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  1. But boo'ing Realbuto?? Classless. Did he even have the option of giving the win and advancement to Miller?
  2. Happens in NFL. Missed call by ref, no challenge, game resumes with blown call. Little different but if Realbuto knew he was down by 1 does it change his strategy? If yes, than its not as simple as Miller won. Because the direction of the match had changed. My view, Realbuto broke Miller and was winning that match no matter if he was tied or down by 1 at that point. Can see the outrage but only a few people are acknowledging this angle.
  3. Argue if you want but it's true. Who else would you rather see wrestling for the title tomorrow night? Miller has had a shot at Martinez and Ness.
  4. Just thought I'd point out this is happening. And both matches should be better than finals.
  5. If it changed Realbuto's actions after the scoring miss its not fair to him either.
  6. With BoJo and Snyder losing, we should be in line to see Dieringer/BoJo, Cox/Snyder. Two great semis matchups that easily could be better than the finals at that weight. I think BoJo will have to beat Isaac in the 1/8's..and I think he will. Add in loaded weights at 125, 149, 157 and 174 and this year's semi round should be a particularly good one.
  7. 3pm is that ET or CT? thx
  8. What's needed to watch online? Just a cable log in or is there an additional cost?
  9. Moreno deserves to be seeded above Sulzer?
  10. If my predictions at 125, 157 and 184 are correct..BIG if..does Cornell enter the team race? Think Villalonga and Palacio are good bets to AA. They'd need Jace Bennett and Mark Grey to over perform big time. And maybe a dark horse like young Realbuto to vastly over perform. Probably not.
  11. There are quite a few guys that could be in the mix. But finals? No, I don't see Boyle in the finals. Upsets happen every year though. Feel free to post yours with Boyle.
  12. 125: Garrett over Gilman: Waters has been holding it down all year but he looked that way two years ago as well coming in. I think he falls before the finals. Depending on how the seeds shake out, Garrett, Gilman or Dance could do it. Delgado isn't looking great but don't count him out just yet either. Still a month to get into form. If he looks better at Big ten I might have to go with him. 133: Dardanes over Schopp. This weight bores me a little. I like Dardanes to have the game plan needed to beat Schopp's mat game. 141: Stieber over Port: Carter or Mayes could sneak in to take on Logan but I think Port holds. If he couldn't beat him in Feb, he won't beat him in March though. 149: Houdashelt over Tsirtsis: Fun weight. Sorenson didn't look like he had any offense yesterday. Albeit vs the #1 ranked guy in the nation. He won't beat Tsirtsis again playing Tsirtis's game, but Houdashelt has the talent to do it. 157: Realbuto over Ness: Great weight. Really depends how the seeds shake out here. We'll see which Green shows up. Realbuto almost major'd DSJ in the quarters last year and that's hard to do. He's looked great since a slow return at Scuffle and can scramble with anyone. Gave Dieringer a good match twice last year. He's a very bad matchup for both IMar and Ness but needs to avoid Green. 165: AD over BoJo: BoJo/Sulzer hopefully meet in the semis. Great matchup. Nobody's beating Dieringer here though. Maybe next year for BoJo. 174: Kokesh over Evans: Who knows? throw those top 4 in 10 times and get 10 different outcomes. Kokesh has seemed to have it all year though. 184: Dean over Meeks: Haven't heard much about Meeks since Vegas. I'm assuming he's still in the mix. Dean has looked like his old self after Vegas. 197: Snyder over Cox: When's the last time 197 has been this fun?? Wide open. Cox tends to let the better guys hang around and I think it catches him here. Both have a tough road but the wrestling world has been waiting a while for this one. HWT: Mcmullan over Gwiz: Another loaded weight. Both dynamic big guys. Mcmullan has been knocking on the door for a while, i think he finally gets it.
  13. DT was more dynamic even as a freshman. Who is BoJo's best opponent to date? I'm going to hold out until he wrestles a Dieringer or even Sulzer but the kid is no doubt a stud. But David Taylor was still slightly more impressive up to this point. His Scuffle final as a freshman you saw he was somebody on a different level as far as scoring points that we maybe hadn't seen since Cael.
  14. This is not a one time episode with this team the last few years. They really just don't pull the trigger offensively. I didn't watch the Cornell match so can't comment on that. I like certain Hawkeyes. This year i would point to Gilman (though his antics are a little much) and big fan of Ramos and Metcalf. But those guys are few and far between. I think Evans had the second or third offensive TD for the team all match? Correct me if i'm wrong. Counted very few attempts before that.
  15. Iowa style in the Gable era used to be push, pull, leg attack, repeat..until the opponent broke. Made for exciting wrestling. Now it just seems the style is push push, pull, push, repeat. Is it a drop in athletic talent, coaching style or something else? Because it seemed like most Hawkeyes today dipped their feet in cement before they stepped on the mat. Maybe they could use a new style on the coaching staff? Hire Stephen Abas?? Halfway kidding. But only halfway. Not saying they aren't still a successful program, but that Iowa invincibility certainly has not been there in recent year.
  16. To Minnesota's credit they wrestle in everything including a brutal B10 schedule. They skipped the scuffle for Hawaii this year and who can blame them? Maybe that's JRob attempting to deal with this issue. Rob Koll recently said in an interview that the season is too long and I don't think many would disagree with him.
  17. Arguably the most exciting wrestler in the country this year. Its nearly impossible to find any matches of Martinez on Flo or YouTube. Strange.
  18. This guy is such a clown and his brand is such a joke that it makes you question the character of all those associated with him/CF. I'd love to know his net worth. How much has he profited over blatantly screwing over athletes?
  19. He's being compared to a probable 4x champ. God forbid some people pick against him here.
  20. WTF are you..thread police? Must've missed the interesting thread you started. :roll:
  21. Sure, its a rough sport yada yada. At this level though while wrestling a fellow US wrestler (albeit it for the spot) hitting a double leg for 2 points on the edge I thought was enough. Didn't need the gratuitous leg over the head 3 seconds after the whistle while DT wasn't defending. Life goes on.
  22. What was with some of the poor sportsmanship from Burroughs against DT? Flinging his legs over after they go out of bounds and more than a few pushes at the end of that first match. Never seen that from him before, wasn't pleasantly surprised. I thought these two were friendly and trained together? Should be some mutual respect there.
  23. Right. But, Pico is an accomplished boxer.
  24. "Wanna turn it into a boxing match, that's a different story. Wanna wrestle, let's wrestle." I don't think Retherford wants to turn it into a boxing match.
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