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  1. lu_alum

    133 S. Parker

    With I. Brown dropping from the roster, I considered GFW to be the plan for 157. Even with him at 165, I would have considered Walter to be the likely starter. However, your point is well taken. I thought about including Wood, but he hasn't really shown any ill effects this year from the injury sustained in his R12 bout last year.
  2. lu_alum

    133 S. Parker

    With a loaded returning lineup and an incredibly difficult schedule, I was really looking forward to this season. Didn't come to pass. Lehigh's season by weight class and pre-season projected starters: 125: Schram & Matt Parker (tendon in hand) never made it to the mat 133: S. Parker (shoulder) never made it to the mat 141: Karam (ACL) out for season 149: Schuyler was out until January 157: Ian Brown (returning starter) went on Perm Injured list (back) over the summer 165: Cole Walter injured/out since December (I've heard back, shoulder, pinched nerve? who knows?) 174: Kutler tore ligaments in knee in opening bout at 2018 NCAA; rehabbed over summer instead of surgery over the summer 184: Preisch in/out of lineup all season after getting dinged at Journeyman 197: Gentile out of lineup from Journeyman to early January
  3. lu_alum


    From the university website, official name is Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey: https://www.rutgers.edu/about "Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a leading national research university and the state of New Jersey’s preeminent, comprehensive public institution of higher education. Established in 1766, the university is the eighth oldest higher education institution in the United States. More than 69,000 students and 23,400 full- and part-time faculty and staff learn, work, and serve the public at Rutgers locations across New Jersey and around the world."
  4. Agreed. Need to keep in mind that Greg Strobel was there as a reply official. Can't blame the refs for the EXTREME delay in reviewing the locked hands (or not) calls. Those are on Strobel. The refs had no control over the reviews.
  5. lu_alum

    PSU v Wisconsin

    Cenzo ducking?
  6. lu_alum

    The OTHER big match in Rutgers-Okie State

    Big back-to-back weekend for Gfeller: #1 Kolodzik on Saturday & #2 Ashnault on Sunday.
  7. lu_alum

    So, NO Penn State, Okie State matches on FLO?

    watching both simultaneously
  8. lu_alum

    PSU v Wisconsin

    appears to be halftime - did they start at 285? never mind - must have been commercial break.
  9. lu_alum

    PSU v Wisconsin

    losing 8-7 with 15 sec left Berge loses.
  10. lu_alum

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Little Nicky cheated w hands to face. Sorry-ano loses in Goodale's house. Unbelievable match.
  11. lu_alum

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

  12. lu_alum

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    After getting hosed like that, don't expect OK State to ever come back to the RAC.
  13. lu_alum

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Goodale = biggest crybaby on the planet.
  14. lu_alum

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    How does Rutgers get two challenges in a single bout?