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    PED Testing in NCAA

    I know football players who were juiced to the gills and never failed a drug test. I know of one All American wrestler who was dropping hits of LSD, drunk and coked out of his mind one day before he had to leave to wrestle at nationals. College athletes aren't professionals, they're "student athletes", so they don't face the same kind of scrutiny really. I'm sure guys have been juiced up or whatever but if you know when the drug test is that gives you options to cheat it. Just don't use your girlfriend's urine because then the test might come back and say you're pregnant like some basketball player just did. I would guess it's more of a problem at the upper weights than the lower weights, because if you combine the effects of taking steroids with weight cutting, you're really going to **** your body up badly and be dehydrated as hell and have nothing after the first 3 or 4 minutes.
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    I would say be even more simple. Just drill in basic concepts and ideas of things you should always do and things not to do. When I first started coaching I was transitioning from actually competing to coaching and I had no idea what I was doing. I just did the same stuff that my coaches did, but didn't really understand how to coach. All of the things I did and took for granted, it took me some time to figure out that not everybody had been exposed to wrestling so they might not understand certain concepts or ideas. I likened it to trying to teach somebody a language you speak fluently, but had no idea about the grammar, structure, etc. So what I started to do was watch more, and I didn't watch the elite guys wrestle as much because they know what they're doing. My idea is that a typical high school wrestler isn't going to run into that elite talent all that often, unless you live in PA or somewhere. I watched a lot of the not as good kids, JV matches, etc. And what I looked for was common positions and tactics to win those positions. From there you sort of have an idea of what you need to be doing. Once you have that idea of where you need to wrestle from, and what skills, strengths and concepts you need to master then combine that with great conditioning and basic all around wrestling skills and I think it'll be great. Like an example for me was I had a kid who could always get to a leg from neutral, but he seldom finished. So what we did was had to explain to him that he had to take an angle on his finish and couldn't just bull rush through people. Then you can get a little more in depth about how to finish, but first you have to teach that basic concept of why you're doing it and why it works.
  3. TripNSweep

    Bad Look For Wrestling

    It isn't like this is something that hasn't happened before. Lindland/Sieracki, Smith/Lewis, these things happen in other sports occasionally too.
  4. Ignore this clown. He's just a troll who says the same stuff for years and it's tiresome. I finally figured out how to put him on ignore and it makes reading stuff here so much better now that I don't have to read the verbal diarrhea he produces.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    I think they should expand the Olympic field. They should have at least 24 spots per weight.
  6. TripNSweep

    Strongest but weakest looking wrestler?

    Not having a leg probably hurt more than helped honestly. He had to always compensate for balance and was much weaker on one side than the other. His strength though was because he had to compensate somehow. He's one of the rare people who had both functional strength and weight room strength. He could bench in excess of 300 lbs and could still rip off 70 pull ups without a warmup or anything. I saw him do it once in street clothes at the high school state tournament after he had graduated and been at ASU for a few years. If he did have 2 legs, I still think he would have been tremendously strong. A lot of hours of training gave him his strength though, not just his absence of a leg.
  7. TripNSweep

    Strongest but weakest looking wrestler?

    Anthony Robles was a lot stronger than he looked, especially for his weight. You might think he's strong for 125lbers but he's just a strong human being period. Askren didn't look it, but he has that kind of strength that wears on you. It's like you're trying to walk through mud basically, it just tires you out quickly because of how he's always pulling on stuff and slowing you down. You have to work harder wrestling him because of how he would latch on and just wear on you constantly.
  8. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    Townsend Saunders lost a 1-1 referee's decision in the same Olympics in the finals, so I don't think it was a hometown thing.
  9. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    That he did.
  10. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    The only ref's decision he had was in the finals against Jadidi. He had some close matches along the way, but that was the only one that wasn't decided in regulation or OT.
  11. Internationally Wilfredo Morales was 6'7 I think and wrestled at 100kg.
  12. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    Better picture.
  13. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    Don't talk to me. If I could block you I would.
  14. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    This is the shot Angle had with about 40 seconds left.
  15. That just makes you more of a target for kidnapping is what the Chechens are known for doing.
  16. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    Angle took Jadidi down in the last 30 seconds but it wasn't called. I always thought that was why he was given the decision, because he came the closest to scoring in OT. I guess it was disputed because his head was trapped and not to the side, but I think that would have been a TD today.
  17. Being loaded doesn't mean anything if you're forbidden to travel there. Russia controls that and because of the state of unrest that existed there, they weren't even letting in foreign aid workers. I doubt they're going to let some American to travel there. Even today the state department advises against going there. Foreigners do show up there, but that doesn't mean a lot do or that it isn't completely dangerous to go there. Getting there is also a problem because there aren't any major airports nearby either. That's why there's a lot of checkpoints, some manned by the Russians, some by the Chechens. They also don't appreciate non Muslims very much either. Going there is a very dangerous gamble, because even if you do manage it, you're at a very high risk of being kidnapped or killed since many Chechens don't really trust outsiders.
  18. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    Angle was really good at adjusting to people. He mentioned that Konstantin Aleksandrov beat him really badly when he wrestled him once, and the next time they wrestled in the Olympic quarters or semis he had learned from that and dominated the match. Of course you'd have probably underestimated Aleksandrov if you saw him. He also beat I want to say Murtzaliev from Ukraine who either had already teched Sabejew in those same Olympics or did in the repechage rounds. I wish somebody would put that on Youtbe because Angle won it by scoring in par terre which is something he wasn't really known for. I think the only match that he had that didn't go to overtime or wasn't a close match was the semis against Aleksandrov where he won 5-1 or something. That bracket was stacked too. Sabejew was a world champion in 94, Leri Khebalov was a returning Olympic champion, Murtzaliev ended up becoming a world and Olympic champion, Jadidi ended up being a world champion and multiple time medalist, and the Cuban Morales was pretty good too. Lots of guys could trip you up in that bracket and Angle managed to come through it.
  19. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    But it wasn't as if Angle didn't have good skills. He was coached by Dave Schultz after all. Angle was also pretty tough to score against too. Anything Snyder got he would have to work for, which is in Angle's favor since he was a big fan of being the best conditioned in the world. Watch the Olympic finals where Jads would have died if he hadn't taken a couple of lung breaks. Also right after Jads scores on his ankle lace, Angle comes back and immediately scores to tie the match. Pretty similar accomplishments to Snyder though. 2x NCAA champ, 3x finalist. Espoir world champion, junior national champion, world champion, Olympic champion. Not like he was Brandon Slay who won gold his only time out and promprtly retired. If there was better money like there is now, I think Angle would have stuck around longer if he stayed injury free.
  20. TripNSweep

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    Bigger weight class than Snyder. Also a prime shape Angle would beat Snyder. Better overall athlete, not as good technically, but bigger, stronger and faster than Snyder. Angle was not known for being a great technical wrestler, he won because of his gas tank mostly. The first 2 matches he had, just look at how exhausted those guys were trying to keep up with him and just gave up at the end. Not saying Snyder would gas like that, but Angle wrestled at a very high pace the whole time. Angle probably beats him 60-70% of the time. I haven't seen Snyder have to wrestle many guys besides Sadulaev who are capable of wrestling like that.
  21. TripNSweep

    Bouzakis to Wyoming Sem?

    In Arizona this has been a big There used to not be any rules about it. Then they decided unless you actually moved into the boundaries of the school you transferred to you had to sit a year. Then people found ways to get around that rule so they made it so you had to sit out half the year if you transferred, which didn't bother people who transferred to the power programs for certain sports because they could practice with the team and be eligible for the playoffs. The other problem is anytime the association ruled somebody wasn't eligible and the kid's parents had money to blow on a lawyer, they would file an injunction in court and the association here is so spineless they didn't want to fight in court so they give people their way. There was a quarterback who went to a private Christian school as a freshman and set records there, and then the speculation was he would transfer and had only gone there because he knew he would start as a freshman. So he transferred mid year after football season to a very good public school down the road known for football. His parents used the excuse that a family friend of theirs had been hit by a car outside of the school he attended midway through the football season and he was so emotionally traumatized he couldn't keep going to school there, despite the fact he had played the entire season and finished the semester there. The association ruled him ineligible, but his dad is a hotel executive and hired a top end lawyer and took it to court, where they gave in and ruled him immediately eligible. So that's how we do things.
  22. I'm curious about this too because for the last 15 or so years Dagestan and Chechnya and some of the other republics in that area have been in some state of armed conflict with one another or all out war against Russia. I know for a long period it was considered extremely unsafe to go there for any foreigners and I'm almost positive at one point anyone with a US passport was explicitly not allowed to travel there. As far as getting there, I don't know about now, but it used to be pretty tough to do because you would need special permission from the Russian government, and if you tried to go on your own you would get stopped at any of the dozen or so checkpoints on the way there and possibly executed. Things have calmed down over the last couple years, but that whole area was a massive warzone for a while, and lots of people got disappeared, including relief aid workers.
  23. TripNSweep

    Pan Am Games Draws

    To one of the best ever.
  24. TripNSweep

    Pan Am Games Draws

    If Pino ever develops a leg attack he would be really good. Fortunately for Gwiz and the rest of the world he's got neither good leg attack offense or defense.