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  1. Ouch. If his aspirations are Olympics, can't blame him. They better bring in a heavy hitter.
  2. This will be a hell of a match. Zain is no joke. Can definitely hang with Pico. I'll take Pico very close due to his freestyle training.
  3. What exactly did he do to get in trouble? I either missed it or wasn't in there.
  4. Great stuff. Seems like a pretty likable guy.
  5. Only within NJ. He lost Dapper Dan and I don't believe ever won Fargo.
  6. Wow. Good work by whoever made this happen. I'll take Tsirtsis by small margin.
  7. Depends on what its based on. Damion Hahn HS, gotta be Burroughs now overall.
  8. Agree with Bo. He and Snyder I'd say top my list. Heil has some talent but the few times I've watched him I came away thinking he lacked some intangibles (to put it a nice way). He may not start next year unless he's at 133. Ashnault should be interesting as well. RU has A LOT riding on him. Fear that he and Retherford are no longer on the same plane but we'll see. Also disagree that he's NJ best ever.
  9. Not seeing how they lose Ramos and DSJ and improve.
  10. I think Schwab/Lightner would've given true frosh Dake all he could handle. He and Russell would have been interesting that year if Russell didn't RS.
  11. I appreciate Nick actually responding on here, and I don't think he's embarrassed himself on this thread. I'm not against Flo overall, just this article. I get that you want to defend it and protect what's yours. But, you're kind of alienating yourself by doing so in the eyes of a lot of fans. Still appreciate what Flo does, shotty billing practices and all.
  12. I think losing Chance hurt them a little bit for next year and going forward obviously. They do seem like a program that has a lot of depth to slide in though. Wonder if Bo Nickal will wrestle next year and what weight. If McIntosh drops to 184 he could very well win it. They still have 3-4 potential champs. Retherford is a stretch but if he improves he'll give Stieber a run.
  13. What is the business that Flo is in? Sports coverage What is the business that ESPN is in? Sports coverage If ESPN chose to focus more on wrestling beyond the NCAA championships they could easily drive Flo out of business. That means they are competitors. I don't get what is hard to grasp here. They are both media companies who's business is sports coverage. Maybe the brewery idea wasn't getting the point across. Then consider FloWrestling the local mom and pop shop and ESPN to be WalMart. You are correct. ESPN covers sports. You make it to ESPN regularly or (in the case of wrestling) once a year, its a huge deal for your sport. Flo, however, covers wrestling. Maybe one day they'll grow so popular that ESPN will consider competing in their niche market or even buying them out. That would be great for our sport and for Flo. For now, they don't have the same goals or trying to necessarily even sell the same product. While ESPN wants to stay in the NCAA wrestling tournament coverage game, Flo is out. And it appears that ESPN does not want to go after Flo's market. They don't compete.
  14. Flo may have too many cooks in the kitchen at this point. There's just not enough work to go around post NCAA so we get this. They hired two guys to fill in for Joe and now seems Joe is back?
  15. I think ESPN did an excellent job. Much better than Flo would have done. But the topic wasn't to compare the merits of ESPN vs. Flo. It was whether Flo was "biting the hand that feeds it". They weren't. Because they're a competing media company to ESPN for this event. DIsagree. They are NOT competing. Not unless Flo can find a way to get their broadcasts on mainstream cable in addition to the internet. Flo gains sole rights to NCAA tournament and zero casual fans are captured. "FLO" while gaining steam, is still a part of the (battered) wrestling community. And the wrestling community should be thankful, not critical, of what ESPN is doing. Another 5 years, maybe wrestling is on more stable ground and we revisit.
  16. If you didn't have David Taylor winning the hodge this year you either 1. weren't paying attention 2. are a family member/friend with clouded judgement or 3. just don't get it. Plain and simple.
  17. Anyone catch Flo's article ripping the ESPN commentating? Not a great idea or at least not the way to go about it.
  18. I'd agree that Abas is the best lightweight in the last 25 years AT LEAST. He was lightning quick and had superb technique while bringing in new looks to the sport. Fun to watch and made it look easy like Cael did. I do not believe he and Hunter were the same weights at Fargo that year though. Abas was actually a weight up. But yes he did destroy everybody, I think it may have actually been Stritmatter in the final.
  19. I think people saw (including Maple) how easily Jordan Oliver moved up and dominated. May have given him a false sense. Also, great for all the fans that he and Stieber faced off at the All-Star, but maybe not great for Maple to lose that one. Would have been very interesting to see him at 141 this year. If he has a disease that is a real shame and hope he is ok. Mark Cody is a top 5 coach IMO.
  20. Not saying we haven't had good runs in the past but show me a three year span with guys like Dake, Stieber, DT and Ruth in NCAA with Burroughs running the international scene simultaneously. Not to mention two world champs at junior and cadet level. Golden age if you ask me.
  21. We are finishing up a year where Penn State says goodbye to its two best wrestlers ever. Last year Cornell's best ever graduated and next year Ohio State's all time best. Not to mention probably watching the best US freestyle'r ever currently compete. Are we in the midst of the greatest period ever in US wrestling or is wrestling trending upward?
  22. NJ is in a down cycle without a doubt. Over the last 10-15 years though I would imagine they are squarely in number 3 in terms of state success at NCAA. And some of the best individuals we've seen. Mocco, Esposito, Valenti, Dubuque, Burroughs, Caldwell, Russell, Pritzlaff, Hahn, Rey, Molinaro just to name a few. They aren't Arizona or New Mexico. Buxton leaving Blair will hurt the state though and they were one of the first if not the first state with major club wrestling so maybe your just starting to see some states catch up. Some studs coming up as well. Next few years will be interesting.
  23. I'd watch that match again Vak. Ruth was winning when he got hurt. Doesn't mean he would have won the match but..
  24. Easy to say Chris since we just got done watching him. But I'd say Mark.
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