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  1. IF Dake Taylor happens in the final I think that will be one of the greater moments in NCAA history.
  2. Espo missed weight for Oly or World Trials one year. He had a good shot at the team too.
  3. Ankle Picker, Are you the same AP that posts all the matches on youtube from Beast of the East? Could be a different guy but if so I would think you'd know the credentials of these guys. NJ state champ does not equal college stud but it is top 3-5 toughest states to win a title. Melde did NOT get dominated in the finals his sr year, He got stuck at the very end on desperation shot. He won the two years before that dominating his jr year entirely. Langel was a state champ/HS national champ beating BJ futrell for that title. Dellafave was a stud, 2 3 1 1 in NJ and is starting to show promise. Every guy doesn't have to pan out and I mentioned earlier that the dual meet success between now and pre goodale is night and day. But he needs to get some AA's. Hopefully this is the year.
  4. Winston was an undefeated 3x NJ champ in HS. Fargo champ. HS nat'l champ. He was BLUE CHIP. He definitely has had some injury problems and probably peaked early in his career. Just for fun here's a list of Winston's wins in HS: Howe, Q Wright, Bosak, Caldwell, Molinaro. He beat Welch convincingly his true frosh year and lost very close to JP O'connor. Just burnt out maybe. Not every blue chipper that goes to Iowa pans out either. I'm not comparing RU to Iowa, btw.
  5. Mason didn't look like he wanted to wrestle at Minnesota. His best year was his soph year at RU with wins over Levalley and Molinaro. He was a hair away from AA. Not surprisingly that was the year Cooperman was at RU. Mason just lost the desire somewhere. Maybe that's on Goodale maybe it isn't. I say it isn't. That being said, the staff is not stellar IMO. Molinaro is a good add and we'll see how the year ends but Goodale may have to be more of a step back and let someone else take the reins head coach. Ala Brian Smith with Henson. There are enough NJ studs out there that they can reel someone in to help coach. Damion Hahn and Pritzlaff are possibly two best asst's in the country (and probably won't jump ship). Bringing a big coach in probably means somebody has to go and there is some loyalty there so it may not happen. Goodale has been great for RU up to this point. He needs help jumping a level.
  6. Brands has done an ok job with the dual season in my book. Highlighted by the PSU win, albeit at home. I do not see them cracking the top 3 this year for tourney time but its in Iowa and they've done crazier things. Talent is lacking at 141, 149 and to an extent 165. And really 184 has hurt them against the top tier teams. That's not going to get it done. PSU and tOSU are getting a good portion of the talent these days and that won't change so Iowa is going to have to find a way to compete. They have to keep going after the illinois talent. They've also had a few recruits that didn't pan out (Baldosaro, dziewa) in they're weak weights. Question is what will happen at PSU when DT, Ruth and Q are out? This sport moves in cycles.
  7. Anyone know his status for post season?
  8. disappointing to see him go out like that (if true). Very talented blue chipper out of high school.
  9. I think Goodale is a long way from being on the hot seat, evidenced by his alleged contract extension and the direction he's taken the program in the last 4(?) years. Those of us who saw RU pre Goodale know how far the program has come despite lacking the AA's. Look at their dual record in this time. NCAA's are the pinnacle but not the only thing to look at. They are getting recruits, and packing the stands. Winston, Mason and Melde haven't exactly panned out and they need to take responsibility for that and work toward developing recruits they get. But I'd say they have another 3 years or so to prove they are capable of reaching yet another level before we start talking replacements.
  10. Are the next matchups finalized and posted anywhere yet?
  11. That poll is great in that its on ESPN and will have the views to make an impact. It's not the most easily understood wording though. I think a lot of the votes for "I wouldn't vote for any of them" may be people actually saying that wrestling is their top sport. At least part II is easily understood.
  12. I'm surprised that they have not shown more improvement. Both big time blue chippers and in that program figured they would be in range at this point. They had tough opponents today, mind you. I'm not trying to "bash" any kids before anyone gets uppity. Just an observation.
  13. Anyone have a problem with Flo's over the top headlines sometimes? It's like they are trying to create bad blood between wrestlers (more likely trying to gain hits). But they lead Delgado into the "its personal" talk. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... s-personal This is just the latest example of many. Like Flo but this seems unnecessary.
  14. Anyone know where to find a roundup of coming duals/matches/events for the weekend?
  15. did he get reversed to his back or almost defensive fall?
  16. Actually those guys use technique. If you see them in a close match you don't see eye pokes and head butts. You see offense. I'm not sure how you aren't just amazed by DSJ if he has no technique as you claim. He has won multiple iowa state titles, a couple age group national titles, placed 4th and 2nd in his first two years of varsity competition, and is undefeated and ranked first in his jr year. He also has a win or two over Taylor in freestyle (a discipline which many argue places an emphasis on technique) and he has done this all without any technique. That is probably one of the most amazing feats I've seen by a wrestler. What do you think that says about the guys who has routinely beaten? They must be garbage, right? Before the 'PSU train' jumps on the Taylor comment, I don't think Derek is a better wrestler than Taylor I was simply reinforcing my point that Longshot is an idiot. Listen phish boy, I don't think that DSJ is a bad wrestler by any stretch of the imagination. I think that he uses slightly dirtier tactics than most and that's because I don't think he necessarily has the offense to match the elite. Could be wrong. You have your opinion I have mine. I think he is elite in other areas including scrambling and general defense. If you have the link to the match I'd gladly watch it again. Although you seem to be speaking about whether or not he wins (which is not debatable) while I'm talking about how he wins (which is debatable). So we're on different pages there. But when you start calling other people idiots it takes it to a level where nobody wants to deal with you. So I'd rather not engage. Good luck in your quest. Phish is a sh**ty band by the way (not debatable).
  17. I'd be willing to give it another look. I did watch the match friday though. I remember thinking that D Alton should not have taken that shot in the third because that was the only way he loses the match. That's because DSJ is a great scrambler and great in transitions. I'm not going to get caught on the other side of an argument where DSJ is a bad wrestler because that's not my point. I just don't think offense is his strong point and I find he uses a little dirtier tactics than most. Just an opinion but if you have the link to the match I'd gladly watch it again.
  18. Not everyone can be as talented as Dake, Taylor and Ruth...they have to cheat in every way possible without ever getting penalized or dq'd for it to win. No technique at all, just continued cheating throughout every match. Actually those guys use technique. If you see them in a close match you don't see eye pokes and head butts. You see offense.
  19. Get outta here with "blasting a 21 year old kid". What a joke. Wrestling fans need to be less sensitive. Sorry I don't like the guy you like but no need to pull that s**t. It's a college wrestling forum, you may see some criticism of some college wrestlers. Hate when people try to pull that card. 21 is not really a kid either, btw. That was my assessment of the match and of his wrestling as a whole. Watched the match. He still probably wins it all in march. Just not a fan. And that's OK.
  20. Yeah, except for multiple leg attacks and reshots he didn't do anything! I assume you are equally offended by Brown getting free of Evan's single by pushing off of Mike's face to free his leg? Or his Grabbing the headgear multiple times to gain an unfair advantage? Edit: just saw brown throw an elbow from bottom. He better head towards the top of everyone's list! I must've missed his multiple let attacks. He's definitely got a good counter offense and he's a good wrestler, I'll give you that. But I don't come away from his matches thinking, "wow did you see his multiple leg attacks". That's fine counter wrestlers have a place, but throw in the way he crosses the line from Iowa style to plain dirtiness and I'd rather see a guy like Alton or Welch win. I think Dake summed it up pretty nicely in his post match interview last year. I'll go with him.
  21. exactly. He is dirty, a cheap shot artist. Spends most of the match punching his opponent in the face. I like guys who grind out wins and get the close W's DSJ is classless and dirty. Can't beat em, Belittle em. Should be TheMat forum tagline. I get the same feeling watching DSJ. Pushes to the face, head butts, cheap shots. Those were all first period and continued throughout the match. No real offense just that stuff. Same against Dake in NCAA's last year. Not a fan.
  22. A couple years ago Coach Ryan moved up Pucillo to 197 instead of wrestling him against Herbert. Nope he just sat him out. Everyone showed up to that dual for that match. Ryan has done this, whether its coincidence or on purpose is up for debate.
  23. LongShot


    Evans is a home crowd favorite for good reason and could end up being one of the all-time Iowa greats by the time he's done. From a home crowd point of view that is. Guy wins.
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