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  1. So ...... What about Kids wresting, Middle School, High School etc ... Folk style goes away??. You prefaced your post that it's only about NCAA .... yet that cannot happen. They are all connected. You cannot have one and not another. BTY, I LOVE NCAA wrestling as it is.
  2. They seem to be so young ...
  3. I would guess, 25% of those kids would have wanted to wrestle in college if they had the skills. As it was, there were a lot of bigger guys dropping down back then. MASSIVE weight loss if you recall. I rolled around at WSU for a while at 118#, yet could not do sports and College School at the same time.
  4. I walked on at college at 122# .. No cutting weight at all. I had 2 options. Up or Down weight .. There are in fact a lot of those little HS kids to fill 118 and 125.
  5. Well .. I have been offline for over a month. Finally have gotten it back. Not exactly sure what the issue was, Richard helped me out a bit as well. One thing for sure .... When I upgraded my PC with a new one, I made the mistake of getting Windows 8 ... I am still thinking about scrapping it, and going back to XP. I swear it's been a nightmare !!!
  6. We had it at the UW in Seattle in the early 70's .... Packed house every single round.
  7. Gable vs. Owing ... The most talked about, analyzed, written about match in the NCAA History. Tho.... I did like the match where Caldwell tossed Metcalf around at the NCAA's Final.
  8. Well ... Our Seahawks did pretty well !! Coach should have won as well ....
  9. Cael could probably turn the program around .... Just sayin' Would love to hear Z's opinion about the situation in Iowa.... Has Tom won since the VT guys left?
  10. How many were are the "non-wrestling" forums B4 they went away?
  11. Plus a great recruit in Ryan Christensen from Washington.
  12. It's too tough to even get 1 post to work ... much more several. LOL you guys!!!
  13. WOW ... That looks like the Pillsbury Dough boy melted and fell over the cliff into the water... Face Plant!!
  14. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... te-of-Year BIG TEN JESSE OWENS MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS 1982 - Jim Spivey, Indiana, track and field/cross country 1983 - Ed Banach, Iowa, wrestling 1984 - Sunder Nix, Indiana, track and field 1985 - Barry Davis, Iowa, wrestling 1986 - Chuck Long, Iowa, football 1987 - Steve Alford, Indiana, basketball 1988 - Jim Abbott, Michigan, baseball 1989 - Glen Rice, Michigan, basketball 1990 - Anthony Thompson, Indiana, football 1991 - Mike Barrowman, Michigan, swimming 1992 - Desmond Howard, Michigan, football 1993 - John Roethlisberger, Minnesota, gymnastics 1994 - Glenn Robinson, Purdue, basketball 1995 - Tom Dolan, Michigan, swimming 1996 - Eddie George, Ohio State, football 1997 - Blaine Wilson, Ohio State, gymnastics 1998 - Charles Woodson, Michigan, football 1999 - Luke Donald, Northwestern, golf 2000 - Ron Dayne, Wisconsin, football 2001 - Ryan Miller, Michigan State, ice hockey 2002 - Jordan Leopold, Minnesota, ice hockey 2003 - Amer Delic, Illinois, tennis (co) 2003 - Matt Lackey, Illinois, wrestling (co) 2004 - Damion Hahn, Minnesota, wrestling 2005 – Luis Vargas, Penn State, gymnastics 2006 – Peter Vanderkaay, Michigan, swimming 2007 – Cole Konrad, Minnesota, wrestling 2008 – Brent Metcalf, Iowa, wrestling 2009 – Jake Herbert, Northwestern, wrestling 2010 – Evan Turner, Ohio State, basketball 2011 – David Boudia, Purdue, diving 2012 – Draymond Green, Michigan State, basketball 2013 – Derek Drouin, Indiana, track and field 2014 – David Taylor, Penn State, wrestling Wrestlers have won it more then any other sport.... Cool.
  15. Or is this it? Still same ole, same ole issues. :roll:
  16. Great. You'll have your own criteria and I will have mine. Just as you used the word great in your post .... The word "Great" has many conations and applications for the word. A GREAT coach may very well have never coached a NCAA Championship in their particular sport. If they produce great Men and Women athletes, while providing a Great atmosphere, and a Great learning environment, and they become successful students ... Hey, whose to say they are not great coaches. NCAA or NAIA or whatever division you want to use, often times GREAT coaches just never make it there (Championships) ... yet they influence a sphere of individuals to do great things. remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness of a kind characterized by relative largeness long continued remarkably skilled marked by enthusiasm used as a generalized term of approval
  17. Wire, do you have any lineups you could post? When Iowa set the 170 point record with 5 champs the team only had 3 top ten recruits as far as I can tell; Mena, McIlravy, and Joe Williams. Whitmer was a 103 lber in hs, Ironside 3rd team AA by AWN, Gillis an Asics 2nd teamer, Uker never won a state title, and Fullhart was an AWN 4th team. NO ... not right off the top of my head. I just remember those 10 NC's and to do that, a coach has to get guys that totally and 100% buy into his philosophy/mindset. They may not have been Blue Chippers, yet that is what recruiting is all about. Getting the kids, that can get the job done on the mat, and most importantly at the end of the season during the NCAA's. That's recruiting !! Cael has the "draw", now let's see him finish a few more years. I'm a fan of Cael for sure. And give him 5 or so more seasons, and then we will really see how good he is with recruiting, and more importantly, getting the guys to perform. The Alton's have been an example of how recruiting can be a crap shoot. Hopefully (just for the boys sake) they both can have a breakout year, and finish in style.
  18. Somehow ...Someway, the "Flopping" has to be policed better. It' embarrassing IMO. More ref's? And penalties for flopping? And BTW ... Those World Class guys are in Damn Good Shape !!! That one match where America was in, at like 80% humidity, 80+ degrees, for the entire match??? WOW.
  19. Postby jammen » Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:01 pm "Certainly no one is arguing that Cael isn't the greatest recruiter of all time. No one every before in the history of D1 college wrestling has gotten the number of top ten recruits that he has. Although Ohio State is now in the running." Maybe the best in this modern era .... Dan did a pretty good job at Iowa back in the day. Smith has been no slouch either. Right now, Cael has the profile, charisma, track record (albeit short) and most importantly the personality. From every thing I've read, seen and witnessed at the NCAA's, he certainly seems to be a straight up "good guy" . As to the recruiting "snafu", hey .... it happens. Every season by one coach or another. It's a crap shoot. Both kids ended up in a good program, and we'll see down the road who develops, and wins. It'll be interesting to see which one ends up the better wrestler. That, in of it self, is the true litmus test of how good a coach really is. My question is: When will the Buckeyes "break out" and try to fulfill all the hype from over the last few recruiting classes? It's about time for them to break out ... This year? I'm thinking Minny is going to be better this season. JMO.
  20. This: He doesn't have to sit out if he is given a release. And more then likely he will. Go WEST young man !!
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