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  1. I've had people say this too. USADA is all over anyone who is in the top 5 or top 10. You submit to an on demand drug test whenever they feel like it. If somebody is doping they are doing a damn good job of avoiding being caught by random testing. Keep in mind Russia's doping is state sponsoired, they not only cheated drug tests but bought the best designer PEDs you can engineer in the lab. I don't think even our top guys have 6 figures to spend on the kind of PEDs that might pass a drug test.
  2. One of my coaches had the pleasure/displeasure of wrestling Schultz at the open or maybe Sunkist one year. He said before the match Shultz came up to him and started showing him technique that he thought would work for him and drilled with him a little bit. Then they got called to the mat and Dave obliterated him, and then afterwards went back to showing him what he could have done differently and what would work in the future.
  3. If you keep it to the inside you generate a ton of pressure. Outside like you saw in the 84 Olympics...well ouch. Or even with what Kolat did in the state finals his senior year in PA, though that's a slightly different technique. We used to call that a pump handle.
  4. I was taught to use it like an escape from bottom. Kind of like what Schultz did but from a different position.
  5. Wow. I was just thinking today before seeing this how different US freestyle would have been if Dave wasn't murdered.
  6. TripNSweep

    Roman Bravo Young Predictions

    If he can get away on bottom then he'll be a threat to anybody.
  7. TripNSweep

    Junior Worlds 2018

    But how many gold chains do they have?
  8. TripNSweep

    Team USA Budapest Betting Odds

    Green gold is notoriously hard to dig for haha.
  9. TripNSweep

    Team USA Budapest Betting Odds

    You're dead on. I'd take Gwiz and Gilman to both medal.
  10. TripNSweep

    Richard Perry accident

    This sounds exactly why lawn darts became illegal LOL.
  11. TripNSweep

    Best Season?

    He had a very questionable match with Slay that year I think in the quarterfinals. Slay of course made the finals and lost to Branch. He only won by 1 point against Uker, like 12-11 or something. Uker had him pinned though.
  12. TripNSweep

    Best Season?

    1997. Iowa set the record for team points but wasn't the favorite going in. Had a lot of things go their way to set the team scoring record in Gable's last year as coach. There was a lot of uncertainty with that team though. Mike Mena was saying he wanted to drop down to 118 all year but was having trouble holding at 126. Whitemer at 118 hadn't been a starter before that season and wasn't as experienced as the coaches would have liked. 142 was inconsistent as a freshman, Gilliss. Joe Williams would sometimes get into close matches and occasionally get bitten in the ass, like losing to Benion at Big 10's that year. McIlravy was missing for almost half the season with a concussion and it was questionable whether he would be back for Big 10's or not. Mike Uker was an All American but wasn't a big bonus guy. Tony Ersland almost got replaced during the season and had to miss time with injuries. Fullhart was good but sometimes inconsistent. Wes Hand was another freshman in the lineup at heavyweight. Pretty much the only given in the lineup was Ironside, then Williams who brought it about 95% of the time, and McIlravy when he wasn't having concussion issues. After those 3 Iowa had a lot of guys who overachieved.
  13. TripNSweep

    Who shot Sam Stoll

    The same person who shot JR.
  14. TripNSweep

    Isn't it surprising?

    The NCAA is pretty lax on drug testing. The different schools have different policies, but I knew some football players at ASU who were definitely juicing and not even really trying to hide it. The coaches at the time just gave them the old wink and nod or pretended not to see anything ever. When they did drug test, I think it was prior to fall camp, the guys who were on stuff but not starters would cheat it somehow, they said nobody watched them in the bathroom. Guys who were star players supposedly had their piss swapped out or mislabeled or something so even if they were dirty for something, nobody would know. Whether this was the NCAA or ASU doing the testing I don't know. One guy I knew pretty well said that if they really drug tested the players, 2/3rd would get busted for weed at least, not to even say anything of guys who were juicing or taking stuff like that. This has nothing to do with the wrestling team, but for a revenue sport like football there's a lot of ways to get around the drug testing. It was only once per year too.
  15. TripNSweep

    Askren to Midlands?

    Askren has been saying this for a while. He was trying to recruit a team of guys to go but that never happened. I think Rowlands was one of the guys he mentioned but somebody said Rowlands was nowhere near the shape he would need to be in for this.