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  1. I think this tournament lends credence to the prospect that Taylor and Dake are capable of being more dominant than Jordan Burroughs at the Worlds or Olympics TODAY, but until they wrestle at that tournament where JB has tended to perform better on the highest stage it's hard to know. It is clear that both of them have elite top skills to turn and pin high level opponents. Taylor has pinned Yazdani for Christs sake. Granted Yazdani has murdered World medal level opponents as well when it really counts on the big stage. The most talented and dominant wrestlers lose at World and Olympic championships all the time (and again it's unclear we can conclude Dake and Taylor are the most skilled at their weights, both have studs to contend with). Honestly I'm not worried about Varner at all, he's dropped matches during the season for the last three years and won when it counts. That doesn't mean I'm guaranteeing a victory against one of the best wrestlers we've ever seen in Sadulaev, but Varner will wrestle better than Yasar Dogu in October. And he had a great final match.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/Blb8CY7nYaA/?taken-by=usawrestling By the transitive property, Thomas Gilman would absolutely destroy Nick Gwiazdowski. He's beaten wrestlers who have beaten wrestlers who have beaten.... Gwiz. Proof: Gilman over Ramos over JO over Zain over JG over Marable over JB over Dake over J'Den (1/3 still a win) over Snyder (Fargo anyone?) over Gwiz On the real, Snyder is probably the best American wrestler (and maybe best in the world), but Burroughs probably our team's alpha.
  3. I'm surprised that Geduev can't or doesn't choose to go 79kg, considering he had muscles popping out of muscles down at 74kg. He's shorter than Burroughs I think. Height really doesn't matter as much as people think, there have been world champs at 97kg around 5'7. Still color me surprised, maybe he's thinking Olympics.
  4. He wasn't pleased about it apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAoGA2mgzL0&index=12&list=PLDo9M4UVhQm6heqDOIAk-f6Zt5hOsrgHb
  5. I agree Gadji is the favorite after his performance at Yarygin, but he did look vulnerable at Euros, scraping by a couple matches.
  6. Are you serious? It's summer. I didn't cut much, but I remember wrestlers on my team walking around 20-30 pounds over in the offseason if they didn't have to compete, and that was at way lower weights than 197. He probably cut from 210-215 in the first place, so if he has planned to bulk up for HWY this isn't abnormal whatsoever. Someone else suggested it would be smart for Bo to bump to 197 with Valencia going 184. Clearly Valencia is superior at freestyle, though Bo's probably underrated, as he did better than expected last summer and has improved since overall. I think there's no chance Bo factors any opponent into his calculus whether to move up or not, especially considering it's folkstyle. Nickal's tall but his frame isn't quite Quentin Wright's seemingly. I agree he'd do very well at 197 and would be my pick for the title, but I'll have to see it to believe it, still assuming 184.
  7. Dake did lose in the Yarygin finals to Gadzhimagomedov. But Gadz is ranked 1st in the international rankings, Dake 2nd. So he's a pretty solid bet despite that loss. It's not a particularly strong or deep weight class, a lot of tweeners.
  8. Is this speculation? That seems like a terrible idea unless the weight cut for 174 is hurting his performance, which would surprise me.
  9. Did Snyder really surprise us when he took out Varner? He had already won Junior Worlds a couple years before, wrestled Gatsalov competitively as an 18 year old and Varner was coming from three years off competition. I think it was only surprising given Snyder's disappointing NCAA tournament performance, but in a nutshell his freestyle resume and skills made it a pretty even match up that Snyder proved wasn't (he won 4-1, 3-0). I agree that on paper Valencia isn't at the level of Ringer or Dake, but his length combined with his leg attacks could make for a very intriguing match up. I think his skills translate to freestyle very well, in fact better than folk and he just dominated this past season. He would have to wrestle like he did in the finals against Hall, not like he did against other top competitors like Amine in the semis, Jordan earlier in the year, etc to keep it competitive with Ringer. But if he competes like that then I wouldn't be completely shocked by an upset. I'm picked Ringer though.
  10. I would love to see Hall against Ringer and Dake in freestyle, assume it wouldn't even be competitive in folkstyle. Why do you doubt Ringer beats him? Alex has some pretty solid international wins and currently ranks 4th in the world (which obviously means less than actually medalling at Worlds). Hall has dominated Jr Worlds which depending on the weight/year ranks as one of the toughest tournaments in the world, but I'm not aware of a senior level medal threat that he has beaten yet. I think Ringer beats him comfortably at this point but Hall has insane freestyle acumen so it could be more competitive than my intuition. And it could get ugly against Dake. Valencia is more intriguing to me against both of them, though I'd expect him to lose, because of his length/size with both of those frontrunners moving up in weight.
  11. I'm getting old so I thought the two losses sophomore year were at tournaments. If that was Dake's last dual loss and it's been over 7 years that's pretty pretttaayy good (h/t Larry David).
  12. I know that Burroughs is 27-0 in the World Cup, an unbelievable feat that I assume no American has matched and probably few wrestlers ever. I don't recall a loss from either Dake or Taylor in a dual meet event such as the World Cup or Beat the Streets. Granted Dake lost that Greco match against the defending world champ which was part of a dual meet sorta event, but that ain't folk/free. Burroughs lost dual meets his freshman season, unsure if he lost his sophomore year, and I don't remember if the junior year injury against CMU was in a dual or tournament. Pretty sure that Dake and Taylor never lost a dual meet in college.
  13. Agree mostly, but Jack Spates? While I respect him as a coach that would be a terrible call. You need someone younger than that, granted doesn't need to be under 40.
  14. Can't seem to get through him? They've only competed against each other one time. Taylor won 1 of 3 matches. He didn't look good for his standards, but Cox makes a lot of good wrestlers look bad with his size, defense and positioning at 86kg. I agree re: Uetake being clearly better than Pat Smith, but they should be 1a and 1b. You can't do better than win 4 NCAA titles, and he's the first one to do it. There's no argument for John Smith over Pat Smith, it's a college list. There's an argument that John Smith was a better folkstyle wrestler by his senior year than Pat as a senior, but career it's not up to debate. Freestyle is irrelevant. Is it possible that Pat Smith is an underrated 4x NCAA champ? He was phenomenally good especially his last two years. If he had won World and Olympic golds with an identical college career I guarantee that people would hold him in higher esteem.
  15. It was an excessive celebration for a Big Ten quarters win against a freshman, but I get it that he's pumped after a tough season for his standards. Awesome, awesome match.
  16. Jadidi has tremendous respect for DF as a truthsayer spreading the word about the 1996 injustice. However, he holds passionate animus towards Medicine Man for the memes which make him inconsolably depressed. Ever since Delfino left we haven't had many reliable Farsi speakers, so I'm glad DF is starting to learn the language.
  17. WTF Chamizo at 74kg is no surprise, he was huge at 66kg and his frame can easily accommodate extra weight from 70kg. Kudos to Gomez for making the finals at a major tournament without having to cut, but that's kinda crazy to see. Would love to see the match. These dudes were wrestling 119/121 when they were 18 years old.... granted Taylor wrestled 112 at 17 and is now a gold medal threat at 189. Speaking of DT (and Cox), who cares. Yes Cox beat him in a fair match so arguably should be a favorite in a rematch. I'm just happy they both have the potential to man a World team weight class (Dake too). Cox was enormous at 86kg, especially in 2017. Brian Smith is great, but his eyes are brown claiming that his 197 wrestler didn't cut weight for the OTT. Can someone remind me what the different weigh in rules are? I know I could easily Bing this information (I got banned from google.com) but I'd rather let someone else do the work. Thank you.
  18. Figure he's being sarcastic, I had a nice chuckle from that misspelling too
  19. The Hodge criteria points have definitely been weighted differently for different years, it's not a 100% objective award. However, none of the criteria says or implies best wrestler, which we all know is Snyder, by far. I have zero dog in this fight, but the idea that Snyder should have won the Hodge twice already entirely ignores the actual criteria as opposed to certain voters picking and choosing which criteria to emphasize more (after all everyone is susceptible to bias). If Snyder wins the Hodge I think it'd be good for the sport, and I think there's a strong argument that we should change the criteria for who wins our Heisman equivalent, but if I were a voter I would not be able to justify voting for him the last two years. Who knows what happens the next few months.
  20. I'll clarify that the Zadick and Alger suggestions are ludicrous to my gut rather than my left brain. So take that with a grain of salt (or throw it out the window). Love that Todd Tarpley weighed in!
  21. No offense to anyone, but I consider the suggestions of Zadick and Alger to be ludicrous. Not because they are unintelligent or humorless, it just makes no sense. I feel silly even going into more detail. I'll give one small example - there's a Flo video of Alger doing a stand up routine at a wrestling event for charity or something, it's not awful, but it's far from good which is to be expected because stand up is extremely hard. More importantly, the sense of humor doesn't remotely fit. Mark Perry? Please. The timing doesn't fit and there are a hundred other reasons.
  22. There are 1-2 not mentioned yet Yuki Takahashi, Zurabi Iakobishvilli, Frank Chamizo (2x), Gino Petriashvilli, Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov, Kyong-Il Yang (2x), Abdusalam Gadisov, Hassan Rahimi, Bekkhan Goygereev, Ibragim Aldatov (2x), Reza Yazdani (2x), Viktor Lebedev (2x), Mehdi Taghavi (2x), Aleksey Shemarov, Sushil Kumar, Mihail Ganev, Khetag Gazyumov, Zaurbek Sokhiev, Biylal Makhov (3x), Radoslav Velikov, Morad Mohammadi, Dilshod Mansurov (2x), Alan Dudaev, Aydin Polatci, Arif Abdullayev, Irbek Farniev, Eldar Kurtanidze (2x), Rene Montero, Aram MArgaryan, Medi Hajizadeh, Herman Kontoyeu, Guivi Sissaouri, Serafim Barzakov, Nicolay Paslar, Georgi Gogchelidze And that's just in the 2000s Olympic Champs who never won Worlds Djamal Otarsultanov, Tohgrul Asgarov, Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu, Henry Cejudo, Shirvani Muradov, Bakhtiyar Akhmedov, Yandro Quintana, Namig Abdullayev, Mourad Oumakhanov, Il Kim (2x, that's rare), Vadim Bogiyev North Korea's Il Yang has to be the only 2x Olympic champion without a World title, at least in the modern era.
  23. Looks like Gadisov will be competing at 97kg as well!! Too bad there's no one to give him any competition.
  24. It's unclear to me whether he plans to wrestle Yarygin, can anyone tell?
  25. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/1207134-joeflo-and-bader-show-ep-5-mark-perry#.WS8QmYW3mTM I enjoyed the interview. He has some interesting insights regarding how Snyder matches up with Sadulaev, though I wish he would have been more specific.
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