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  1. I'm sorry. I don't really watch tennis.
  2. You or a parent or even a grandparent just have to be born there. Larry Langowski wrestled for Mexico.
  3. I think you would have to transfer in Japan or China. Probably Beijing is my guess.
  4. Lindland was a #1 seed who lost in the first round and didn't get pulled back in.
  5. The people of Iran are great. The government is horrible. That's how I view Iran as an American. I wish they'd kick the mullahs out of power but what can you do. I get the resentment towards America because we got Mossadegh overthrown and installed Pahlavi who nobody really wanted. My .02, carry on.
  6. What would happen if he decided to show up and wrestle? Would the government kill his family? Or what if he showed up and just got himself disqualified? I think somebody did that once, maybe one of the Khadem brothers? And he just took the mat but backed up out of bounds and got cautioned out and lost. Couldn't they just do that instead?
  7. Still waiting for the Pitcairn Islands to cast their lot to host worlds.
  8. Oh I'm familiar. It isn't like it used to be.
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