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  1. Losing the Olympics may be a blessing in disguise. Find a PROMOTOR who wants to get TV Rights to the World Championships with NEW Rules and watch the success of this Sport if marketed correctly. Could be the start of the RIGHT presentation of SR- FS/GR Wrestling. One Tournament- inviting the World.....with $$$ for placings.
  2. Just a reminder for those who are unaware- cyclically, the State of Ohio manufacturers wrestlers who are more powerful than a locomotive - can leap tall buildings with a single bound- who are faster than a speeding bullet.................- WITH THIS BEING SAID.....Steiber is a special wrestler.
  3. actually, didnt know that gimp... thanks. How's my spelling ??
  4. usually, by rule someone gets DQ'd. I understand what you are saying- the frequency will become too easy for an official. I cant make that call and I think you are not being fair to the officials by assuming that they would take the matches into their own hands. Look, progressive thinking is good for Sport. This Sport at the College level has too much stalling. It is obvious- it is an eyesore and it really isnt beneficial to continue plod, block, counter...jmo- not an acceptable presentation.
  5. May the "SCHWARTZ" be with you !!!!
  6. - imo. Ive never seen such BORING matches in the neutral position. I have never seen so many wrestlers in the offensive position NOT working for a tilt or fall. Wrestlers leading by 1 or 2 pts shutting it down. Any suggestions ???
  7. lol...agree. Ramos is solid, I just think Steiber is "THAT GOOD".
  8. Steiber will own Ramos....1X or the next 10Xs.
  9. epek, I understand what you are saying yet, the Sport does have Rules- and the INTERPRETATION of the rules are being questioned in this thread. Of course COUNTERING- GOOD DEFENSE- ETC. ETC. are all facets of the Sport but, the STALLING going on has become epidemic. The RULE is in place- it is just not being called. Much of the wrestling today is in neutral- if, no one is attempting than it can really get ugly. The only one who can control this is the Official.
  10. FLO ??? lol. Dude, excuse me...Maam, I never needed FLO- I gave them my touch. They should have run with it. I am the LIVING LEGEND- The Human Train wreck....the ONE that everyone cant stand listening to yet, cant stop replying. Just like you....MY BIOTCHES !!!
  11. silverback, The Mat Officials at the College level- in general have lost all credibility toward the INTERPRETATION of stalling. In many cases they actually, have progressed to calling stalls.... stalemates. Many bow to pressure from Coaches and crowds. If, you place a tabled official with ONE PURPOSE- to recognize stalling and to identify the individual who is stalling. IT WOULD BE WORTH IT'S WEIGHT IN GOLD. I watch a 100 matches and it seems there is UNITY in not calling stalling. IMO- This is not benefiting this Sport and 7 minutes of blocking - not working for a fall.... makes my eyes bleed.
  12. maybe, anal warts grow above the shoulders.
  13. little more cost- HUGE benefit.
  14. JMO- Add an Official at the scoring table - strictly , to assess STALLING and to raise a hand or flag to the mat official would HELP the NON- action in this Sport at this level. Ive seen some UGLY looking matches and it isnt getting better - it is getting worse. Can also, eliminate OT matches- STALL WARNINGs will be considered "penalties" in case of a tie at regulation. SPEED UP THE SPORT...VISUALLY ENHANCE THE SPORT.
  15. Brew, Im not a fan of FS Rules yet, the lack of action- in ANY style is pretty hard to watch if, you do not have a vested interest. Matside Official would clear the way- IMO.
  16. JMO- To make this sport ENJOYABLE- VIEWABLE for everyone...:30 increments should be officiated toward stalling calls. Many of these stalemates are stall-mates. matside official would be in charge of stalling clock...and he would raise a flag- mat official to honor it or store it accordingly. Could also, help OT matches. Penalties would be assessed- and- would determine a victor in a tied match at the end of regulation.
  17. Find a fifth yr senior who has been kicking it for the past 4 yrs -who is in the TOP 4 or 5.
  18. FLURRIEs/ BIG MOVEs ....is what makes people get out of their seats. Americans like scoring. It is our nature to need stimulus and constant gratification. Purists can enjoy defensive or offenseless competition.
  19. Thing of BEAUTY was watching Steiber -counter a single by seperating the grip -isolating the arm and then stepping over for the Fall.... real good stuff !!!
  20. Watching Grajales and Massa ....wonder if they ever take any REAL shots. Wonder if an Official can offer a reason not to put up a fist ?? You cant sell this Sport- if, there isnt any action and wrestlers just waiting to counter. For the viewer it is not enjoyable. For the Sport it is not any good. JMO.
  21. WatWest is a WiseMan !!! Without a takedown Taylor can not win a Dake kinda match- SIMPLISTIC isnt it.
  22. Dake was FAT last Summer- I dont think he missed a meal. A reliable source hopes that FILA changes the weights to 152.5 - this would be in Dake's crosshairs. The choice of moving up to 165 this year- was a STATEMENT from a competitive young man- who strongly has looked for the best competition he could find since he was in High School. Win and miss meals or Win and watch your intake.
  23. LOL....The kid from Columbia should have stayed in the Library if, he wasnt gonna wrestle. Watch the video again and see if , you can find that loose quarter that was between the Columbia wrestler's body and the mat (????) ............. MORAL VICTORIEs are for children- not for men.
  24. LOL.....If, Dake was the BEST Corn picker in Iowa- MANY would still have a problem with him. Too funny, that CONFIDENCE and expecting nothing less than victory signifies... arrogance !!!???? KYLE DAKE is on the verge of wrestling immortality. The opportunity to distinguish himself as the ONLY Four time NCAA D-1 Champion that has done it is four consecutive weight classes....btw- he could make 157 without too much effort....and St John would be swept away again. ARROGANT ??? lol.....
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