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  1. I think he has a problem with any of the top tier guys until that gas tank is fixed.
  2. I definitely wasn't saying CA is pound for pound the best state. Maybe others were. I'm saying CA's best reach a higher level than other states' best. On a technique basis anyway. As for 4x NCAA champs..well Stieber just did it and I very well may take Pico (a HS kid from CA)in a match head to head. Today.
  3. I've thought this for a little while and I'm not a CA native. California's elite seem to be on a different level than the rest of the US with technique and pulling off things that others can't. Abas (both) used to hit moves that left you wondering what planet they were from. Pico and Valencia are in the mix at the Sr level already. Welch in HS was on a different level as well. You see them pulling off impossible feats. At least from my perspective. Changing the wrestling world out there in California.
  4. Looks like Jr's are on Fri (6/12) and Sr's on Sat/Sun. Anyone know which freestyle weights go on each day?
  5. Taylor interview made it sound like he expected to see Dake in semi and Howe in final of challenge tournament. So Valencia 3 seed over Dake? Hopefully that's not how it shakes out. That would be a brutal road for DT after winning the Open.
  6. Show thanks with my $$. Just wondering why this one match is being guarded.
  7. When will the Pico Retherford match be released to us paying customers? ty
  8. Well, guess it depends what your definition of "real deal" is. Chance is a 4x PA undefeated state champ. Nothing short of NCAA champ year 1 would satisfy him (or his backers). Nolf now has a win over him, as well as a win over this year's NCAA runner-up at 157. He should be competing at 157 next year as Chance will be competing at..? Nolf will threaten for an NCAA title out of the gate. Chance will have trouble making his lineup. Would satisfy my definition to qualify Nolf while giving Chance a question mark still. Good?
  9. Would've loved to see Chance/Hall. Chance is going to have big big problems at the next level if he can't get his gas tank in line. It appears Nolf is the real deal and jury is out on Chance. For now.
  10. Think Pico should be up in the Seniors. Don't see much upside to Pico staying Jr another year if he's looking at Rio. A loss to Zain at this point would be much worse than a loss to Metcalf, Oliver, Stieber. A win over Zain doesn't do much. Win over those other three would be huge.
  11. Not much. He's a cadet world champ. Gotta be one of if not THE favorite.
  12. What are the incentives for guys like Burroughs, Taylor, Dake, etc to enter the US Open at this point?
  13. Caldwell/Metcalf. Always be a favorite. So much drama. Carter pushing an "injured" Caldwell back on the mat until he realizes he can get in trouble for that behavior. The "push". Tim Johnson imploding.
  14. Correct. Unfortunate situation and I don't blame Adrassy for not keeping track of the score. Crazy match and NCAA ultimately is to blame. But his "whoa is me I tried to check the score" explanation doesn't quite fly either because if he was on top of the score he never lets the match continue and never lets miller walk away.
  15. Dake. Basically because they're the same age and Dake accomplished his feat two years ahead. 4 in 4 trumps 2 in 2.
  16. Grade A snake oil salesman. I like the event idea and it may very well "help" wrestling. But by no means is that his motivation for putting it on. He sees dollar signs only. Don't know how close a relationship he keeps with tOSU and that program, but I can't imagine Tom Ryan wanting him that close to his athletes. Wrestlers respond to him on twitter, Oliver and Stieber to name a few, and I guess if you have a chance to make some money by wrestling in one of his events that makes sense. But what he's done to Herbert and Burroughs is inexcusable, IMO. Cormier is on board with him and thats surprising. Askren was on board, not sure his current relationship. Guy is unprofessional, at best.
  17. Does anyone know where to sign up? Can't seem to find a working link.
  18. Any problems with Dieringer screaming out to stop Bo's banana split on top? Didn't look like he was about to go over or anything but was little surprised by the reaction from Dieringer. Little questionable. Must be immense pressure on the groin area.
  19. Mentioned in an interview he thought it was time to try and make a team and was ready for Burroughs, Dake, Taylor, etc. Hard to argue with him. Love to see him vs Taylor in particular.
  20. Neal still a touch more offensive and athletic IMO but you could make the case Gwiz had a better career with an extra title...if he gets it.
  21. Well Kent St might not be to blame but they didn't exactly do a great job of keeping score either.
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