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  1. Lay off Marty. Did he say DT wouldn't be a good college wrestler? Yes. Did he promise to stop posting? Yes. But who really wants him to leave? He brings a little drama to the board and he backs his region like no other. You sound like a bunch of children.
  2. So you're saying that Bosak/Hamlin/Steinhaus is more likely to beat Ruth, than Taylor/Caldwell is Dake? I mean...would you feel comfortable betting against him in March? I understand the logic, even though I don't necessarily agree. I wouldn't necessarily bet against Dake in March, in fact I'd bet on him. But if he's at 165 I think the five I listed are more likely to win a title. We're talking about 2 of the top 3 wrestlers in the nation at the same weight and another who is in the top 10. That's a tough task for anyone.
  3. He's 3 for 3 so far in finals appearances. 2 for 3 titles.
  4. Who are the top 5 most likely to win a title this year? I'm going to assume Dake is at 165, if not these obviously change. 1. McDonough - 3 for 3 in finals appearances. Its going to take nothing short of a miracle to keep him off the top of the podium his senior year. 2. Steiber - No Oliver makes 133 his weight to lose. Ramos has a shot but Steiber has proven to be his kryptonite. 3. Ed Ruth - Bumping up a weight keeps him from the top spot. He's a great bet to win, evidenced by how he beat up on Hamlin this summer. But there are still some hammers to get through at that weight, including the returning champ. 4. Kilgore - I don't think Wright will touch him. Could be wrong. 5. Olliver - struggled putting Dake here and 141 is a mine field of a weight. But with no weight cut I think Oliver goes out on top and shows us he's still in contention for best wrestler in the country. Dake and Taylor would make the list but they cancel each other out if they're both at 165. Also, don't sleep on Caldwell. He will give either of those guys all they can handle. If Dake goes 157 again, he gets top spot.
  5. That would really suck. UNLESS, Dake goes 165 all year and they meet in NCAA finale.
  6. how about you stop being such a pu$$y? Daaaaaamn. hahaha.
  7. Daaaaaaaaaamn. how about you stop being such a pu$$y?
  8. I've always though DT would beat Dake in folkstyle. After re-watching some matches of the two over the past two years, I no longer think that. Here's how I see the match going: First period: Taylor gets in, Dake defends, Taylor gets in, Dake defends. No score unless DT forces something and Dake capitalizes. Second period: DT gets ridden hard, comes close to getting out but never does. Stall call against Dake, RT 2:00. Third period: Dake chooses neutral. DT gets in couple more times, can't finish, forces a shot. Gives up a late TD. 3-0 Dake. Hopefully we get to see at least one insane scramble.
  9. Both Altons are no doubt studs. There's a big leap from not AA at 141 (albeit in a stacked weight) to winning the whole shabang at 149. By the way, it wasn't one of the studs that kept him off the podium. I think he'll have his hands full with Ness and Vinson also beat him last year. He's got a chance but 20% is fair I think this far out. Maybe 25 if you twist my arm.
  10. 125-Mcdonough is the biggest lock in wrestling this year (not Ruth). Nico 20% 133- No chance 141- No chance 149-Depends on where Oliver ends up. If Oliver out, Alton 20%. If Oliver is there, 10% 157-Dylan 30% chance with no Dake. 5% with Dake. 165- DT 75% chance no Dake. 50% chance with Dake. 174- Brown 35% chance. He's shown he can go with and beat the big guns. 184 - Ruth is not a lock. This weight still has some heavy hitters. 70% 197- Kilgore going heavyweight? If so, 65%. If not, 30%. HWY- Lawson is a VERY talented big man. Time away from wrestling will probably affect him. We'll see. 2%
  11. As always these depend on the criteria involved. Accolades, titles, head to head, freestyle results. I'll exclude freestyle and titles and list who I think the actual best wrestlers are. 1. Ed Ruth 2. Taylor 3. Dake (TBD) 4. Oliver 5. Steiber Yes, Olliver is better than Steiber.
  12. I think out of the two Dake can maybe ride DT. In fact, depending on how the match is going if I'm in DT's corner I might not have him take down. Dake will be fired up and after Oly trials, I gotta think DT brings his A game. Something tells me DT gets the first TD, just a hunch. This match will come down to scramble ability and they are both at the top of the game. I'm taking Taylor. Much different match than we saw at trials.
  13. Take it easy. Both of you. I didn't say there's no way he loses again. But I'd say he's got a legit shot at running the table the next three years with Oliver out. "Kids good."?? Yeah I'd say he's pretty good.
  14. Will he lose again? Oliver moving up and gone after this year, One of the Iowa guys has a shot but I don't see it. Thinking he doesn't lose again in college.
  15. Q Wright. Nobody else let's it hang like that at the big show. Welch is also great to watch when he's on.
  16. Cooperman was a GREAT wrestler and now a GREAT coach. He seems to be a flight risk, wherever he's at though.
  17. This line of questioning is irrelevant at this point IMO. Bubba was the most credentialed and he lost that match. But he's run through a slew of AA's at this point and he's a two time finalist and national champ.
  18. So he decides to cut weight, and chase a 3x NCAA champ and you see it as avoiding people. Slightly flawed logic. I hope they all end up at 165. DT>Howe>Dake>Caldwell.
  19. Would be a very interesting match. Dake would try to slow down Taylor's offense, but I don't see Dake scoring on Taylor offensively either. I do think Taylor could pick him, and that's really the only way I see Dake getting taken down. Bad match up for Dake, IMO. Don't see either turning the other, both are exceptional on the mat. Taylor would be wise not to try to get into any wreckless scrambles against Dake like he did against DSJ last year. Dake would capitalize on that, where DSJ couldn't. DT looked like he had grown out of that stuff this year though. Dake's most impressive match to me this year was against Dietchler. Dietchler was right there with the top guys at 157 this year, beat Alton the third placer. Dake showed great defense and scramble ability, Dietchler gave him all he could handle though. And I think that's Dake greatest asset is to find a way to win those battles. And this will be a battle. If Dake wins it will be a 3-2, 3-1 match. In the end, I think while Dake has the ability to win 4 and join an elite crew, DT is the best wrestler of this era. You get the same feeling watching DT that you had when Cael wrestled. Its something special that comes along once a decade. If that. What's more impressive a guy with 4 career losses and 4 titles or a guy with one loss (in the finals) and 3 dominant titles? Tough to call, I know a lot of people will say the 4 titles but DT leaves no doubt where Dake keeps it close. Who would you take Fittery or Dake? I might take Fittery on that, and I would never take Fittery against DT again. I'll take DT in a 5-2 win over Dake. Here's to hoping it happens! My cousin Vinny, btw.
  20. i agree. Not a good idea to cut down for this. If it happens at 165 with a bulked up Dake or at a catch weight at the All-Star Meet, it would be great. Taylor would have trouble making 157 and keeping his energy level, I think.
  21. Until he faces Jordan Burroughs I obviously meant collegiate wrestling
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