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  1. Schwab, Ironside and Metcalf for Iowa. Non Iowa guys Pritzlaff and Mark Angle had a motors. Megaludis for a current wrestler.
  2. Scribe, I like your style but how many times have you responded "another fantasy loss for Dake"? Dake vs Saitiev. I'll take Saitiev... "Another fantasy loss for Dake"-Scribe Dake vs Bear. I'll take Bear. "Another fantasy loss for Dake"-Scribe Not a DT fan, but full disclosure do prefer his style to Dake's. No hard feelings.
  3. What's the story with Tessai gone?
  4. Some were reaching back. Mason was the summer before Dake's freshman year. Just an annoyed response to the annoyed responses people give when Dake is questioned in any "fantasy" matchup. Say he can't be touched in March, sure. But its not like we're talking about Sanderson who basically ONLY had fantasy losses. Dake's lost. No reason to get overly sarcastic about his fantasy losses. I welcome the list of Sanderson's losses that is inevitably about to follow...
  5. Ian Paddock, Mario Mason, Zack Bailey, Reece Humphrey, Donnie Vinson, Kevin Levalley, Andrew Howe, Nick Marable, Travis Paulson ... Oh fantasy losses.??
  6. Many people seem to forget about this, but Jones and Pendleton DID meet in collegiate competition once. Jones handled Pendleton fairly easily. It was strange watching Pendleton get beat, as when whoopin's occured he was usually on the giving, and not receiving end. Don't quote me on this, but I want to say that the final score was 10 or 11-4. Don't mean to (literally) quote you but I think it was at the all-star and I want to say it was 7-3 in that range. Jones was a freak. Over the last 15 years I'd put him behind Sanderson and Abas only. Well maybe Dake, Taylor and Ruth as well if pressed.
  7. You're making a few assumptions here. We cant just give Askren Best in the World when he went to the Olympics, lost and packed it in for MMA. It would have become very interesting if that didn't happen with the immense talent we already have at 74kg. I would not say Taylor is a non factor. He gets some freestyle under his belt and adds strength he is capable of being the guy. But Howe is above DT and Dake (there's a real life loss for Dake, Scribe) and Burroughs doesn't look like he's slowing down anytime soon. Should be fun to watch it play out. If all same size in their college prime I'd take Dake and Taylor over Askren. Both are too technically sound. I always thought Herbert could have beaten Askren but got caught playing Askren's game.
  8. 1. When did Oliver and Maple wrestle before .. 2011? 2. Maple is NOT 4 inches taller than Oliver. 3. If Stieber and Maple are both at 141 next year I would take Stieber by the slimmest of margins. Maple might be the most overlooked wrestler in the NCAA though. He would give Stieber all kinds of trouble.
  9. That's a good point. Our top guys are signed up with him. Can't completely judge a guy by one twitter exchange but it seems there's much more in his background. Anyone have a different perspective on this guy and his company?
  10. This guy Disabato seems like not only a complete d-bag who's word doesn't count for $**t, but also has numerous black checks against him within the wrestling community and among his past relationships with wrestlers he has "sponsored". You don't go after Jake Herbert publicly and expect to keep a strong following within the wrestling community. Kyle Dake or not. So did Dake receive any advise/warnings before signing with these guys?
  11. Andrew Howe pretty impressive true freshman year as well. But I would say a true freshman has never run the table in modern era if I had to guess.
  12. Schlatter and Nickerson are the only two I can think of that came close recently. Schlatter losing only one match I believe, avenging, and then completely dominating the rest of his season. He was a more impressive true frosh then Dake but then .. sputtered. That's what makes Dake and Cael so special. Started high level and kept it up for 4 years.
  13. He lost a couple real ones in college too.
  14. You're saying Sanderson most likely wouldn't have won as a frosh? Based on what?
  15. Why stop there? Burroughs>Dake>Taylor. Though I'm not convinced of that 2nd part quite yet ;)
  16. Not to put too fine a point on it, but even though Taylor was a year ahead of Stieber in high school, he was still younger by almost two years. DT's birthdate is December 5, 1992; Logan Stieber's is January 24, 1991. Can anyone confirm this? I did hear that Stieber is older than Dake. But 2 years older than Taylor is absurd. DT controlled that match after an early Stieber td.
  17. Good for Bradley but he did nothing against Dlagnev. Athletic defense but Dlagnev was the aggressor and will wrestle a smarter match and should win the next meeting. No dog in the fight.
  18. I think it comes down to Taylor and Ruth with Stieber slightly below. Just because the other two are seniors and should dominate their weights. Stieber will have to deal with Ramos or Maple. After Stieber you have Howe, Maple and Nelson.
  19. Oh and James Green in the mix for sure at 157. He's got DSJ's number.
  20. Howe vs Perry, Taylor Howe would be great, Carter back in the mix at 141, I think Graff has a better shot at Ramos than he does at making the final at 141 and maybe Stieber goes up? Going to be a while until we see another NCAA like this year IMO>
  21. Looks like he's not listed as one of the competitors. Understandable if he wants a break but thought he'd be in. Possible he just doesn't want to wrestle Taylor? :D
  22. This was definitely a down year for NJ but this stuff goes in cycles. I believe this was the first year in 10 with no champ. I do think they are falling off unfortunately but an all-time NJ team over last 10 years would give that ohio team all it could handle. PA, OH...big drop...NJ, CA, IL, NY.
  23. Okay then, maybe Dake is just a bad matchup for Taylor? I mean after all Taylor pins people in under 0:30 seconds that Dake only beats by regular decision. Bubba's match may have been a bad matchup for Taylor but let's be honest, he was decked! It was not a fluke and he still would have been down by 5 and lost the match regardless. If you are calling the cradle a fluke then I don't know what to tell you. How is getting pinned (and beaten another time) by a 1 time champ worse then getting beat several times by a two time champ but also winning 1 matchup? Senior Pendleton won by 7, senior Askren by 6. I would hardly call that dominated more. But Askren does have a W from Pendleton, something Taylor does not have with Dake. When I say a fluke I more mean that I think Taylor wins that matchup more than he loses it. But I know that isn't a popular stance. Let's put it this way. All of DT's losses are to NCAA champs. Not true of Askren. Gavin gave Askren a better match than Askren gave Pendleton IMO. But I digress. I would rank Askren's career over Pendleton and DT's over Askren. Of course this is pending what happens next year.
  24. Yep, not good for wrestling. Rutgers AD was a wrestling supporter, which is hard to find in AD's these days.
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