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  1. So why aren't you acknowledging your lost wagers?
  2. Korean is her 2nd language. Her first language is actually Euskadi, which to save you the trip of Googling it, and forgive me if I'm repeating something you already know, is the language of the Basque people which predates Indo-European languages but sounds similar to Spanish. It's kind of an outlier among the European language families and is slowly on the decline, but that is her first language. She learned Korean because she had planned to go to art school there but ended up not going and eventually coming to the US. People here think she's Mexican which she finds amusing to no end.
  3. My girlfriend speaks 3 languages fluently and spoke Korean before she spoke English. She can get by in Spanish, French or Italian reasonably well, at least enough to understand what somebody is saying. She also studied linguistics in school. She says that Korean is easier to learn because the alphabet is simple and because the way the words are structured isn't like a lot of the romance languages that have gender pronouns. Maybe she's just extraordinarily gifted with Korean, I have no idea since I don't know about the language other than what she tells me. But the way she speaks of learning it, it sounds like she had an easier time with it than learning English. Her base language is fairly terrifying to hear though haha.
  4. Like RBY's biological father.
  5. Not just the history books but how a school allowed a student who was not eligible to appear one day out of nowhere and become eligible to not just be a student, but also to participate in athletics. I can think of several problems that could arise if he is found out to eb older than he claims. If people didn't lose their jobs over it I would be very surprised.
  6. I'm looking at it as more of an issue of fraud. If somebody involved with the Sunnyside wrestling program knew he wasn't eligible, be it because of his age or because he had already finished high school, and either lied for him or told him how to lie in order to be able to attend school there, then the implications not just for wrestling but for the school and district are pretty bad. Like if they do discover his real age then there should be some consequences because I guarantee you that one of the coaches knew the truth and either didn't tell anyone or shared the information with others but didn't think they would get caught. If they didn't fire the wrestling coaches there immedietly if they found this out and possibly the athletic director too, then they are basically saying they don't care about the rules. The Arizona Interscholastic Association would probably make them forfeit all of their wins as a team and their state championship. Also if this comes to pass as true, his age or whatever, then in the absence of him being on a religious mission or military service, I'm not sure he would be eligible for D1 anymore, if he was born in 1995. He honestly should just find a small D2 or NAIA school and go there. He came here and got himself in the spotlight and now there are legitimate questions about his age and his prior academics. If he had just gone to a small college or something, then I guarantee you nobody would have dug into his story and background.
  7. Because you aren't eligible to wrestle in high school if you've already graduated and attended college.
  8. Like how he has a son who is in grade school or that he was born in 1995?
  9. This isn't exactly a surprise. I wonder who ignored this when he enrolled in high school.
  10. Cibola which finished as a runner up in Division 1 went to: Green Valley Duals, Reno TOC, Las Vegas Classic, Battle for the Belt and the Brad Jones Invitational. Only one of those tournaments was in Arizona. More of the top programs realize they need to leave the state to wrestle good competition that pays off come state tournament time. There's still a lot of small minded coaches, and you can see if you look at the team results who underperforms, who don't believe in traveling very far.
  11. A lot of the better wrestlers who win championships are in programs that go out of state at least once or twice per season so they wrestle tough competition, which means they will lose a couple of matches. Or they go to the tougher in state tournaments like Flowing Wells, Mile High or Peoria.
  12. D4-106 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Terrell Kinlicheenie of Joseph City 2nd Place - Soloman Lucero of Morenci 3rd Place - Daniel Guanajuato of Santa Cruz Valley 4th Place - Gabriel Gonzales of Globe 5th Place - Sebastian Rochin of Az College Prep 6th Place - Kristopher Reyes of Antelope 1st Place Match Terrell Kinlicheenie (Joseph City) 42-3, So. over Soloman Lucero (Morenci) 16-8, Fr. (SV-1 12-10) 3rd Place Match Daniel Guanajuato (Santa Cruz Valley) 52-4, So. over Gabriel Gonzales (Globe) 60-7, Fr. (Dec 12-6) 5th Place Match Sebastian Rochin (Az College Prep) 47-9, Jr. over Kristopher Reyes (Antelope) 40-5, Sr. (Dec 7-2) D4-113 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Davian Guanajuato of Santa Cruz Valley 2nd Place - Zachery Ruiz of Page 3rd Place - John Martinez of Globe 4th Place - Martin Smith of Morenci 5th Place - Payton Reidhead of Mogollon 6th Place - Jeremiah Toyota of St David 1st Place Match Davian Guanajuato (Santa Cruz Valley) 43-0, Jr. over Zachery Ruiz (Page) 52-6, . (Dec 11-7) 3rd Place Match John Martinez (Globe) 56-6, So. over Martin Smith (Morenci) 17-10, So. (Dec 7-4) 5th Place Match Payton Reidhead (Mogollon) 44-14, Fr. over Jeremiah Toyota (St David) 46-11, So. (Dec 2-0) D4-120 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Cael Porter of Mogollon 2nd Place - Marcus Morales of Morenci 3rd Place - Jarom Larson of Pima 4th Place - Max Lugo of Winslow 5th Place - Derek Guanajuato of Santa Cruz Valley 6th Place - Melton Curley of Monument Valley 1st Place Match Cael Porter (Mogollon) 51-6, So. over Marcus Morales (Morenci) 16-2, Jr. (Dec 5-4) 3rd Place Match Jarom Larson (Pima) 49-5, Jr. over Max Lugo (Winslow) 39-14, Sr. (Fall 4:17) 5th Place Match Derek Guanajuato (Santa Cruz Valley) 36-14, Fr. over Melton Curley (Monument Valley) 39-15, Sr. (Fall 4:57) D4-126 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Emilio Ysquirre of Santa Cruz Valley 2nd Place - Conrad Aguallo of Morenci 3rd Place - Jacob Gonzales of Globe 4th Place - Shaun Tuni of Monument Valley 5th Place - Daniel Montijo of Holbrook 6th Place - Dade Woodard of Camp Verde 1st Place Match Emilio Ysquirre (Santa Cruz Valley) 39-2, So. over Conrad Aguallo (Morenci) 26-4, Jr. (Fall 4:15) 3rd Place Match Jacob Gonzales (Globe) 32-7, So. over Shaun Tuni (Monument Valley) 38-13, Fr. (MD 15-3) 5th Place Match Daniel Montijo (Holbrook) 42-20, Fr. over Dade Woodard (Camp Verde) 35-16, Jr. (Fall 1:59) D4-132 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Tanner Crosby of St Johns 2nd Place - Calvin Dunning of Morenci 3rd Place - Corbin Hulbert of Northwest Christian 4th Place - Tevon Mellor of Yuma Catholic 5th Place - Cole Gutierrez of Arizona Lutheran 6th Place - Trevor Tenney of Am. Leadership - GN 1st Place Match Tanner Crosby (St Johns) 51-5, Sr. over Calvin Dunning (Morenci) 33-4, Sr. (Dec 9-2) 3rd Place Match Corbin Hulbert (Northwest Christian) 48-8, Sr. over Tevon Mellor (Yuma Catholic) 38-9, Fr. (Dec 9-3) 5th Place Match Cole Gutierrez (Arizona Lutheran) 54-12, So. over Trevor Tenney (Am. Leadership - GN) 17-13, Fr. (Dec 7-2) D4-138 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Wyatt Ogle of Santa Cruz Valley 2nd Place - Malaki Porter of Mogollon 3rd Place - Gage Heap of St Johns 4th Place - Robbie Taylor of Chinle 5th Place - Angel Hernandez of Globe 6th Place - Aden Cain of Yuma Catholic 1st Place Match Wyatt Ogle (Santa Cruz Valley) 33-3, So. over Malaki Porter (Mogollon) 53-7, So. (Dec 5-2) 3rd Place Match Gage Heap (St Johns) 42-12, Jr. over Robbie Taylor (Chinle) 50-6, Jr. (MD 11-2) 5th Place Match Angel Hernandez (Globe) 33-11, So. over Aden Cain (Yuma Catholic) 45-8, Jr. (Dec 6-4) D4-145 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Clayton Sherman of Benson 2nd Place - Kaleb June of Page 3rd Place - Jose Macias of Yuma Catholic 4th Place - James Thomas of St Johns 5th Place - Tanner Wisely of Northwest Christian 6th Place - Broden Harrold of Am. Leadership - GN 1st Place Match Clayton Sherman (Benson) 48-6, Sr. over Kaleb June (Page) 38-14, . (TF-1.5 1:32 (16-0)) 3rd Place Match Jose Macias (Yuma Catholic) 45-3, So. over James Thomas (St Johns) 51-13, So. (Dec 9-2) 5th Place Match Tanner Wisely (Northwest Christian) 48-6, Jr. over Broden Harrold (Am. Leadership - GN) 24-9, So. (Fall 2:09) D4-152 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Kelby Flowers of Willcox 2nd Place - Cody Torres of Morenci 3rd Place - Trevor Harris of St Johns 4th Place - Evan Clute of Santa Cruz Valley 5th Place - Hans Heidenreich of Am. Leadership - GN 6th Place - Cade Hogle of Round Valley 1st Place Match Kelby Flowers (Willcox) 57-4, Sr. over Cody Torres (Morenci) 30-6, So. (Inj. 3:12) 3rd Place Match Trevor Harris (St Johns) 43-11, Sr. over Evan Clute (Santa Cruz Valley) 16-9, Sr. (Fall 2:24) 5th Place Match Hans Heidenreich (Am. Leadership - GN) 26-12, Sr. over Cade Hogle (Round Valley) 22-11, Jr. (Fall 2:14) D4-160 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Hunter Ogle of Santa Cruz Valley 2nd Place - Timmy Porter of Mogollon 3rd Place - Ote Allsup of Willcox 4th Place - Marc Irigoyen of Round Valley 5th Place - James Green of Thatcher 6th Place - Tony Shirley of Ganado 1st Place Match Hunter Ogle (Santa Cruz Valley) 48-3, Jr. over Timmy Porter (Mogollon) 18-2, Sr. (Dec 4-1) 3rd Place Match Ote Allsup (Willcox) 57-2, Jr. over Marc Irigoyen (Round Valley) 19-5, Sr. (Dec 9-3) 5th Place Match James Green (Thatcher) 36-14, So. over Tony Shirley (Ganado) 32-14, Jr. (Fall 4:11) D4-170 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Gavin Davis of Arizona Lutheran 2nd Place - Brik Skousen of Thatcher 3rd Place - Will Crouse of Ben Franklin 4th Place - Mark Ballejos of St Johns 5th Place - Nash Jobe of Am. Leadership - GN 6th Place - Julian Carpenter of Northwest Christian 1st Place Match Gavin Davis (Arizona Lutheran) 59-0, Sr. over Brik Skousen (Thatcher) 52-8, Sr. (Dec 6-5) 3rd Place Match Will Crouse (Ben Franklin) 41-5, Sr. over Mark Ballejos (St Johns) 41-12, Sr. (SV-1 5-3) 5th Place Match Nash Jobe (Am. Leadership - GN) 18-4, So. over Julian Carpenter (Northwest Christian) 45-18, Jr. (MD 11-3) D4-182 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Diego Chavez of Santa Cruz Valley 2nd Place - Robert Solorio of Parker 3rd Place - Tyler Thomas of Window Rock 4th Place - Brayden Oliver of Thatcher 5th Place - Daniel Massadeh of Arizona Lutheran 6th Place - Cutter Williams of Round Valley 1st Place Match Diego Chavez (Santa Cruz Valley) 45-2, So. over Robert Solorio (Parker) 47-7, Sr. (Fall 1:12) 3rd Place Match Tyler Thomas (Window Rock) 20-5, Sr. over Brayden Oliver (Thatcher) 52-9, Jr. (Fall 4:13) 5th Place Match Daniel Massadeh (Arizona Lutheran) 58-9, Sr. over Cutter Williams (Round Valley) 32-14, Jr. (Dec 8-6) D4-195 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jad Mazboudi of Az College Prep 2nd Place - Salesi Morello of Am. Leadership - GN 3rd Place - Jonathan Ortega of Globe 4th Place - Gage Thomas of Winslow 5th Place - Jacob Webb of Yuma Catholic 6th Place - Anthony Taylor of Parker 1st Place Match Jad Mazboudi (Az College Prep) 54-2, Sr. over Salesi Morello (Am. Leadership - GN) 24-9, Sr. (Fall 1:35) 3rd Place Match Jonathan Ortega (Globe) 35-8, So. over Gage Thomas (Winslow) 54-10, So. (SV-1 5-3) 5th Place Match Jacob Webb (Yuma Catholic) 24-9, Fr. over Anthony Taylor (Parker) 42-8, So. (Inj. 0:47) D4-220 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Clayson Goodwin of Benson 2nd Place - Kellen Gibson of Az College Prep 3rd Place - JP Mccall of Round Valley 4th Place - Trevor Pruszynski of Pima 5th Place - Shawny Sam of Window Rock 6th Place - Jacob Roosevelt of San Pasqual 1st Place Match Clayson Goodwin (Benson) 39-1, Sr. over Kellen Gibson (Az College Prep) 57-7, Jr. (Dec 7-1) 3rd Place Match JP Mccall (Round Valley) 35-7, Sr. over Trevor Pruszynski (Pima) 28-9, Sr. (Dec 10-5) 5th Place Match Shawny Sam (Window Rock) 51-6, Sr. over Jacob Roosevelt (San Pasqual) 49-16, Sr. (Fall 4:41) D4-285 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Christian Contreras of Bisbee 2nd Place - Skylar Guerrero of Miami 3rd Place - Edgar Espinoza of San Pasqual 4th Place - Faustino Chaydez of Santa Cruz Valley 5th Place - Brannon Weatherby of Yuma Catholic 6th Place - Omar Ortega of Morenci 1st Place Match Christian Contreras (Bisbee) 37-3, Jr. over Skylar Guerrero (Miami) 49-5, Jr. (Fall 4:57) 3rd Place Match Edgar Espinoza (San Pasqual) 61-5, Jr. over Faustino Chaydez (Santa Cruz Valley) 33-10, So. (Fall 2:53) 5th Place Match Brannon Weatherby (Yuma Catholic) 41-14, Jr. over Omar Ortega (Morenci) 32-9, Sr. (Fall 3:33)
  13. D3-106 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - NOAH PEREZ of Marcos De Niza 2nd Place - Cole Housley of Show Low 3rd Place - Clemente Delgado of Gila Ridge 4th Place - Jayden Rael of Sahuarita 5th Place - Zane Almon of Canyon Del Oro 6th Place - Tony Hernandez of Coconino 1st Place Match NOAH PEREZ (Marcos De Niza) 41-7, Sr. over Cole Housley (Show Low) 32-9, Jr. (Dec 13-8) 3rd Place Match Clemente Delgado (Gila Ridge) 39-7, Fr. over Jayden Rael (Sahuarita) 44-10, So. (Dec 10-3) 5th Place Match Zane Almon (Canyon Del Oro) 53-9, Sr. over Tony Hernandez (Coconino) 38-10, So. (Fall 4:26) D3-113 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Colby Evens of Chino Valley 2nd Place - Mario Bugarin of Yuma 3rd Place - Romeo Avalos of Canyon Del Oro 4th Place - Lucas Eviston of Seton Catholic 5th Place - Jaxen Davis of Tempe 6th Place - Nickolas Phillips of Coconino 1st Place Match Colby Evens (Chino Valley) 53-6, Jr. over Mario Bugarin (Yuma) 37-7, Jr. (Dec 3-2) 3rd Place Match Romeo Avalos (Canyon Del Oro) 55-4, Sr. over Lucas Eviston (Seton Catholic) 29-3, So. (Dec 7-4) 5th Place Match Jaxen Davis (Tempe) 41-13, Sr. over Nickolas Phillips (Coconino) 12-6, So. (Dec 5-4) D3-120 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Pedro Billups of Coconino 2nd Place - Christian Lopez of Sahuarita 3rd Place - O`Conner Vega of Peoria 4th Place - Shane Landis-Ku of Poston Butte 5th Place - Keene Todacheene of Mingus 6th Place - Cesar Labrado of Pueblo 1st Place Match Pedro Billups (Coconino) 50-3, Sr. over Christian Lopez (Sahuarita) 36-10, Fr. (Fall 0:49) 3rd Place Match O`Conner Vega (Peoria) 40-3, Sr. over Shane Landis-Ku (Poston Butte) 43-11, Sr. (Fall 3:34) 5th Place Match Keene Todacheene (Mingus) 28-6, Sr. over Cesar Labrado (Pueblo) 48-7, Sr. (Dec 7-1) D3-126 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Conner Schweigert of Show Low 2nd Place - Damian Hosokawa of Mesquite 3rd Place - Issaac Castro of Peoria 4th Place - Cooper French of Coconino 5th Place - Jacob Navarro of Yuma 6th Place - Trey Trejo of Canyon Del Oro 1st Place Match Conner Schweigert (Show Low) 32-3, Sr. over Damian Hosokawa (Mesquite) 41-5, Sr. (Dec 10-6) 3rd Place Match Issaac Castro (Peoria) 27-3, Jr. over Cooper French (Coconino) 51-10, Fr. (Fall 4:26) 5th Place Match Jacob Navarro (Yuma) 50-12, Jr. over Trey Trejo (Canyon Del Oro) 45-10, Sr. (Fall 1:55) D3-132 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Gabriel Howard of Sahuarita 2nd Place - Armando Valencia of Peoria 3rd Place - Colton Tomitz of Prescott 4th Place - Isaac McKean of Mingus 5th Place - Ty Moreno of Gila Ridge 6th Place - Charles Croci of Canyon Del Oro 1st Place Match Gabriel Howard (Sahuarita) 47-1, Sr. over Armando Valencia (Peoria) 46-4, Jr. (MD 17-4) 3rd Place Match Colton Tomitz (Prescott) 46-16, Sr. over Isaac McKean (Mingus) 38-8, So. (Dec 7-3) 5th Place Match Ty Moreno (Gila Ridge) 32-14, Sr. over Charles Croci (Canyon Del Oro) 42-19, Fr. (Dec 5-4) D3-138 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Owen Berry of Walden Grove 2nd Place - Jesus Rivera of Tempe 3rd Place - Abraham Rivera of Buckeye 4th Place - Cody Jasper of Chino Valley 5th Place - DAYTON LEWIS of Casa Grande 6th Place - Kristofer Ciccarelli of Desert Edge 1st Place Match Owen Berry (Walden Grove) 52-2, Sr. over Jesus Rivera (Tempe) 45-2, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:08 (15-0)) 3rd Place Match Abraham Rivera (Buckeye) 40-4, Sr. over Cody Jasper (Chino Valley) 51-14, Sr. (MD 15-4) 5th Place Match DAYTON LEWIS (Casa Grande) 31-7, Sr. over Kristofer Ciccarelli (Desert Edge) 36-10, Jr. (Fall 4:59) D3-145 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jimmy Wayman of Lee Williams 2nd Place - Seth Fernandez of Combs 3rd Place - Nick Olson of Deer Valley 4th Place - Lincoln Eby of Prescott 5th Place - Karson Zimmerman of Safford 6th Place - Gabriel Elias of Sahuarita 1st Place Match Jimmy Wayman (Lee Williams) 49-3, Sr. over Seth Fernandez (Combs) 15-1, Jr. (Dec 1-0) 3rd Place Match Nick Olson (Deer Valley) 42-8, Sr. over Lincoln Eby (Prescott) 56-10, Jr. (Dec 4-1) 5th Place Match Karson Zimmerman (Safford) 34-6, So. over Gabriel Elias (Sahuarita) 33-9, Jr. (Dec 6-0) D3-152 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Antonio Carbajal of Tempe 2nd Place - Payton Wayman of Lee Williams 3rd Place - Nathaniel Quinones of Cactus 4th Place - Zackary Walker of Florence 5th Place - Gentry Smith of Prescott 6th Place - Sawyer Gasvoda of Estrella Fh 1st Place Match Antonio Carbajal (Tempe) 45-12, Sr. over Payton Wayman (Lee Williams) 45-10, So. (SV-1 8-4) 3rd Place Match Nathaniel Quinones (Cactus) 37-10, Sr. over Zackary Walker (Florence) 35-5, Sr. (Fall 1:33) 5th Place Match Gentry Smith (Prescott) 43-20, Fr. over Sawyer Gasvoda (Estrella Fh) 38-17, Sr. (Dec 9-3) D3-160 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Keller Rock of Chino Valley 2nd Place - Steven Dortch of Thunderbird 3rd Place - Coltin Hale of American Leadership - Ironwoood 4th Place - Nick Foshee of Bradshaw Mountain 5th Place - Marcos Gamez of Walden Grove 6th Place - Fernando Gonzales of Safford 1st Place Match Keller Rock (Chino Valley) 58-1, Sr. over Steven Dortch (Thunderbird) 43-5, Sr. (Fall 2:38) 3rd Place Match Coltin Hale (American Leadership - Ironwoood) 36-6, Sr. over Nick Foshee (Bradshaw Mountain) 46-14, So. (Dec 7-4) 5th Place Match Marcos Gamez (Walden Grove) 26-6, Sr. over Fernando Gonzales (Safford) 39-11, So. (MD 12-4) D3-170 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Conrad Brady of Mingus 2nd Place - Colton Johnson of Greenway 3rd Place - Servando Campos of Yuma 4th Place - Jess Chapman of Mesquite 5th Place - Briggs Baldwin of Safford 6th Place - Dakota McMains of Chino Valley 1st Place Match Conrad Brady (Mingus) 16-3, Jr. over Colton Johnson (Greenway) 38-6, Sr. (Fall 0:33) 3rd Place Match Servando Campos (Yuma) 64-4, Sr. over Jess Chapman (Mesquite) 26-12, Jr. (Fall 2:20) 5th Place Match Briggs Baldwin (Safford) 47-7, Sr. over Dakota McMains (Chino Valley) 49-12, So. (MD 10-2) D3-182 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Robert White of Safford 2nd Place - Ethan Wright of Apache Junction 3rd Place - Alan Montesinos of Thunderbird 4th Place - Mozes Valenzuela of Pueblo 5th Place - Mark Orlando of Shadow Mountain 6th Place - Korben Shuler of Desert Edge 1st Place Match Robert White (Safford) 55-0, Sr. over Ethan Wright (Apache Junction) 42-2, Sr. (Fall 0:59) 3rd Place Match Alan Montesinos (Thunderbird) 37-7, Sr. over Mozes Valenzuela (Pueblo) 43-18, Jr. (Fall 3:55) 5th Place Match Mark Orlando (Shadow Mountain) 35-4, Sr. over Korben Shuler (Desert Edge) 32-6, Sr. (Fall 0:48) D3-195 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Cody Arbogast of Apache Junction 2nd Place - Edgar O. Yanez Orduno of Tempe 3rd Place - Sam Zadel of Seton Catholic 4th Place - Sebastian Adamski of Walden Grove 5th Place - Elias Torrecillas of Greenway 6th Place - Mike Kelley of Bradshaw Mountain 1st Place Match Cody Arbogast (Apache Junction) 23-1, Sr. over Edgar O. Yanez Orduno (Tempe) 49-6, Sr. (Dec 10-5) 3rd Place Match Sam Zadel (Seton Catholic) 26-4, Sr. over Sebastian Adamski (Walden Grove) 42-13, Jr. (Dec 13-10) 5th Place Match Elias Torrecillas (Greenway) 40-13, Sr. over Mike Kelley (Bradshaw Mountain) 52-14, So. (Fall 4:48) D3-220 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jayden Dobson of Yuma 2nd Place - MICHAEL MOUSSA of Catalina Fh 3rd Place - Ryan Griffin of Mingus 4th Place - brexton Thomas of Sahuaro 5th Place - Ulises Gutierrez of Coconino 6th Place - Preston Lindstrom of Apache Junction 1st Place Match Jayden Dobson (Yuma) 54-2, Jr. over MICHAEL MOUSSA (Catalina Fh) 52-5, Sr. (Fall 1:57) 3rd Place Match Ryan Griffin (Mingus) 41-7, Sr. over brexton Thomas (Sahuaro) 19-3, Sr. (Dec 9-3) 5th Place Match Ulises Gutierrez (Coconino) 36-10, Sr. over Preston Lindstrom (Apache Junction) 31-8, Sr. (Fall 1:00) D3-285 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Taniela Taunima of Combs 2nd Place - Mike Krohnert of Seton Catholic 3rd Place - Gilbert Calderon of Washington 4th Place - Justin Perez of Yuma 5th Place - Jeremy Buenrostro of American Leadership - Ironwoood 6th Place - Juan Rabago of Pueblo 1st Place Match Taniela Taunima (Combs) 50-5, Jr. over Mike Krohnert (Seton Catholic) 35-4, Sr. (Dec 3-2) 3rd Place Match Gilbert Calderon (Washington) 47-5, So. over Justin Perez (Yuma) 65-4, Sr. (Fall 2:28) 5th Place Match Jeremy Buenrostro (American Leadership - Ironwoood) 28-6, Jr. over Juan Rabago (Pueblo) 27-4, Sr. (Fall 4:40)
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