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  1. It's already happening. Mid match, it will stop and the video will start over from the first match of the session. Same with flograppling. Only the audio plays uninterrupted. Come on FLO!!
  2. Suriano, Fix and Lee are as good if not better than most AA's this year. The three have split matches and time will tell who has the better career but agree the only wrestler I'd have favored over any of the three this year is Gilman. Will be fun to watch these three battle it out over next few year. Joey Silva is one to watch too but I think he ends up bigger. Junior worlds is usually a good barometer for college success.
  3. Lee must still be giving up a few pounds to most of these guys I would think. That being said, he was NOT as dominant at least in a scoring sense as he has been down at the lower weights. I came away very impressed with Silva. Hadn't seen him before and surprised he's that good coming from FL. Think he has a very bright future. Suriano/Lee is a very important rivalry that should unfold on the college mats as early as next year. If Suriano out produces Lee in college, it will say a lot about both Iowa and Penn St.
  4. Only watched the semis so can't comment on that one. He just majored an AA though. Match was never in doubt. Realbuto match should be interesting.
  5. Anthony looks a little sloppy and maybe burned out. Not saying CKLV semis is the end of the world but talking about a guy that was TF'ing IMAR two years ago. Seems people have figured his game out and is not adapting. Mat wrestling non-existent. Zahid is rolling though.
  6. Hmm. This seems like an extreme claim.
  7. That's a shame for wrestling. Burroughs/Cox/Snyder could've made a hell of a contingent going forward.
  8. Will be very interesting to watch what happens. JB basically HAS to come back right? Would be shocked if he ended his career on that note. And gotta think Dake is coming back down. How will JB respond? Big cross roads in his career. If he ended now he'd probably still be right behind Smith for US wrestlers in my book.
  9. Don't have an issue with them reporting on it either. They are in the business of "getting clicks" and some of their headlines are meant to do just that. However, didn't Husker go after Mark Palmer specifically for this type of reporting a little while back?
  10. It seems with events like BTS and World Cup, wrestling gets put on the main stage for a little while. However, it also seems we give other countries a chance to further scout our reps while sitting their own from competition. Mainly Russia. Is it smart to give the world a heads up on Cox before Olympics? Or scout Molinaro's go to shot? These events may hurt our guys chances at the ultimate prize in Rio.
  11. Beating Derringer like that is no small feat. He controlled that entire match in a way that I don't think Burroughs would even do. JB may have tech'd AD but not control him from start to finish like that. And as someone else mentioned he's the only wrestler we've seen out hindfight pico. This will be a tough match for anyone at 74kg including JB. think it was smart for JB to sit this event out.
  12. Disagree. See it the other way in regards to wrestling style and expected result at the early stages.
  13. I guess you could say there are a lot of similarities between Monday and Burroughs as well. Saitiev handled Monday but that wasn't Monday at his best. Also, Monday played around with Saitiev's upper body skills which was a big mistake and one Burroughs wouldn't make. JB would have the same present day ability to scout and prepare as well. This one would be tight.
  14. The Saitiev that beat Kenny Monday may be the best version of any wrestler I've ever seen. Off the charts. That being said, Saitiev did have trouble with Joe Williams and JB to me is a more active version of Joe. Maybe not as strong but possibly quicker? Probably better technique and without a doubt better gas tank. Prime vs Prime Saitiev 6-4, though.
  15. Just come out of this feeling bad for Taylor. Can't beat Dake or Burroughs..cruises through everyone else. Jumps a weight, Dake follows. Dake on his side of the bracket at Trials. Game over.
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