanks to Title 9. However .... Washington, Oregon, Northern Ca., Idaho, Montana still produce those guys that could compete, and compete well if only there were those "lost" opportunities still alive, for our West Coast guys. Evidently .. there are still AD's and Administration that support West Coast wrestling. I suggest we rise up and support those teams, and not degrade them, just because you may or may not like the new coach. It's a done deal. If ... more of us attend the matches, it's more $$ in their pockets. I drive 5 plus hours to see a D1 match....
  8. Washington has had Female "Placers" against the boy before they seperated into their own female wrestling championships. She also was invited to the USA team try-outs later on in her career. Her Sr year against the boys, was a 5th place in the State Championships. Prior to that she was 7th as a Jr. Some boys / coachs refused to wrestler her in the beginning, the would just forfeit the weight. Washington was just a bit ahead of the curve on this issue.
  9. I noticed that as well ... With regards to their finish at the NCAA's .... How far they have fallen !! (Iowa)
  10. Brown Wrestling began informally in 1898 and has been a varsity sport at Brown since the early 1900s. WOW .. just a bit of history ...
  11. There was a time, a long time ago ( late 60's early 70's).... UW Huskies' were up into the 2nd/3rd at the NCAA's (70's era) WSU and UW etc ... Title 9, was used improperly. The female AD "Hedges" killed the program. We have an excellent HS wrestling community, yet nowhere for our guys/gals to go.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zika_virus With this new issue ... I'm not going anywhere, except the Florida Keys. I am done with international travel. ​
  13. I also, wore my headgear 100% of the time. ( even in practice) However ... just a tiny bit in my right ear, as that was my inside ear, on my single legs, and the head gear would move, and pinch my ear.
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