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  1. Our guys met or exceeded their seeds for the most part! We return all of our point scorers next year and our redshirts and incoming Freshmen class are great! We will definitely be in the title hunt in 2016, I can't wait.
  2. Our Cowboys once again exceeded their ranked expectations! Coach Smith and his staff of Guerrero, Esposito and Scott are outstanding. Not to mention the countless graduates that stay actively involved helping THE TEAM! We have more NCAA Team tiles, more individual NCAA Champions, more Olympians, and more Olympic Champions than any school and probably any 2 schools combined! It's fun to be a part of our dedicated fan base, we are there...ALWAYS! Moms and Dads, keep sending your athletes to Stillwater to be part of this lifelong family!
  3. I would like to see the Near Fall and Fall rules changed if the shoulders are outside of the circle. If either Wrestler is inside the circle enough to keep the clock running, the Near Fall or Fall should count regardless of the location of the shoulders. The current rule actually promotes the Wrestler in trouble to stay out of bounds rather than battle. He can literally lay flat on his back.
  4. I thought the video reviews were very good. There were a lot of corrections made throughout the tournament and the Wrestlers deserve for the scoring to be correct...GOOD JOB! There were still some incorrect calls made or missed, such as Ramos 2NF or possibly a Fall in the finals, not nearly as many in the past though. Stieber has definitely gotten some major breaks in his 2 Finals appearances so far.
  5. Ok wrestling fans, I will lower the price on these to $275 or the best offer.
  6. I have 2 all session tickets for sale. They are in section 311, row A, seats 1 & 2. Will sell both for $300.
  7. Anyone know if Ladd is injuried? I have been hoping that he may be showing up at 141 lbs. for the Cowboys, but I haven't heard any news about him. Kind of thought he would be at the Southern Scuffle.
  8. Is anyone going to post the match results here?
  9. Coleman just won the Bronze medal!!!!
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