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  1. Smith basically poached him anyway. He's a blue chip recruit, if he can't make the team and has no future in the starting lineup give him a chance somewhere else if he so desires. pretty extreme circumstances.. a top recruit stuck behind the best wrestler in the nation as well as possibly the coach's son going forward.
  2. Chance needs to transfer and if that happens Smith needs to release him.
  3. Also, OK st was an odd choice and not the best fit for his style IMO.
  4. Thought we watched this already? Last year 157 he couldn't beat his less talented teammates. Goes to 165 and is immediately an AA threat. He's just a year out is all.
  5. The bigger (and there are a few) wildcards here are Green and Pico. If Green retains the form we saw at worlds down at 65, he's the guy to beat. He jumped levels this season. Not sure how anyone can even argue that. That is a big IF though. Pico looked incredible all weekend outside of the one takedown to Molinaro. He's in the mix and especially think he'll be a tough style matchup for Oliver. If he improves even slightly by trials, he'll go with all of those guys.
  6. Stieber looked significantly better this weekend than he did at the trials. I'll give you that. But how do you walk away from this saying he's entirely too small for 65? He's right there with Oliver. He looked brick sh*thouse big to me.
  7. If JO has a chance to make the oly team, Stieber has a chance to make it. Did you guys watch the match? I know Husker did. Stieber was all over him. One foolish mistake at the end of the match otherwise that goes either way. Nobody at 65 is hoping to see Stieber at the trials. Also, Green and Pico are being underrated here. 65 and 84 are going to be insane.
  8. Many would argue, myself included, that Kolat lost to Bono at the Dapper Dan.
  9. Who would you take? I think Kolat goes out to an early lead and Pico storms back to win in the closing seconds. 10-9 in that range.
  10. Tough to bet against a guy who's accomplished what Dake has, but IMO he does not have the ability to put on enough mass to hang with the bigger guys at 86. Taylor has a bigger frame will just depend on how much he fills out. And please let Ed Ruth make a go at Rio just to see some of those matchups. Also, what is Howe's plan?
  11. I wonder if Herbert knew about the possibility of Dake moving up when they were training together and if there's a bad taste in his mouth about it. Training with the enemy.
  12. I guess the obvious question is..if Palacio is dropping to 157 why is Realbuto passing by 165 to 174? Was he really cutting that much weight? He'll be fine at 174. It's funny usually guys improve once they stop cutting weight and focus on the actual sport and getting stronger.
  13. In Herbert's interview, Zeb claims that Ruth won't even be trying for Rio and Taylor is moving up. Anyone confirm one or both of these?
  14. Higher than 20% ROI. Right? Its almost 1 to 1.
  15. I survived Suzie. HL3 is a poor, poor man's Suzie. At best.
  16. Is it still hype when you have three world titles between two of these guys...and a guy that's beaten both of them...and another that's beaten him?
  17. He'll be successful wherever he goes. I just think he's got a style very much like Taylor. Not saying everyone is a better fit at PSU, just happen to think it caters to his style a little more. Guy like Suriano I think would be better fit somewhere else. Doesn't mean he won't be successful at PSU.
  18. He really is talented. He will do well at the next level, can't help but think PSU would be a better fit though. He's got a lot of David Taylor in him.
  19. Gotta think Retherford is a contender at 149 as well.
  20. Spencer, Daton, Yianni D and Suriano all end up same weight in college? This might be the most talented group at same/similar weight we've seen in a while. Likely will have growth changes. Yianni in particular seems like he will fill out, but it'd be great to see these guys battle for years. How do you rank these guys? Daton beat Spencer, but Lee took it to him early and was giving up a little size. Suriano has split with Lee and Fix, not sure if he's wrestled Yianni. I believe Fix is 2-1 vs Yianni? Tough group.
  21. Little tight. Thought that was an interesting discussion.
  22. The first TD in this match was a leg scissor/cutback using a sweeping leg trip with your own free leg. I thought this was an illegal move? It's legal in MMA and very sneaky. Anderson Silva was submitted by an opponent using this technique. Very dangerous though, I've seen a knee ripped apart. Was surprised this move was allowed still.
  23. Not really. I said you could argue IMar frosh year's competition may have been tougher than Cael's frosh year competition. But over the course of four titles you can't really say a guy didn't face worthy opponents. Which is what you seem to be claiming.
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