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  1. The problem isn't that there is a wage gap, the problem is that it is so extreme now. There is less money and less purchasing power available now to the middle class because inflation has risen but the average wage has been stagnant for decades. Helping correct that imbalance makes it easier for a family to grow and their kids to be happy and healthy. Instead now both parents might have to work 2 jobs and even get help from their kids working part time just to afford the basics. There is also less money for things like after school programs to keep kids out of trouble and give them a safe refuge. In a school district nearby me, there are a lot of kids who can't afford to play sports in high school because they have to work part or full time to help support their family or they just can't afford the athletic fees, or they can't afford health insurance. Those kinds of things shouldn't be impediments to participating in high school sports. Now it's become the haves vs the have nots. The haves have fancy new equipment playing 7 on 7 for football and the have nots just don't get those same opportunities. Correcting the imbalance in the wage gap would help solve some of that. Not all of it and it won't happen overnight, but it would do good.
  2. ASU should qualify everybody except 41 or 49 and 84.
  3. You can believe anything you want. Just because you believe enough to file a lawsuit doesn't make it any more real, since it's your opinion you were wronged. Now if there was some kind of result of your lawsuit, like a settlement was paid out, or the judge ruled in your favor, etc. that's something. There was a guy who filed a multi billion dollar lawsuit against Barack Obama years ago alleging he had conspired with Michael Vick to steal his dogs and sell them to fund weapons purchases on behalf of Iran. Does thast mean his claim is just as valid?
  4. You can sue anybody for any reason. It's not a question of filing a lawsuit, it's more what happened with that lawsuit. Did it go anywhere? Mezger filed a sexual harrassment lawsuit against him and settled it out of court, so obviously that was more successful.
  5. He asked people to refer to him as the Dalai Lama. Now I suppose it's possible he was just saying that to be funny, but from all accounts it seemed like he was pretty serious. He was also believed that people were out to get him and hiding in the trees on his estate and within the walls too. Even if he wasn't completely crazy and had periods of lucidity, his mental health was obviously in decline, and not helped by his drug and alcohol use.
  6. I'm attaching importance to the fact the guy was obviously mentally ill and abusing drugs and alcohol. Yet USA Wrestling ignored his bizarre and erratic behavior because he gave them lots of money, and did nothing despite him acting crazy for years, until he murdered Dave Schultz.
  7. That's exactly the point. He was clearly losing his grip on reality and doing increasingly weird and dangerous things because of it. He thought people out to get him were hiding in the walls of his house and in the trees on his estate and I think he even had a bunch of trees cut down for that reason. If he's proclaiming that he's the Dalai Lama and actually making people refer to him like that, you can really only chalk up his behavior to being a guy with a severe mental illness who made things worse by using tons of drugs and alcohol. People were planning on leaving after the Olympics or the trials that year anyway, mostly due to his weird and erratic behavior and because they were worried he might cross the line and hurt somebody.
  8. I did actually. Wrestling is an individual sport, and sometimes you need to let people do certain things. Gable was a master of doing things like that because the 10 guys in the lineup all don't operate the same way. Being a strict disciplinarian like that yeah you'll get some guys, but not everybody responds to that kind of thing. I can attest to a few things I'd overheard where parents discussed PSU and one said absolutely not and had talked his son into not even entertaining the idea. Also from asking Bubba about it once, you get a real idea of how things went down.
  9. Guys who were there at the time said it was him behaving weird and crazy and had nothing to do with racism. Angle said this explicitly, but acknowledged that guys who were on the outside looking in, like Monday, would think it was racially motivated and he wouldn't blame them since they weren't around to see his bizarre behavior every day. It's easy to call it racism, but the guy was clearly losing his marbles and spouting all kinds of weird things and nearly killing people with his antics, like the guy from FILA. If you think it was racially motivated, then you also should take him at face value on his other claims, like being the Dalai Lama.
  10. Yes. Not saying that every black wrestler is going to dislike Cael, some may but go there because they know he's one of the best in college now, so they want to get that. I've personally heard some recruits/parents say that even though the wrestling there is top notch, they wouldn't go there for other reasons, and they aren't subtle about it. Cael will get his guys who want to be there and do well. Guys who go there and don't fit in or don't do things his way will leave, it's that simple.
  11. He also said he was the Dalai Lama too, so it's pretty tough to take a lot of things he was saying or doing seriously. Yes he said that and yes he had strange quirks that manifested with him doing a variety of bizarre things. Do you think he was the Dalai Lama? Do you think it's normal for a 50+ year old man to build a giant birds nest and squawk around in it naked insisting people call him the Golden Eagle? I would 100% agree if he went to the black wrestlers there and said he didn't like them because they were black and had to leave and did nothing else. But he didn't say that. He got rid of everything black around him, cars, houses, etc. They were just a part of his mental illness/drug abuse manifesting itself in some bizarre ways. The problem people had with USA Wrestling was this kind of thing kept happening and USAW ignored it, and sadly because they ignored him doing crazy things, Dave got murdered.
  12. Discrimination based on race was outlawed with the civil rights act passing in the 60's, but that attitude towards blacks still exists in the south and other places. The doctrine may no longer be part of things the church officially condones or says anymore, but that doesn't mean the same attitude towards certain minorities has just disappeared. I know plenty of Mormons, and like any other sect or group there's good ones and bad ones, but many of the old guard still believe in that doctrine and still abide by it unofficially. I'm not going to name names or how I know, but I will say that Cael isn't somebody who a lot of black wrestlers wouldn't feel too comfortable with. Look at the Bubba Jenkins thing and that sort of tells you where he is on that sort of thing, but that's the tip of the iceburg.
  13. But it wasn't really a racial thing. He got rid of everything black, cars, had things painted, destroyed or thrown away that were black too. He was a weird obsessive guy who did stuff like that, he got an idea about something he wanted to do and he did it with an obsession until it was finished. Like getting rid of everything black in his life. People try to make it into a racial thing and it really isn;t, the guy had flipped his lid and was obviously nuts. I think Monday was pissed because USA Wrestling ignored it, but they ignored him doing tons of other crazy stuff too, so it wasn't as if USA Wrestling was really looking out for their own people's safety.
  14. Even if the guy who did it got rid of everything else black around him and told people to call him the Dalai Lama? I would 100% agree if he just did that then yeah that's racist. But the guy was literally cracking apart mentally and doing all kinds of crazy things, which culminated in him murdering Dave Schultz for no reason. Also consider he had never even said or done anything towards the black wrestlers he had that anyone ever saw that was racist in any way. If this was a pattern or behavior, yeah racist, I would agree. But the guy was losing his mind, doing drugs and drinking heavily. He thought people were out to get him, and had threatened Dan Chaid with a machine gun by this point. It's just one of the many warning signs USA Wrestling ignored about his deteriorating mental health, instability and danger he posed to people.
  15. Not really. It's pretty simple, if you have a serious mental illness, then who knows what can happen. Make it worse by ingesting a ton of drugs and alcohol, then it's really going to make somebody fly off the rails. It wasn't as if DuPont showed up one day and said he hated black people and they needed to leave. He said he considered the color black to be evil and full of death and ordered everything black on the farm be taken away or painted over and told the black wrestlers to leave, saying the only racist thing about it which was some gibberish about how the farm was a base for the KKK or whatever. Considering the guy asked people to call him the Dalai Lama and then murdered Dave Schultz, who was his best friend, randomly in his driveway, it's pretty clear that the things he was doing weren't racially motivated and were just symptoms of his mental illness, which caused him to do and say crazy things. Like trying to drown that guy from FILA, blowing up buildings on his property with dynamite, or rolling over stuff with a tank he had bought. The guy was crazy plain and simple.
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