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  1. TripNSweep


    The 2nd UFC event ever didn't have rules in place to allow the referee to stop the fight. A kickboxer named Robert Lucarelli got stomped, soccer kicked and generally bludgeoned pretty badly in his fight but unless his corner stopped it or he tapped out, the fight kept going. So his opponent, thinking he had won, turned around after knocking him out only to be told it wasn't over yet. Then he soccer kicked and elbowed him in the neck until the corner threw in the towel. After that event John McCarthy told the UFC people that if he was going to referee again he needed to be able to stop the fight because he was afraid somebody may get killed or badly hurt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMt-3iHdTtU Stuff like this was pretty common in those early fights and the UFC is probably lucky somebody wasn't badly injured.
  2. TripNSweep

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    I think most the Ivies have very generous aid packages not necessarily tied to athletics to ensure they keep students.
  3. Randy Lewis and Lee Roy Smith also had similar things happen. I don't know the details but it ended with Lewboo winning the Olympic team spot and later gold medal. Part of it I think was that Gable was subpoened to testify in the proceedings and Smith thought Gable was being biased by testifying, but Gable said that he wasn't going to defy a subpoena and was just going to be truthful since they asked him to explain what he thought since he was the Olympic coach that year.
  4. It is a pretty odd place to have parents or grandparents from because it's so small. San Marino is a fairly wealthy place per capita and is a very stable place to be, so it's not often somebody leaves there.
  5. TripNSweep

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    That's strange. Because the main reason James Harden committed to play basketball at ASU was because Herb Sendek hired his high school or AAU coach as an assistant.
  6. Does anyone know what process Amine used to get citizenship in San Marino? Are his parents from there or something? It seems like an odd place to compete for. Also worth noting that it is the world's oldest continuous republic and was among the first nations to recognize the USA.
  7. TripNSweep

    Jimmy Fleming ?

    If you clamp down your lock hard on the jaw, you'll get it. You need to because the hold doesn't work going around the throat or neck, because you want to change the position of the head, so if you lock on the jaw you do that. Locking around the neck doesn't do much except maybe makes somebody pass out. The jaw is where you need to be because of the leverage and body mechanics used to complete it. You could get around the neck but if you did I'd hop sides to go for a merkle since you already have the lock.
  8. TripNSweep

    Jimmy Fleming ?

    I can post a video tonight of how I do it. I'm pretty sure mine is different from how Fleming does his, but everyone I've drilled it with or used it against says it sucks because of the pressure on your head/neck. I'm not forcing an unnatural movement, just a natural one. I don't need strength to do it either, it's just about using body mechanics more than anything. I think the way he does it is similar in that respect.
  9. TripNSweep

    European Games

    Congrats to Amine for winning his country's first ever wrestling medal.
  10. TripNSweep

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    They should have a spring Olympics for this kind of stuff.
  11. TripNSweep

    Greatest "Best of Three" Rivalries of all time?

    Paulson/Hall. The most exciting and suspensful match I've seen
  12. TripNSweep

    Jimmy Fleming ?

    I do a variation of it, but you'd need to really have him show you. The way I developed it was using leverage. You clamp on the headlock, far arm under the arm, near arm over and locked across the jaw. You use your outside shoulder to push the head/neck down while maintaining the tightest lock possible. This is where people think it's a choke because you're putting a lot of pressure forward on the head/neck. The thing you want to do is force his head down onto the mat, which if you circle out in front a bit helps. Once you get the head down you hip heist over and pull. It's a pretty natural motion, but again it relies on having as tight a lock as you can get around the head and arm. But you just pull them into your lap either for a tilt or throw in the half and you got it. Where I'm from nobody expects this kind of stuff really so it's pretty easy to surprise somebody, especially if you've never seen it before. Dan St. John used to do something similar but he went across the back instead of inside like I do. I've had a few pretty good wrestlers say they like how I developed it because it's safer than the other variations I've seen.
  13. TripNSweep

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    I'll take a stab at it. Henry Cejudo Eric Larkin Curly Culp Anthony Robles Robles not because he isn't a good wrestler, because he was, but because he was such a high profile athlete while chasing his NCAA title. We've had other guys who were better credentialed in high school and college come through here, Shawn Charles, Thom Ortiz, Eddie Urbano, but Robles had a lot of media attention and was a real inspiration to a lot of people. Coaches, I'll go both HS and college. College not necessarily from here but coached here since we've had a lot of high school coaches who aren't from here too. HS: Bobby DeBerry Dennis Pirch Don Klostreich Tom Wokasch College: Bobby Douglas Zeke Jones Lee Roy Smith Ted Brinderhoff
  14. TripNSweep

    2020 US Open?

    So where will these tournaments be held? Vegas? Texas?
  15. TripNSweep

    Wrestling and IQ

    I would be more curious to see how they do on the Wonderlic exam honestly.