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  1. I think we're splitting hairs when talking about which 4x champ faced better competition. Its the NCAA tournament. You win it 4 times you went through some sturdy competition. Cael>Dake>Stieber>Smith
  2. Well in case you forgot..he was ranked 1st or 2nd in the country his freshman year before getting hurt. Seeded 2, 1, 1 at nationals. Never won it but came about as close as you can vs Hahn and wrestled with goggles the entire time. Goggles. Which I've never tried but I'd imagine is pretty hindering. Multiple wins over 3x champ Rosholt while wearing said goggles. I'd say he qualifies as top tier competition. Eggum was a silver medalist and Cormier an Olympian. V Jones was probably his "easiest" finals opponent as a two time finalist. I'd say his competition was a step below Dake, on par with Stieber and better than P Smith's.
  3. Added Cormier. You might want to go back and check out Trenge's career.
  4. Right, you can't discount some of the talent Cael faced. Eggum, Jones, Hahn, Hrovat, Sveda, Trenge were all top notch. Cael was just that good. Edit: Plus Cormier who may have been the best of that bunch. Nobody realized it until post college perhaps.
  5. I think V Jones gave him a scare at All Star Meet that year also. Which wouldn't have counted on official record.
  6. Also, no IMart is incredible but still a cut below Cael comparing first titles. You could definitely argue he had better competition though.
  7. Cael was Cael by midway through his RS freshman year. Obviously undefeated going into NCAA's you knew he was going to be great but 3 falls in NCAA's that year gave you the feeling he could be something special. Nobody gave him a serious match that year. Really the only guy that even seemed worthy of sharing a mat with him out of all four of his ncaa tournaments was Cormier his jr year, which Cael won by 4 I think.
  8. If Marable purely missed weight and is using the injury clause in hindsight shame on him. Hopefully that isn't the case.
  9. Never heard that from DT just a few that have written that on here.
  10. See it very similar to the Ruth/Herbert issue. Herbert has Ruth's number but I think if anyone can medal at Worlds it would be Ruth. Nothing against Jake and with a great draw and tournament I can see him Bronze. Green is the type of athlete and style (think JB) that could really surprise some at Worlds. Marable has had his chances, and can't beat the world's best with his stingy style that the Russians and Europeans have mastered. He does have Green's number though.
  11. I think its an important statement by DT to come out and compete well after those trials. Many were calling for him to jump weights or even sports (Foley) after the trials. He'll be right there threatening for an Olympic spot.
  12. Sets a very bad precedent. Unfair at best. Unfortunately, Marable will likely take the spot.
  13. Sad reality is Ruth has more upside than Jake. But Jake's earned the spot fair and square. Just don't see him beating Salas.
  14. If Suriano goes to PSU that might mean a few wrestle offs with Spencer Lee down the road. Or another crazy 1-2 punch for PSU.
  15. Well, maybe a little homer-ish but I look at it this way: Howe finished runner-up at Yarigin and should have won by all accounts. That supposedly is the toughest tournament in the world. Howe is clearly the 4th ranked guy behind JB, Dake and Taylor. Also, Dake has a win over Tsargush and DT tech fall'd that high level Cuban. And that wasn't just any 70kg guy that bumped up. So not too far off that they are top 5.
  16. There's a possibility that DT's ability is maxed out not necessarily due to coaching. He tf'd a multiple world level medalist at BTS. He's beaten Howe 3x, it's not like he's struggling. JB, Dake and DT may be 3 of the top 5 wrestlers in the world at their weight. Just happen to all be in the US. Also, Howe is probably top 10 in the world. Just may be plain bad luck. Its happened before. Schultz, Monday, Koll all in the same weight. Plus doesn't look like the coaching change has helped Ruth as of yet. If anything its hurt him in short term. Stick with what got you there. DT isn't out of it yet.
  17. We (US fans) still put most weight on NCAA titles and Stieber has 4 of them. Also, their last 2 matches before trials came down to last second TD's and they split wins. They're pretty close. Oliver looked a little more motivated for that match than he did against JK or BM. Just one man's opinion.
  18. He has another year to get freestyle ready and, more importantly, put on some size. 65kg will be insane at the trials next year. Stieber, Pico, Russell and Kennedy can all push Oliver to the edge.
  19. You don't think Pico or Kennedy can "go" with JO? Russell has at least one win over JO. I think Pico will be the #2 next year and will battle with all of these guys including Metcalf. Retherford was able to "go" with JO and we've seen what Pico has done to Retherford. JO is very very good and I will say he looked great against Stieber (maybe some added incentive there). But I think these trials may have taken some wind out of his sails and DT's as well. We'll see how they bounce back. Will be fun to watch.
  20. Your question kind of says a lot, doesn't it? I don't think you can deny what he is capable of. Taking out Howe is no small feat. And he's done it three times now. He seems to have a mental block against Dake and Burroughs is..Buroughs. Not saying Dake isn't better but Taylor looks better against everyone not named Dake. Including Burroughs and Howe.
  21. Ruth can get sloppy and still get away with winning against 99% of the guys he wrestles. Currently Herbert seems to be in that 1% that has Ruth's number. Not easy to do but that tells you how good Herbert is. I think Ruth has more talent but leaving Nittany Lion hasn't seemed to have improved his wrestling yet. I still say Ruth is our best guy when he's on (look what he did to Salas). Real question is, could Cael still be the guy if he wanted to?
  22. Would have to agree. That Dake loss was bad bad. It's crazy because watching similar opponents I would give the edge to DT over Dake but Dake is able to turn it up that extra notch and DT hasn't. DT needs Howe to take out Dake. Only chance he's got IMO. And then find a way to beat JB. Not great odds there but I think DT beats JB before he beats Dake.
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