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  1. It's completely possible that Pendleton was just a bad matchup for Askren regardless of when they met. Senior Pendleton dominated his final more than senior Askren did. Some of this talk is starting to feel like time travel discussion. I guess its how you view the losses. I happen to think that the Bubba win over Taylor was not only the worst matchup Taylor could have been given but also a fluke. Don't feel like going down that road again here but Askren's losses were worse than Taylor's losses. He also had more losses than Taylor and we don't know that given more matches with Dake he would necessarily have more losses to him just in how close their matches were. Pendleton handled Askren.
  2. ok fair enough i got the impression some were trying to say he's "only" going to be a 2x champ. I would venture to say that if he ends next year with a season like last year he'll be considered the best 2x champ ever. Outside of his two final losses who is the last wrestler to dominate like him? hint: rhymes with hail, pail and mail.
  3. Let's put this in perspective. DT has 3 losses (4 if you count All-Star) in his career. 2 (3) of those came to a 4x NCAA champ, who many are calling the best ever, by a combined 2 points. He ran the table last year and won the Hodge. He has pinned his way up to the NCAA finals twice and dominated the regular season and Big 10 tournament 3 times. He will likely end with another dominating season and title next year finishing 2121. You can try to lump him in with every other 2x NCAA champ to get under some taylor/psu skin, but that doesn't exactly paint an accurate picture.
  4. Interesting note and i definitely have seen this at the HS level. NJ had 0 4x state champs for eternity and now has 3 in the last 8-10 years. Seems the gap between the top guys is widening because of the things you mentioned above. College however, I'm not sure I agree yet. We have Dake now joining the ranks but unless you count Stieber as already a 4x'er I think its still in line for NCAA. Its just so tough to win that tournament every year which makes Dake's accomplishment so ridiculous at 4 different weights. That will never happen again IMO. But look at the guys from past and present that were so close to being 4x'ers but had one or two missteps. Schultz, Banach, Carr, Branch, Mcllravy, Kolat, Greg Jones, both Williams, Askren. From present its not hard to imagine Oliver, Taylor, Stieber and Ruth capable of winning 4. The talent level has increased but that will always be an incredible accomplishment. Still looking for the first four time, no loss, no redshirt.
  5. But anyone think Welch kind of got screwed? I had 2 backs and no locked hands for him in the final.
  6. Exactly. Dake has all the intangibles in abundance.
  7. Neither am I. But I am capable of reading other threads before starting another one. Especially when what I have to say is something that's been repeated over and over by lots of people in multiple threads on the first page. You have truly mastered the art of the message board. Now work on not opening or replying to threads you aren't interested in or repeatedly discuss. Something else going on until US open? You start a meaningful thread lately that I'm unaware of? All ears. The point of the thread was on the one takedown (and defense) specifically which I've yet to see discussed.
  8. Can we pin this post to the top of the board? Taylor is unquestionably more fun to watch wrestle and I think a lot of people are just having trouble separating "fun to watch" with "better". Well combine "fun to watch" with "completely dominant". Any comments on Taylor's lack of defense on the low single anyone?
  9. Nope. They have never wrestled. Which is why we don't know who would win if they did. You should make clever comments like this on every Dake/Taylor thread. That'll show 'em. It was basically the biggest wrestling match maybe ever. Not everyone's on here every day.
  10. They are not as even as Taylor fans wish to believe. I'm only a Taylor fan in that I love watching him wrestle. No affiliation to him or PSU. I think its pretty close. If Dake shut him out 4 times that'd be one thing. It seemed to me that DT almost surprised himself with that first takedown in this last match. Not sure where he went after that? But look at Caldwell for instance. Dake beats him on an escape and rideout, Taylor beat him 10-0. Would've liked to see Dake/Yates or even Dake/Polz. Like I said, no sane individual could rank Taylor higher at this point but he just dominates everyone not named Dake or Jenkins. Pinned his way to the NCAA finals twice (?!) Dake is athletic, a grinder, and off the charts as a gamer and strategist. Taylor makes it look easy like Cael used to.
  11. Sorry my first visit to the boards since NCAA's so if you're tired of threads about the match feel free to move on. Did anyone find Taylor's low single defense very uncharacteristic? I think Dake was essentially hyper extending his knee there so its very possible that Taylor was in so much pain he just bailed but I was surprised how easily he got taken down without even a scramble. I am of the camp that thinks these two are still about as evenly matched as it gets. Taylor seems to have a mental block with Dake. I find it incredible that DT blows everyone else out of the water but can't get a win against him. Testament to Dake's defense I suppose and in any all-time list I have Dake one notch better due to his head to head wins. But I gotta say Taylor is still the more impressive wrestler and has more wow factor IMO. I just can't understand how Dake beats him to be honest. Taylor majors and tf's guys that Dake has close matches with. Is Dake's mental edge that big?
  12. They offer lines for NCAA's and Olympics. Some sites might even do world championships? If they were offered more it would help our sport, not hurt it. If its good enough for college football and basketball, it's good enough for wrestling. Holding our sport on a pedestal has done nothing to help us.
  13. FYI http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/11589
  14. FYI http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/11589
  15. Let's be happy ESPN has increased their coverage to what it has become. If this is their idea to increase viewership and popularity I think we let them run with it.
  16. I've watched Yates a few times this year and I watched their match at PSU open last year. Yates had a good first period against DT (as good as anyone has had in the last two years minus KD), but it was all Taylor after that. I think Yates has improved immensely, he is an absolute monster for size and strength at the weight and I think he will give Taylor a good go but once Taylor is firing on all cylinders I think he will again show that he is a few levels above. We'll see though. I don't think the prediction is off the planet if you've seen Yates this year. Both Taylor and Dake will have very tough semis matchups if seeds hold.
  17. WOW. Talk about short memory! Yes, Burroughs would probably be favored over Dake or Taylor in 2010 (although, Dake may have been a favorite given their prior acomplishments...but generally I think Burroughs would have been most everyone's pick). BUT, a "very, very strong" favorite"? Come on, be careful how you use words. For comparison: David Taylor is a very, very strong favorite over some like, say, Cody Yohn. The gap there is not the same as between Burroughs (Senior Year) and Dake/Taylor now - not by a long shot. Nobody is that strong a favorite over Dake or Taylor. Secondly, no folkstyle wrestler in US history would have been favored to beat Senior year Burroughs, really?!!!?? Beat me to it.
  18. Anyone know when/where to find?
  19. I think DT is actually a worse matchup for Burroughs than Dake. But I think he beats them both. And so does a healthy Andrew Howe.
  20. If you're going to drop Storley there, why wouldn't he also go below Blanton who outplaced him and Heflin and Kokesh at NCAAs? I don't see Storley going that low. Absolute max drop, in my mind, would be the 6 seed. Probably the 5 seed, though. This is just guess. I could see Storley as high as 3 (unlikely) and as low as 8. I think he's below Evans and Kokesh from B10 placing and rest of their season. Questionably below Heflin because he lost to him at B10's. Blanton I don't think had the year the other guys had and doesn't own a win over Storley. Heflin does. It would not shock me to see him anywhere from 5-8. I think he comes in at 7 though.
  21. I would guess: 1. Perry 2. Asper 3. Brown 4. Evans 5. Kokesh 6. Heflin 7. Storley 8. Blanton ??
  22. Until he faces Jordan Burroughs Or Dake... Whichever comes first. I admit I was wrong
  23. Could've used you two months ago when I was taking fire from all angles on this thread.
  24. He's obviously hurt. Is it an injury that was worth trying to get a med rs for? Or one that will never heal so he may as well finish it out. Tough to watch such a talent go out like this. Still has a chance to qualify though.
  25. Neal Lesnar was definitely anticipated that year. Neal flexed for the camera after the win. Pretty funny. Burroughs Poeta I was really looking forward to but didn't really deliver. Schlatter Espo would've been nice that year if Eustice didn't spoil. Espo Jantzen was anticipated but Jantzen ran away with it. Taylor Bubba. Great storyline. Abas Teague Moore. Not a final but still my favorite NCAA match. Dake Taylor takes em all.
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