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  1. Tsargush's defense was impressive. Taylor never really penetrated.
  2. I wasn't really sure why Taylor was put on the shot clock in the first and why Tsargush was never warned especially in the 2nd when Taylor was really pushing the pace. Good match by Taylor he was in position to come out on top of that scramble but Tsargush pulled some magic of his own. Awesome singlets and I liked Taylor's socks.
  3. He's going into his senior year. Don't have a monster problem with it then. Kid has the time and credentials to get a full ride elsewhere. And this could be added motivation for him to excel on the mat in college. Not moral move of the year, but he went to his house and did it person. Will be interesting to see how it sits with PA crowd though.
  4. Maybe one of the downsides of having FLO and all of these media outlets available now is that situations like these are more visible and able to "humiliate a HS kid". Didn't read the whole article but was Haines officially offered a full ride and is he a graduating senior or entering his senior year? If he's a graduating senior and was offered the ride, its pretty sh**y. Otherwise Cael could have just said we still want you but Nevills is also coming and there's no money for you... and let Haines decide from there. Recruits have been and will be recruited over all the time at major programs. This is just a very publicized example.
  5. MM will be right there with his talent level and spending now two years in that room. He lost to this year's NC by a score of 1-0, I believe at NLO and gave the runner-up all he could handle at JR team trials. Would put money on him to AA and would not be shocked if he wins it all.
  6. Summed up with this question a few posts back. If a wrestler existed who pinned every opponent he met in the NCAA but lost four times in the NCAA final to Cael in max OT (each time), where would you place this wrestler in history? Is he behind every 1x NCAA champ?
  7. Ok, but he lost to him. You just opted out of our discussion and moved on? Thought we had a good back and forth.
  8. Last question. Hypothetically, let's say there was a wrestler out there who pinned every opponent he faced except lost all four years in the NCAA finals in max OT to Cael. How do you view this wrestler's place in history? Behind every one-time NCAA champ?
  9. Askren and Taylor. Very similar careers. Both 4x finalist, 2x champs (I'm making an assumption here, doesn't need to be pointed out). Askren was nearly perfect minus one opponent. Taylor was nearly perfect minus one opponent. The way Taylor has dominated from the onset to me is more impressive than the way Askren did. Taylor getting pinned by Bubba in an even match up to that point, and losing 3 nail biters to Dake I rank as higher than Askren getting dominated by Pendleton. I have Askren over some 3x champs and I have DT over Askren.
  10. My mistake, his matches with St. John were never in doubt nonetheless. Much like every match he's wrestled in college minus his four losses (3 to a 4x GOAT champ). Well, I guess it depends on how YOU view that wrestler's losses and reasons he was kept from winning as many or more than other wrestlers. DSJ and Taylor likely both end up 2x champs. DSJ is no Taylor. You can't just lump these guys together by titles won. Agree?
  11. No I don't. I'm saying, and have said, that they both should be considered as well as some other considerations of which you've mentioned a few. Best win is DSJ? Sure I guess how you qualify "best" matters but he's probably the most credentialed of DT's wins. He did, by the way, major decision him twice and beat him soundly again. So its not like he squeaked out wins against him. Subjective? Again, this is all subjective. I've watched from 1990 on so there are a few guys maybe deserving of a top 10 pick that came before that won't necessarily make my list. Just as an old-timer might always remember those early guys as better than they actually were. Since I've been paying attention the only NCAA wrestlers that you HAVE to put ahead of Taylor are Dake and Cael. And honestly, if Dake never goes up and Taylor beats Tyler Caldwell 10-0 in the finals we're probably talking about him as the better wrestler over Dake. I digress. The guy has pinned his way to the national finals. Twice. I don't care who is competition was. Its always a tough tournament and he's in my top 10. Guys have fewer losses and more titles, but few have dominated all aspects like he has.
  12. No he didn't have the international success but he was pretty dominant within the US at the same weight for a loooong time. Until guys figured out how to beat him and he moved up a weight to represent the world team there for a year or two. This is not the first time Joe Williams and Jordan Burroughs have been compared to each other. And yes, Marstellar and Pico will beat Dake tomorrow. No smart guy that's not what I'm saying, but there will be some more names in the hat by 2016 and beyond.
  13. And where would you place Bubba Jenkins, who pinned Taylor? You're acting as if I'm saying Taylor belongs in the top 10 solely because of his close losses to Dake. He's also a 3x finalist, 1x champ, Hodge winner who's likely to be a 4x finalist 2x champ who has won 98% of his matches by bonus. Combine THAT with his razor thin losses to Dake. Bubba? Would you take Bubba at his top level reached vs Taylor at his top level reached? Answer honestly. It was a senior Bubba vs Freshman Taylor so not exactly fair to throw that in. Bubba doesn't make my top 30.
  14. Here's on way to look at it. If you were to compile a GOAT top 10 list where would Dake be placed? 2nd? 3rd maybe? For DT we're talking about a guy who lost once in double OT, once by a point down to the wire on a few questionable calls (the right calls were made) and once where Dake had to come from behind to win. That's about as close as it gets. So how far can you drop DT down from Dake? Think he still sneaks into the top 10 with that and the rest of his resume.
  15. The question is when will JB lose a step and will it be in time for Dake/DT/Howe to take over? Or will Chance Marstellar or a grown Aaron Pico arrive by then? Joe Williams was unstoppable on the freestyle circuit within the US for a long time. Then guys started to figure him out. Or maybe he lost a step? Point is wrestlers like Dake, Taylor and Howe will start to solve the puzzle eventually. Don't pencil him into the Rio lineup just yet.
  16. Taylor is in my top 10 list if he finishes next year like he has in all of his other matches minus Dake (possibly best ever) and Bubba. If we're talking just collegiate wrestling over the past 15 years, I have Taylor behind Dake and Cael. That's pretty much it. You can certainly make arguments for guys like Abas, Williams, Jones, Askren and Ruth but I'll take DT over them if he runs the table again this year. These lists are all personal opinions anyway.
  17. Can't find em. They had to have at least taped Dake vs Howe?
  18. I think everyone knows it wasn't for 5. But wasn't far out of the realm of possibility from the position they were in.
  19. Dake defended two solid double attempts by JB. Both were lightning quick and Dake came up with double unders both times and did a beautiful job of setting up that throw. If he takes JB back there instead of across it could have been 5. Would that have ended the match under these rules?
  20. Dake will keep the next one tighter but..yes..OMG.
  21. Burroughs comes out firing. Dake has felt that double but not in competition mode. JB scores 2 td's, one in each period. 4-0 JB Dake is a gamer and adjusts. Scores the first pushout for a point. JB td in closing 30 seconds. 2-1 JB Olympic champ holds
  22. Burroughs in 2. But twil be close. You beat Andrew Howe, you're giving Burroughs a match.
  23. Anything official out yet?
  24. I find this with shoes in general over the past couple years, but wrestling shoes also seem to have declined quite a bit over the years. I have not worn the latest Asics but seems like nothing nowadays can come close to international lytes (i or ii) or combat speeds of old. Anyone recommend a current shoe?
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