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  1. WOW !!! It worked today !!! I did not get logged out after my post !!! :o :D :shock:
  2. I think a lot of people don't know that Title IX extends beyond just athletic departments. It really changes the dynamics of the whole campus.[/quote] This is true. Some way, some how, Men's football needs to be removed from the equation. It's a sport yes ... but more then that it's a business. And there is NO women's counter part. I don't have the numbers in front of me ... Yet, the UW Huskies pour a TON of money back into the school. Millions.
  3. So .... How is the process coming along?? Don't really see any improvements?
  4. After reading the entire article, I can not sense Selfishness at all ... Sounds like a good kid, with a tough Family Situation. Not sure where Tech_fall15 is coming from. It will be fun to see how he develops with Mr. Smith .... I swear, they are stacked in the Mid and higher weights. I wonder if our two Washington brothers (Rogers)will see a starting spot in that lineup??
  5. "I would go on to win the NCAA's that year at 126 pounds, beating John Azevedo 20-14 in the finals at 126 pounds. My match with Azevedo was the highest scoring match ever in the NCAA finals, which I am proud of, but my greatest match of my college career was my first meeting with Darrly Burley, one of the All time greats." WOW ... I had a match like that ... something like 22-20 in HS. Wish we could see more of those in college. We just don't see that kind of scoring anymore IMO. In my case is was a lack of skills for both of us. :lol: But it was fun rolling around, and the fans in our gym were just going nuts !!!
  6. False. Ban, How can someone follow your cue if it takes them 100 posts to reply to you after you've obsessed about them so much, you go as far as manually typing in their name and the bait, rather than doing it once? Don't bother justifying it. It's straight childish. Meh. Obsessive? Seems that you've missed what I've been saying on here. As I said before in this thread, and in fairness to NJWC, NJWC is not so much a stalker as is flat/lamebrain. If you need that verified, look at his posts and you'll see that he only posts in reply to something that I've posted, always unprompted by myself. Update: 70% of his posts are of this sort, in fact. The deal is is that I don't post on here that often, which makes it all the more bizarre and obsessive. First, go read his posts to see what I'm saying, and, two, sit back and wait. He's sure to follow this one up. 8-) Cue flat/lamebrain...NOW! The deal is that I don't post on here that often Posts: 11610 :lol:
  7. Good deal !!! Things should settle down with the APR stuff, and he can get busy recruiting. Lot's of West Coast guys need a place to go closer to home. This could be a good spot to start.
  8. @ superold ,TBar1977, and leshismore .... A simple thread about Chandler Rogers' turns into a cess pool of BS. What is up with you guys? I understand things are a bit slow, yet ... Chill. As a Washington guy ... I love to see our guys get a bit of press. I understand the Forum's are a bit slow .... Yet, take you BS elsewhere. It took Richard a while to finally kill the thread. Come on guys !! Chill.
  9. Thinkin ... Hall is probably going to end up at BSU. Just a feeling ... Hunch.
  10. Back then you could "Slam" a guy to the mat. Bill often did so ... And would wiggle the guy down on the mat, so he could get the pin, instead of injury time out. He wanted to make it like the guy was still awake.
  11. Dad's roommate at Iowa Teachers ... Dad from the Air force. Leland and 1 other guy in the same room. Originally built for 2 guys, yet the returning Vet's overwhelmed the schools. Dad became Bill's unofficial Medical Trainer, and drove Mrs. Koll to the NCAA's one year. What a deal !!! The war is over, and the "kids" can return to a "normal" life. PS: We lost Dad this spring. He would have been 90. Was AD for the Seattle School District. 4-5 families came out together from Iowa after they got there Teaching Certificates. Bill had learned some German in school and picked up some more as he walked his way across Europe. Once he got back, and in school ... He would sneak up on the guys in the shower rooms, and start barking at them in German. It freaked them out !! Mom said, that Bill was a fun guy, except on days he had a match. He would start a slow burn, and by Match time, he was outright mean. Brutal. During the whole war, he came through unscathed. Except, on some obscure bridge when his toes were run over by a transport truck or something like that, and broke a few toes. Tom Brokow's greatest generation.
  12. Wire

    Lee Kemp

    Good stuff .... Loved that era of wrestling. I'm thinking he beat our local Washington "star" who at that time was at the UW Huskies. Tom Brown was a stud, and pretty sure it was that Fr. Year he ran into Kemp in the finals? 1976? We were devastated, as we thought it was finally Tom's time to be a NCAA Champ.
  13. WOW !! OK ... Good deal! I've been on this forum for a very long time. And lately it was driving me NUTS !!! Can we please reinstate the non-wrestling topic (NWT) forum? It was a most magnificent place where we could all share our collective thoughts about important current events topics outside the scope of wrestling. Bad idea. Look at the recent issues over on TOM ... What a cluster. There are 1000's of other sites where we can get into politics and world events. No need to bring that over to this platform. JMO.
  14. Me too ... Loved the individual stats .. Good job, and look forward to the ne features.
  15. I saw this as well, on our local HS Wrestling site. Cooper is a former Washington State HS Champ. Great kid. If you look at the "Open" group in this contest, the #1 seed is my old High School. out here,(Tahoma Bears) South East of Seattle. One of the Coaches has been doing the graphics for the team over the last 5-6 years. He does some great work in all HS Sports, and has started his own Photo Business.
  16. Well ... they have 2 good tournaments at least. Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational at Las Vegas, Nev. and the Southern Scuffle
  17. Yah Butt .... Only us wrestlers are going to critic the actual wrestling. And I've done that myself with each and every wrestling "movie" ... Most got B grade at best.
  18. I tuned into tOSU when Derek Garcia committed there a few years back. We Washington fans, were really excited to see on of "Our Guys" on the roster. However, injuries derailed his career. Meanwhile, I've continued to watch and follow the team, and it's been rather frustrating. Just can't seem to get over the "HUMP" .. I understand that the School/Team left his scholarship intact, even after it was apparent he could no long compete? If so ... Good on tOSU. He was just a great kid.
  19. Memory check: Joe Lareau created The Mat in '95. Anyway, at least they're not deleting criticism like this, anymore. My bad .. :o I knew it was about the time I bought a new house, and was setting up my network and stumbled onto a Local Web site (Washington Wrestling Report) and also The Mat. Which was early Mid 90's. Regardless, the point still stands .... What is disconcerting.... No return dialog at all, nor update messages etc ... And as far as the criticism ... This has been going on for at least a month, if not longer. Now .. it appears people are "home" as the updates, articles, and news is updated, refreshed etc ... So someone is adding content, articles, stories and results. What is interesting several folks are suggesting "fix's" and solutions. I'm not a Web Master, yet it appears that there is a logical fix/process to clean up the errors. I hit up this site probably 3-4 times a day, throughout the day, every day. As well as our local site. It would be nice to get it fixed. Please? I would really appreciate it.
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