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  1. Listed today.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272155613214?ssPageName=STRK:MESCX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1554.l2649
  2. I have two all session tickets in a similar spot (same section 208). Would sell for lower than they are listed on StubHub. PM if any interest. Otherwise I'll post here if I list on Ebay.
  3. Thread below lead me to check how easily one can view rankings on their new format. Conclusion: easy enough. But looking at the p4p rankings, how in the hell is Nolf ranked below IMAR? I'd get it if Nolf had taken a few losses but the kid is undefeated with one "close" match. Very odd indeed.
  4. 1. Dierenger -Jordans are both good but AD gets his third title. If I had to put $100 on any one person to win it'd be him. 2. Dean - He was a favorite last year and came through. Don't see one loss changing an otherwise dominant season at the weight. 3. Nolf - I've watched his match with a IMAR a few times and each time I get less of a feeling that this was a fluke. Nobody has touched this guy. 4. Retherford - Completely dominant but still some talent to get through at the weight. Especially if Tsirtsis regains any form. 5. Nickal - I just get the impression this kid turns it up biggest when it matters. He's a matchup nightmare for everyone and only getting better. 6. Garrett - He'll have his hands full in that bracket. I bet against him. 7. Gwiz - I think the match with Snyder is a toss-up if not a slight advantage to Snyder. Snyder will have the tougher road to finals though. 8. Tomasello - Has nothing to do with disrespecting Tomasello. He's really really good. But so are Megaludis, Gilman and Dance. 9. McIntosh - Hartmann has his number when it counts so he'll have to avoid him and then find a way to beat Cox when it counts. Don't see it. 10. Heil - Good work so far but this weight is as wide open as it gets. If you look at the last 25 years, top seeds win about 50% of the time.
  5. I 100% agree. I haven't seen a ton of his matches this year but just looking at Bo's results from 174 to 165 it seems obvious 174 was the fit. Obviously it was a sacrifice for the team and that says a lot about his character, but he was a legitimate title threat at 174. Not so much at 165..maybe he gets used to the cut and reverses this outcome in March but he still gets Dierenger as a reward even if that happens.
  6. The match I saw did not indicate that. BoJo lead the entire way.
  7. Smith is actually the only guy who may want Nolf over the other two. I think he's the one so far who hasn't seemed out matched against Nolf's pace. That would be a nice semi scenario. Nolf-Smith, IMAR-Miller. That'd be fun at MSG in March. There are a few tough "outs" left though including Gantt.
  8. I believe he was gassed and quit once he was on his back. And their next matchup will be much different. The only guy I think that MAY have lost on purpose is when Caldwell got blown out by Metcalf in the All Star. And if he did, it was damn brilliant.
  9. He beat Stieber that year. He could've beaten Port.
  10. We'll see. A lot of this is obviously matchups. Right now Nolf seems to be a bad matchup for everyone minus Joe Smith (I know he beat him but Smith was the one pushing the tempo at the end). IMAR beat Smith worse than Nolf, but didn't have much for Nolf. Miller can be a tough guy to wrestle, especially the first time. I'd take Nolf right now due to his gas tank and Miller's gas issues but if Miller dominated and stuck him early I wouldn't be shocked. Lots of wrestling left.
  11. thinking IMAR 8-3, 7-2, in that range. Nolf will push the pace on him but too little too late.
  12. Ashnault has been pretty disappointing compared to his start. Cutting too much? He's taken two strange losses now. Heil looks really good right now but long season.
  13. sidenote: Did Taylor's celebration seem just slightly excessive considering the history the two have together? Is there bad blood there at all with Ruth leaving PSU?
  14. I think its possibly easier to navigate than Track, right out of the gate. Go to Flo>FloArena>scroll down for results and all the brackets are there and in many cases video of the match.
  15. I haven't minded FloArena at all. I've found if you click on whatever round heading "quarters, semis, etc" it will scroll over to that part of the bracket and you can then scroll up and down. I do think Flo's attack on NWCA has come off as a little self serving. Also, outside of FloArena, the auto load feature on the end of their videos that they added about a year ago is super annoying. But no specific problem with FloArena yet.
  16. Fun weight. I don't see Heil and Jack having much of an edge over the other guys mentioned right now.
  17. Well to me its very telling that he was able to get two marquee wins at 165 last year. It is the weight. At least a good portion of it. Also, as someone has mentioned, he may have peaked a little early and is maybe a little burned out from the sport. We've seen it before, but this is pretty high profile and extreme. Take him out of that lineup. He'll only wrestle in the starting lineup for 3 years.. oh well. Sometimes you just get stuck behind a great, not everything works out cleanly. Dake and Taylor will likely never see a world team because of Burroughs. It happens.
  18. Its really tough to watch Marstellar in his current state. This is a guy that was once ranked p4p ahead of Kyle Snyder and Pico. Forcing him down to 157 and into the lineup is not doing anything good for him. He needs to go up to 165, backup AD and work out with him every day concentrating on improving. One wonders what could have been had he stuck with Penn St and been wrestling 165 this year.
  19. Started listening to Tim Ferriss' podcast and noticed in the first episode he alludes to his HS wrestling coach "Mr. Buxton". Is this Jeff Buxton? Couldn't find any connection between Ferriss and Blair. Probably take some grief for posting this on the college board but I had nowhere else to go. Anyway, great podcast and cool that he's a wrestling supporter.
  20. Think most folks would lay their money on Mckenna going in. Think he's the favorite..toss up at best.
  21. Ok just watched a few of Mckenna's matches from the past. His match against Nolf wasn't as one-sided as I remembered. Pico just on another level but Pico's on another level than basically everybody still in college around his weight. This one could go either way just think Gulibon has a knack for winning matches nobody expects him to win. I'll stick with my pick on this one.
  22. There might be a little cart before the horse going on here with Mckenna. Henderson is a good win but Henderson is not looking like he's top 5 in the nation right now. Was Mckenna very good in hs? I know his freestyle successes but don't remember him as a power in folk. Remember him losing a very one sided match to Nolf in folk and Pico in free in his big domestic match ups. Gulibon will win this.
  23. Gulibon 6-2 w/rt. JG is a tough wrestler to figure out, he'll beat or lose to anyone. I think he puts himself back in the conversation here.
  24. Didn't say there was. Also, not ready to agree with your statement. Chance vs JoJo is much different match at 165. Chance vs anyone is a much different match at 165.
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