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  1. That honor will go to Kyle Dake!
  2. I guess I don't understand, who is he supposed to Be if not himself?
  3. Would you rather win the 1st match up only to lose the next one and finish 4th? God favored who?
  4. IMO the review is not helping the sport. Something exciting finally happens and out comes the brick, sit around and wait for 5 minutes then start it all over again.
  5. Funky got his DONKEY kicked and benefited from a horrible call.
  6. Could PSU win the championship with their red/shirt and JV Team?
  7. Who is this Zion and what weight does he wrestle? Coach K???
  8. Wick did nothing but throw in the leg on top
  9. That Mudflap dude will clear this all up in a couple of days, someone may have to interpret for me, but it will be as clear as mud by Wednesday I am guessing
  10. Thorton clearly was better, if you want to do cartwheels handstands and flips while wrestling you subject yourself to injuries!! The only question I have is how did said UNRANKED wrestler get to his leg in the 1st place?
  11. Congrats to Fix, Suriano got completely HOSED! hope the r-match if it happens is a little better reffed
  12. Maybe his potential is what it has been at Nebraska, maybe not, time will tell
  13. Maybe not a blowout but a domination! and I am by no means a PSU Fan
  14. Yes there are more then one who could beat him
  15. Tell Bono that, he doesn't agree!
  16. Where can you find the full results?
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