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  1. I think their 2nd match was the anomaly. they could wrestle 20x and I don't think that outcome happens again. Howe just got caught in a real bad spot after a foolish (and close) attempt. Doesn't mean Taylor hasn't improved since their first meeting and won't win, just think Howe is real tough matchup for him. Don't see how Taylor scores on him offensively. Howe's D is just so hard to penetrate. Hopefully it happens.
  2. I think this is a toss-up. think taylor has a very tough time taking him down and he's vulnerable to Howe's power and short-offense. that's what we saw the first time they wrestled anyway. the wildcard will be scrambles and how howe is affected by his cut down. taking howe if it happens.
  3. Even the most die-hard of Iowa fans has to deep down be hoping Q gets past Keddy to face Ruth.
  4. Pico drummed that good Russian SR last year in NY, who gave Russell and Molinaro all they could handle. Let's let the kid breath a little. He's an amazing prospect.
  5. Ed Ruth might ruin that bet for you, but I agree with your point. This post has tons of effort but no real merit. We're also taking the crop of HS nationals where these kids may be separated by small margins in HS and switch in college. Which NCAA champ this year wasn't a top recruit coming out of HS? Maybe Delgado but that's a stretch. Gwiz possibly. That's it.
  6. Is it easy enough just to show up and buy tickets at the door? Any place to find a schedule/related info? thx
  7. I'd have to think these examples are the exception, not the rule. There is no better measure for college success than high school success. And no better measure for international success than college.
  8. Any insight on this injury? RU could have three good ones in Perrotti, Ashnault and Camp. Losing Camp would hurt their chances of making some noise early in the B1G.
  9. Just saw him suffer a knee injury against J'den Cox. Didn't look good, hope he's ok.
  10. Also, a Cornell guy who can't place is/are correctly? ;)
  11. Seemed to make it to the semis fine. Not saying it holds a ton of weight, but still nice win for Ashnault.
  12. Abas and Greg Jones were quickest I've seen in person.
  13. Pritzlaff factor working early?? Nice win.
  14. What kind of wrestling fan wants fewer chances to watch Ed Ruth wrestle? One that posts MMA stuff incessantly on the wrestling forums. Sooo assuming you lost a sig bet? :lol:
  15. Did he leave "the grind" as well? I noticed that Compound/Flips has put out KD4 shirts. Can't imagine DiSabato would allow that if Dake was still under contract, but could be wrong. DiSabato has spewed venom toward Compound in the past. Bad blood there.
  16. I think he means either World Championship or Olympic gold. Correct.
  17. Chance Marstellar wins an NCAA title or Aaron Pico wins a senior level gold? I'll take Pico.
  18. You were definitely the one who spotted his talent first. :roll:
  19. Well if it makes you feel any better, sophomore in high school Pico is probably better than Freshman in college Dake. Fact. Usually try not to get carried away on this stuff. But that win was really really impressive.
  20. Got in in time to watch the match. Holy hell Pico!
  21. Did he essentially just beat Logan Stieber? I think he's the best HS wrestler ever.
  22. Sadly, Error 500 has returned and appears won't be able to view Pico/Retherford. :evil:
  23. Bader seem extra annoying for semis? Immel seems annoyed. Bro Culture. At least the feed is working :D
  24. Russell isn't a 4xAA. Just side note.
  25. Would be shocked to see Pritzlaff move anywhere unless it is to become a head coach. No offense to the current staff but he would immediately take that program over.
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