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  1. He seems to believe that "they" are coming for our freedoms by having us wear masks and encouraging people to be vaccinated.
  2. I think he will be good to go this year. He's only had one year in the ASU room.
  3. Vasquez has the talent to get there. I would say the weak link is 74. If Munoz was around still I'd say that's a better chance than their current options. It's not a given, but with the right draw and set of circumstances, ASU could pull off a better performance. The talent is there, just a question of whether they can put it together at the right time.
  4. To the surprise of nobody Willie will proclaim himself out of the closet, which honestly wouldn't be that earth shattering.
  5. ASU could potentially with the right set of circumstances pull off 10AA. That's asking a lot from C. Valencia, A. Valencia and Fagen. I think Norfleet just got into his own head last year. He should have AAd. With his lateral movement and strength he could make the finals to the surprise of everyone. That said, ASU could be right there in the team race with the right draw and some luck. They don't have a guy who is going to bonus everyone on the way to the finals, but they do have a lineup full of very solid wrestlers who have been All American already or have the talent to do it. If they can get 8+ onto the stand with some bonus points, it'll be really interesting. If nobody finishes lower than last year and they can get points from C. Valencia, Fagen and Vasquez, it's going to be really interesting. If they had just one hammer like Zahid Valencia, they would be an instant contender.
  6. Going to be bad if he gets Pico'd.
  7. I thought Leeth still had his 8th year of eligibility to finish.
  8. Pay your gambling debts. Also Tervel left Ohio State months ago.
  9. Gogi Kougashvili stayed around too long to try to win that Olympic gold that seemed to elude him.
  10. You don't need to forfeit your US citizenship if you become a dual citizen. In fact I believe the US allows you to acquire no more than 2 foreign passports besides your US one. Lucky I have some choices in that regard.
  11. Doesn't matter with the NIL rules now. People can basically do whatever they want.
  12. Capybara are apparently delicious.
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