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  1. Funky got his DONKEY kicked and benefited from a horrible call.
  2. whyme25

    Iowa in Stillwater

    What is team score?
  3. whyme25

    Iowa in Stillwater

    Score of the Fix match?
  4. Straight Cash Homey
  5. whyme25

    Could PSU win the title this year w/o a champion?

    Could PSU win the championship with their red/shirt and JV Team?
  6. whyme25

    Coach K, Carl & HIPAA

    Who is this Zion and what weight does he wrestle? Coach K???
  7. whyme25


    Wick did nothing but throw in the leg on top
  8. whyme25

    Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?

    Could Lee be a HEW candidate?
  9. whyme25

    If Spencer is sick why did he wrestle 48 hours ago?

    That Mudflap dude will clear this all up in a couple of days, someone may have to interpret for me, but it will be as clear as mud by Wednesday I am guessing
  10. whyme25

    PSU Bubble Bursting?

  11. whyme25

    RBY possibly just tore his ACL

    Thorton clearly was better, if you want to do cartwheels handstands and flips while wrestling you subject yourself to injuries!! The only question I have is how did said UNRANKED wrestler get to his leg in the 1st place?
  12. whyme25

    No Teasdale?

    On Wisconsin!
  13. whyme25

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Congrats to Fix, Suriano got completely HOSED! hope the r-match if it happens is a little better reffed