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  1. First of all, really wish we could have seen the Green-Dierenger matchup. Seems AD will no longer be at 157 so we may not get to see it next year. Noticed on twitter that Green got a little lippy with Dierenger, Ness and DSJ and Dierenger replied "talk is cheap". Also, in his post 3rd place interview all Green says is that he has separated himself from the rest of the pack at the weight. Seems opposite end of the spectrum from the way Burroughs acts. Surprising.
  2. I was shocked Dake climbed on board but maybe he based it partly on the other athletes associated. Rubbing Herbert and Burroughs the wrong way is suicide in this sport but still has Cormier and some other big UFC stars. There's only so many people you can screw over though.
  3. I see a Schlatter type career. CP Schlatter.
  4. I'm not sure if you could ever bet on the NCAA tournament in vegas but as of last year's tournament only Sportsbook.com was taking action and it was watered down from years past.
  5. Sounds good. Anything on the line? Edit: Missed bragging rights
  6. They are all pretty laughable. Flo still has Schiller ranked 1. Intermat has Scheptock 1 at 184. Find me a person that would take Sheptock over Ruth with money on the line. Please!
  7. He's an undefeated true freshman. I'd say its working out for him so far.
  8. LongShot

    Bedlam 2

    Any idea of the link to watch online? What time are they starting? thx
  9. By definition it would be very tough for a 1x champ to be unbeatable.
  10. David Taylor is the answer to this question for the next 42 days. Joe Heskett after that.
  11. Is the HS thing new? I remember few HS guys in the past competing in college opens.
  12. He had wins over Retherford in HS and lost close at Dapper Dan. Unfortunately for Ashnault I believe being in that PSU room (even for 7 mos) is quite a difference and these two are not close at the moment.
  13. 2008 149 most stacked weight since I've been paying attention to NCAA. NJ states one year had 4 D1 college all-americans, a two-time NCAA champ and a slew of other guys with great HS credentials. And another year with two 2-time NCAA champs and another all-american. I'm sure PA states has had some absurd weights.
  14. Poeta looked better IMO and lost on some pushout points. Askren proves he's still a winner though. After watching this how did Q Wright lose so badly? Matchup? Gameplan? Anyway, after the match Askren (again) calls out for a matchup with Kyle Dake. My question is this: Isn't AGON affiliated closely with CageFighter? And isn't KD in a contract with CageFighter? At the very least allowing Mike D to push the garbage trash talk from Askren to Dake has to put a stress on Dake's relationship with his sponsor. I would also still like to know the details of Burroughs departure from CF and who let Dake get involved with these guys after the laundry list of burned athletes/schools. Sidenote: Sure I want to see this match. Who doesn't? I'll take Dake after Poeta's "success" against Ben.
  15. I think if Flo packed up shop tomorrow, there would be a lot of unhappy wrestling fans (myself included). But this feature has got to go. Got to go!
  16. Anyone notice on Flo as soon as a video is over it automatically reloads to play another one? New feature and I'd imagine its to get more views on certain vids but makes it tough to search through a coverage section after the video ends. Just something in the suggestion box for Husker.
  17. That's about as convincing as you get at HWT :lol: Better freshman than Mocco, eh. He's right there though. I would be surprised if he won this year still but he's been very very impressive. Wonder if UofI is wishing they unveiled Brooks Black this year.
  18. Shocker. No speculation on the cause but there is some weird babble going on in their twitter talk. I would be very surprised if we ever see McCauley wrestle in college.
  19. Really? You should watch it again it was pretty noticeable. Definitely a fierce competitor and slowed Taylor down first part of the match.
  20. Anyone see this match on flo? They go off screen and seems like a little extra curricular activity out of bounds, Palacio comes back center and starts mouthing off to what seems like the PSU coaches yelling, "let him wrestle! let him wrestle!"??? DT went on to score 15 points in the next 2 min. I like Cornell and if anyone has been a thorn in the side of PSU its definitely them but... C'MON MAN.
  21. They've had quite a (individuals) rivalry over the past couple of years. Is Gabe Dean a true freshman? As in he graduated HS in 2013?
  22. Cam Simaz has his fingerprints all over dean Ruth had his fingerprints all over Simaz when they wrestled. This is a head scratching crazy loss to me. Dean was very impressive this weekend but Ruth has been untouchable. Interesting to see how this loss affects him. Definitely hurts his spot on the all time ladder.
  23. Site not working on my end. Restarted, still no go. Great timing just noticed I got billed again. Update: working now
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