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  1. The item that stands out to me is Iowa ... 7th. In the past they always seemed to be 1st for years. 2014 Recruiting Class Rankings 1. Penn State 2. Oklahoma State 3. Cornell 4. Ohio State 5. Northwestern 6. Nebraska 7. Iowa 8. Illinois 9. Stanford 10. Michigan 11. Oklahoma 12. Minnesota 13. Iowa State 14. Virginia 15. North Carolina 16. Virginia Tech 17. Indiana 18. Bucknell 19. Lehigh 20. Maryland 21. Old Dominion 22. Utah Valley 23. Wisconsin 24. Central Michigan 25. North Carolina State
  2. Let's compare Gable's international career to Burroughs's. That will give us a sense of how they fared against their contemporaries. ----------------Year One-----------------------------Year Two------------------------Year Three---------------- Gable ---------did not make world team----------world champ (17-1-1)----------undefeated Oly champ Burroughs ----undefeated world champ----------undefeated Oly champ---------undefeated world champ To me it looks like Burroughs did better against his contemporaries than Gable did against his. Throw in the breakup of the USSR and fewer weight classes, and I think it's clear Burroughs is the more accomplished freestyler. And who knows the reason, why Gable did not "make" the World Team that first time?
  3. The Fighting Camels? Does he have the power to change the Mascot? :o
  4. The staff/moderators at USA Wrestling love him ... and so do many of his Fan's. Never have been sure why??? You can Block him with your account management tools. Works good.
  5. From the case manual: 7.6.1 SITUATION A: Wrestler B, the defensive wrestler, is able to stand and,Wrestler A, throws in legs where all of A’s weight is supported by the defensive wrestler. At this time the referee stops the match and categorizes this as potentially dangerous. What happens if this occurs a second time? RULING: If it occurs a second time, the referee will call potentially dangerous and consider making a stalling call on Wrestler A. The third time it occurs there is no question it would be considered stalling on Wrestler A.[/quote Palmer vs. Metcalf a few years back. Not sure if it was the B10 tourney ... However, Palmer would stand up, Metcalf kept the legs in .. multiple times. Ref called PD, and then when it happened a couple more times later, it became stalling by Brett. Seen it called in HS as well. Put the legs in, and if opponent stands up, "top" wrestler needs to pull the legs out.
  6. He's only 27, which is why it's such a joke that people call him old at all. DAMN !!! It seems like he has been around forever.... Partly because he was in the news way back in HS. The coverage he has had by the media goes way back ....
  7. http://oregonsportsnews.com/team-news/o ... tling.html Also .... I could never figure out how this happened. What the heck??? How can you miss a deadline like that. If anything you get it in early. Unfortunately they (U of O) reached court after the cut had become official therefor the judge said there was nothing a restraining order would keep from happening, no program to be allowed to continue. No reprieve the day after the execution...
  8. ValkyrieWrestling ... we are practically neighbors I think. (Woodinville, former Tahoma wrestler) I hear you, and understand what you are saying. YET ... if we look at the statements being made, and read them closely, U of O caved and took the money over principle. The following statement confirms the week willed or greedy environment that prevailed at UO at that time. So Phil coerced the school into hiring an unqualified* booster** for AD, whose sole purpose was to replace the wrestling team with a baseball team. Plus ... Bill Moos is/was no cupcake. He fought it till they decided to buy out his contract, then the administration brought in Killkerny. WSU is happy to have The Moose as their AD. On more then one occasion, U of O caved, and took the easy way out. Our angst back then was more emotional, then logical. When I look back, I've lost more and more respect for Oregon. Tiny little Oregon State has stayed true to their mission, and has survived the "cuts" and pressure inherent to a school that has a wrestling team at the NCAA D1 level. No question NIKE applied a lot of pressure and money to the equation. Knight was a brutal, aggressive business man. We both live in an area of America, that has no D1 college wrestling teams.... OU, UW and WSU. It doesn't set well with me. Between Title 9 (UW) and Nike (OU), and just simple case of no money at WSU. With Oregon's success in the Football arena, and the PAC12 money sharing, they could easily support a wrestling team. Yet ... As is the case at all 3 schools I mention, none have a facility anymore for wrestling. All of their remodeling, and facility upgrades have not a whiff of wrestling intent. I put that on the schools.
  9. Sadly .... for the vast majority of us former wrestlers, our last match was a loss. Either a dual match, or a tournament match ... We loose, we're out. Very, very, very few of us leave the sport with our hand held high.
  10. As a poster, when the site does this ... You can go back and delete the "repeats" and cut it down to one post. Unfortunately it's been like this for a long time. It's on their "To Do" list ... has been for years. :roll:
  11. Often times our anger is misdirected. If we go back and really look at the events, the timelines, and the characters, and decision makers, it's was a very convoluted process.... Remember there was a very active, and strong group of wrestling fans who were at the Sharp Point of the "Save Oregon Wrestling" movement. Snapshot to now, and with cooler heads.... it was a total fail by the Admin at University of Oregon. They caved to Nike, thye caved to the money, and particularly to Phil's wife, who was driving women's activities and baseball. The athletic admin at Oregon failed. They were looking strictly at the money (football), and attributed absolutely no $$ value to the history nor the value of retaining the wrestling program. I was surprised that Kolat didn't even remember who was the 1st wrestler to have a shoe made by Nike. It was Wayne Wells. I just saw the shoes, and the Posters on the walls of Wayne and his shoes, along with Kolat's. And if we break it down to pure logic. Nike did not drop those programs, U of O did. Their new shoes look and feel just AWSOME. Pure white. Lite as a feather, and I actually tried on a pair just for kicks. Footnote: I may be a bit biased lately as my son just received an offer/opportunity to an Apprentice in the International Finance Group at Nike. He is a Jr. at the U of Portland.
  12. My son works for Nike Portland at the Flagship store. Was just there this last weekend and did indeed see some really cool wrestling shoes. Also in a back Hallway they had a series or big pictures of the previous shoes they had made over the years. Wayne Wells shoes .. and others. The current ones I saw were just pure, pure white. even the logo. Looked really cool.
  13. All I know are real life facts, and as a kid from that era is this: In the late 60's and early 70's, when this type of situation arose, more often then not, the girls or the parents did NOT press charges, and drag it through the courts. It was usually just swept under the rug. So the fact it (The gang bang) did happen, and it never ended up with charges is no surprise. We (my classmates) in High School witnessed this 2 times. In each case the event was not reported. Back then it was an embarrassment to the family more then anything else. One of the gal's was a good friend of mine, and to this day still is. She dropped out of school had the baby, then got her degree at a community college, and has had a great life. ( The father BTW, was on our wrestling team) He left school to take care of his soon to be wife, and child. Those Iowa "boys" were very, very lucky they didn't become fathers at that early stage in their lives.
  14. At this point, it's about the only thing people can hang on to, and use it against Cael. It is what it is .. :roll:
  15. I am sorry if I misunderstood what you typed, it was very hard to decipher, but Long was not a senior when his legal issue occurred. It happened in August of 2011. As a wrestler he had 2 more years of eligibility. I highly doubt he had enough credits transfer, or for that matter earned, to even be a senior at PSU when it occurred. Even if you add his redshirt year to his academic time table, you only have 08-09, 09-10, and 10-11 as his college years prior to his transgression. MY BAD !!! I thought he was a Sr. that last year he wrestled for Cael. MY BAD.
  16. VAC ... Not sure who you were barking at ... Are you seriously unable to grasp the point? There were no charges. His statement "she was willing" is in line with that. Nobody is claiming there wasn't a sexual encounter of some kind. People are saying trying to conflate that situation, with no evidence of any substance to indicate criminal wrongdoing, to what Andrew Long was caught and convicted of doing is ridiculous. No charges at all =/= charged multiple times. I understand there were no charges. However he (Brands) was penalized by his Educational Institution. My point is, that it did happen and he admits to it. Just because he wasn't legally prosecuted, doesn't mean it didn't happen. BTW the Stat Rape age back then in Iowa was 14yo's old. Also, back in the day, parents were a lot more hesitant to press these kind of charges then nowadays. My beef in this whole tread is the fact that Long's transgressions (PSU Days) happened in August that summer. Heck he wasn't even in School at that time, and people are blaming Cael for it. Which makes no sense whatsoever. Yeah Cael took him onto his team, and the deal worked out for both parties. Cael's team got some extra points, and Long stayed out of trouble during the season. What he does as a graduated Sr. from College (if in fact he did Graduate) While he is on summer break ... Is not relevant IMO. He's not on the team, done with school, and living on his own. No question he messed up badly.... that charge is not going to look very good on his future resumes/background searches. He's screwed. Cael was not responsible for him at that point in time. Long broke no rules under Cael's watch. (That I'm aware of).
  17. Did you not read the article? It's perfectly clear. This is not an incident that was just a fabrication. Read and retain what you read for once. The guys admitted to it.... "She was willing" Are you just arguing for the sake of arguing?
  18. Also another trend is parents holding back the toddlers. Gives the little tikes a step up with regards to Walking, talking, reading etc ... BIG trend out our way!! Some of those little toddlers will become "older" wrestlers.
  19. One thing I used to like about outside running was you can run uneven surfaces, say woods' trails, and uneven footfalls can tend to help ankle strength and flexibility and reduce wrestling ankle sprains. Whatever. Stovepipe ... This is exactly what we did. Out in the country, we had woods, forests etc ... And we ran a true Cross Country style route. Over Hills and Dales . Had to watch out for Cow Pies !!! :o
  20. Wahawk90 .... Read this article .... actually just look at the date. (That will make it simple for you) Then repeat to us the date of the incident. When did it happen? Hint: Long was no longer under Cael's sphere of influence. During his stay at PSU as a registered student, and member of the team, Long was clean, and met all requirements to be a starter on the PSU wrestling team. http://www.statecollege.com/news/local- ... lt,839063/ On a side note: Over the years, this conversation (Brand's & the Girl) has come up several times. For what ever reason, the conversations and articles about the Brand's incident have always been deleted. YET, a similar situation/conversation and articles about Long at PSU has not. Is SI not an approved source? Or are there other issues in play? This last article, whereby Brands openly talks about it, and argues about it, and in fact get's kinda snippy about it, has been referenced and linked here on this site.
  21. well congratulations doogie howser Graduating at 21 is typical for people born in the latter 7 months of the calendar year. This is true..
  22. Wahawk90 ... Go to SI Vault and read: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/ ... /index.htm
  23. I love it when guys bring up the issues with his "transfer" .... When the Brands boys showed up at Iowa, as they also had an off the mat issue. Just sayin... Sling a bit of mud, and you get some on yourself. Read carefully: Wahawk90 http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/ ... /index.htm[/quote.
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