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  1. They have put their best man on the job: I suspect the dog is smarter then the MOD's or Admin on this site. HEY !!! Guys, or gals ... get off you butts and fix this damn thing! Hello ... is anyone there? Wake up... What the heck ??? Are you on vacation? did everyone get laid off? Or you just don't care? I swear... If I treated my customers with this level of service, (or should I say "Lack of") I would have no customers, nor a job. I am in the "Service/Support" environment, and my clients expect 100% up time, and service. I serious here. It get's really irritating when I can't post. Have to log on every single time I try to do anything etc ... and more then 1/2 of my posts don't stick. If anyone is there .. just at least give us a ping, To let us know you are alive. Maybe we need to send the Geek Squad to bail you out? The fact we have had no acknowledgement is pretty bush league. At least let us know you are there? I've been on this site for a long time (early 90's) and this is the worst.
  2. In case an admin reads this, you can solve the problem from the command line like this: Pretty sure the admin is on vacation. This has been going on for a long time now. ;)
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  4. " The whole situation seems crazy, the whole arrangement. This guy who was extremely wealthy and had no real occupation for himself hatches this idea that he is going to be the coach of the best wrestlers in America and lead them to the Olympics and get glory from it. Because this guy’s wealthy and because he comes from a family with a dynastic history, everybody agrees. He knows nothing about the sport of wrestling, but he makes himself the head coach. " So .... who were the other coaches during that time? Either at Fox Catcher or other training centers?
  5. Wire

    Rob Koll

    On a side note .. DT and school/grades http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/med ... ng-success
  6. We have been waiting for a while for Ohio State to break out of the pack. Maybe this year? RS's all back in the line-up?
  7. Well ... OK !!! I thought it was just me?? What is weird, My olde PC is still up and running as I still have to get stuff off it, and it does not show this same error, and Gobbly Goop ..
  8. So ... I got a new PC, and did the migration "thing" from the olde to the new. 1. I log on to this site, yet after every post I loose that log on, and have to do it again. I do not stay logged in? 2. And after every post I get this on the new page. I then have to log in again to clear my screen and start all over. [phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/includes/functions_posting.php on line 1332: include_once([ROOT]/includes/functions_messenger.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: Permission denied [phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/includes/functions_posting.php on line 1332: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening './includes/functions_messenger.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') And
  9. Wire

    Off Season

    Go fishing ... Or hunting, something fun.
  10. Wire

    Rob Koll

    But you evaluate the season based on how you do at the national championships Not Duals ....
  11. Wire

    Joey Davis

    Say's the guy sitting at a desk punching keys on a computer. :lol: Actually ... I think his regime and plans are a refreshing note .... Not everyone lives to wrestle D1. I know quite a few guys who had a lot of fun at CC's, DII, and DIII AND, got a good education. Plus ... did I mention a LOT of fun. He sounds as though he has a plan and is sticking to it. Plus having a National Championship team as well ... It's Icing on the cake.
  12. We've talked about this over the years, and I wonder how many of the Draft choices this week, have a wrestling background? Back in the 70's Madden gave guys a "Second Look" if they had a wrestling background. He was one of the 1st to really put a value on that type of athletic background. The Seahawks' Pick: Justin Britt, OT from the Missouri Tigers football. As a senior at Lebanon (Mo.) High School he was an all-state lineman and state heavyweight wrestling champion with a 45-0 record.
  13. 2014 2:31 pm Rank School Team GPA Conference Last Year 1 Harvard 3.3657 EIWA 1 2 Old Dominion 3.32 MAC 8 3 Gardner-Webb 3.3167 SoCon 29 4 Appalachian State 3.31 SoCon 26 They are ranking the wrestling teams from the schools listed. Not the school rank, then the wrestlers. It's just a snapshot of the wrestling teams, and the schools they are from, and the cumulative GPA's of the wrestling team. It is not a rank based on any other metrics. It's really simple. It's the school, then the GPA of the wrestling team, and then the conference they are from.
  14. Yeah, but a simple list of GPA's isnt enough when attempting to rank wrestling teams based on their academic performance. I think it's probably assumed that wrestlers at Harvard would generally be ranked higher on academic performance than wrestlers at Gardner Webb. But - that's what university academic rankings are for. If these rankings are attempting to show the academic performance of the wrestling team, then they should be compared to the academic performance of the rest of the school. I mean, if a Harvard wrestler has a 3.3 GPA, but the average GPA in his class is 3.5, then his academic performance at Harvard is really not all that great in comparison to the rest of his non-wrestling classmates. On the other hand, if a Gardner Webb wrestler has a GPA of 3.2, but the average GPA in his class is 3.0, then his academic performance at Gardner Webb is excellent in comparison to the rest of his non-wrestling classmates. So ... let's make it easier for you. IT WAS A SIMPLE LIST OF GPA'S .... From Highest on down. It wasn't an evaluation of toughness by school, nor a comparison against the student bodies or comparison of the schools. It was simple a list of wrestling teams, and THEIR GPA's. Sheesh ... I swear ... :roll: If you insist on other more comprehensive evaluations ...with other metrics.... Do it. :roll:
  15. The thing is .... there are probably 20 guys at least that could to the "Voice" and Announcing. Not sure why, the TV people keep going back to the "well" for the Same 'ole .. Same 'Ole .. Having said that ... How many of us, on this forum have ever announced, or done color commentary on a wrestling Match/dual etc ?? For the last 4 years I've been doing High School announcing/color. At first I was horrible !! I know wrestling, I know what is happening, yet getting it from the brain, to the mouth in a timely manner was really hard!! Also, trying to not talk all over the action, and inserting comments in a timely manner ... It's tough. ..... Just sayin' :o
  16. Geez ... It's a simple list of GPA's, from a wrestling team perspective. :roll:
  17. In all fairness ... When coach got there, the APR got trashed as several kids quit, and some got released. The team was a mess when he got there. As a result the APR tanked and they were put on probation. I know this as a friend of one of the kids who did stick it out all 4 years, and got his degree as well. He was devastated with the sanctions, yet hung on and finished. Just a little back-ground. We watched closely as they were another opportunity for Washington kids to go to school and wrestle. Vombaur was there as well, as an assistant. He also was part of the "clean-up" effort when they got there. Hopefully, they can land a new "young" hungry coach to get that team back on track. There are plenty of guys from the Left Coast, that could certainly help that team out. I'd bet there are at least 1/2 a dozen guys on the left coast that never wrestle in college due to a lack of opportunity. (guys, that could make an impact)
  18. Suggestion: Get off your butt, get involved and add some value. Help the organizers out. Website warriors will not/doesn't fix much. I swear... you have spent Man-Hours complaining, and criticizing over the last 48hr period. We got it!! You didn't like it. What I saw, wasn't all that bad. Considering the logistical, and time constraints. Plus, Flo had them up and on their web site pretty quickly.
  19. I'm most interested to see where Taylor Meeks fits into the scene I also am baffled by the OSU performance especially Meeks. What the hell? The whole team tanked. And Meeks, just did not look like "himself" ... I've watched him since Middle School, and his performance was just baffling.
  20. I have to disagree with you in certain circumstances. If the wrestler received any scholarship or financial aid TO WRESTLE for the college he was/is, first and foremost, a wrestler. Now he is required to maintain his eligibility while he is wrestling. That requires him to have the necessary GPA and be on pace to graduate in the 5 year time frame. With that said, nearly all 5 year, 4 year starters achieve the necessary credits to graduate simply due to having to maintain the 12 credit minimum(or equivalent in quarterly or 1/3 schools) per semester. What I find impressive is what schools like Stanford and Northwestern do. Not only do they produce good wrestlers but they have kids hold above average GPA's at elite(Education) universities in top notch majors while still performing on the mat. This type of recruiting impresses me as much, if not more so, as the type Sanderson has done. He is a student 1st. If not, he'll get no money to wrestle. Gotta be a student first B4 you get the dough. Thus ... the term Student / Athlete. He may be a wrestler, yet he has to enroll in the school as a student, before he is an athlete for that institution.
  21. This thread is rather short sighted. Performance on the mat is all well and good, yet has anyone thought about Graduation results? They go to college to get an education. Wrestling should be secondary. In these discussions we should also be calculating the graduation results as well. Ocho, you asked "Can we all agree that there are a lot of great college coaches", I responded saying that no, we can't all agree on that. There's no one outside of the 4 I mentioned that I would even consider putting in the great category. Not Koll, Borelli, Flynn or anyone else.
  22. DAKE: Collegiate Career: 137-4 Record, 4x NCAA Champion at 4 Different Weights, 3x EIWA Champ, 4x EIWA Finalist, 2 Unndefeated Seasons, Hodge Trophy Winner I wonder how his record would read if he had been in the B10? This comment is interesting: If it were strictly my opinion it would be Kyle Dake #1. As I stated above, this is the first time that the Big Ten-heavy point system produced results that I strongly disagree with.
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