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  1. Friday night- BTN is good for wrestling.
  2. Never short on words when it came to this Sport- Blatnick was very cordial to me and my thoughts - He was also very giving when it came to interview. I didnt know him real well yet, I saw him and spoke to him many times at HS Tournies in New York.... all you had to do is start with a wrestling topic and Jeff was never short on opinion.
  3. jstock. I wouldnt have done Rosie with your richard !!! btw- she was always manless. side note: Robert Klein was a cheap SOB. Jay Leno - his wife Mavis were very nice people
  4. I worked as a Bartender back in the late 70s thru the 80s. Use to pay Rosie O'Donnell $25 for 15 mins- Had Dice Clay sleep at my house..to find my Italian mother feeding him meatballs on a Sunday morning as Dice sat in the kitchen in his underwear. Got to know Rodney Dangerfield...and still have ties to some Facebook Comedy friends. Rickles back in the '70s was AMAZING- he could insult you/ your race/ creed/ EVERYTHING and EVERYONE was in his crosshairs. It is a shame that people today cant handle INSENSITIVITY...I grew up with it and I find that it makes a person become more OBJECTIVE to the World around him- It allows opinions without judgement. In regards to this thread....We are talking about a young man who spent countless hours on the mat with injuries. I personally dont think it is necessary to shower his Dad with condolences....LMAO. I think we should be glad that he had the opportunity at an Education- and he should be looking foward to Life. I joke...cause I think people should laugh more.
  5. RELAX !!! I cant help that some College students are in their 40s while others are in their teens...lol Kyle Dake should have 4 NCAA Titles before he is 23. btw....ALL my girlfriends bled each month- and werent made up on the Internet.
  6. shhheeesssshhhh, this World has lost the Don Rickles in it. Men are taking things waaaayyy too serious. mybad...Forgot that Kim Kardasian is relevent. jerry, keep the faith. good luck to you- and your family.
  7. Jerry, Can Justin collect a disability check with his social security check ???? : } Seriously, I remember Justin at the SR National Tourney and was pleased that he was coming to Long Island. More to life than just dirty mats- Hope, his future is forfilling. Best, Marty
  8. Ive seen guys duck to body locks....duck to firemens.....and duck to dumps. Old School lost arts have been lost to Nu Skol .. better technique..."YEAH RIGHT " !!!!
  9. Dake may be wrestling 165- yet, he is more convincingly a 157 lber. If, Fila raises the weight- more suggests that his best chance Nationally and Internationally would be at the proposed 152.5
  10. If, Fila changes the weight to 152.5- this is and will be in Dake's wheelhouse.
  11. Tiger, Happy New Year. The 141- National Title match against Marion a few yrs ago was a thing of beauty- Marion cant help but, score 2- but, "kid dynamite" gets into a scramble and he gets the -2
  12. Not sure if Nickerson and/or Gillespie fit this profile ?
  13. I think I was tested in HS- @ 136. Wanta compare notes, schollarship letters and diplomas NJWC ??? He wasnt PERFECT as a DI Freshmen-
  14. I was on Dake as a sophmore in HS- when he destroyed Michael Gomez in the NYS semis at 112- went on and beat another NYS stud at the time Paul Liguori in the soph National Finals...won matches over Metalus /FLA and Sivestri/ NJ at Folk Nationals as an upperclassmen. Naahh, I didnt talk about him much with Coach Scott Green during this period....too funny !!! Yes, his coming out party was when he went to Vegas two days after winning SR Folk Nationals - and then beating a couple of kids who were ranked ahead of him....lol. VISION is something you have when your eyes are closed...SIGHT is when your eyes are open.
  15. READ ALL ABOUT IT !!! read all about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys cant figure out that the DOMINANCE in the past 15 years- means that the Sport has changed...and quite possibly, that the BEST Today arent as good - or invincible as you make them ESPECIALLY if, wrestling 10-30 yrs ago ??? Are WE sure Dake is/was better than a Metcalf at 149....didnt Metcalf lose to Caldwell ?? How would Larkin or Jantzen do against these guys ?? Didnt Scwabb win the SR FS's..5 yrs ago ?? How does Burroughs equate to Taylor ?? So, I am to believe that the TOP wrestlers ...ever....are and have been wrestling in the past four or so years....THIS IS TOOOOOOOO FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS SEEM TO HAVE A MEMORY SPAN OF 10 YRS OR LESS .....SORRY, THIS SPORT HAS HAD SOME REALLY "GREATER" WRESTLERS IN YEARS GONE BYE...MANY WHO HAD LESSER WINS BECAUSE THE LEVEL OF COMPETITION WAS RIDICULOUS. MOST WHO DIDNT HAVE MULTIPLE X TITLES. WIN RECORDS- MULTIPLE CHAMPIONSHIPS- Can not be determined and weighed by a small pool of victims who might not have been starters 10 yrs ago..lol......While I am a BIG Dake fan.....the pool of wrestlers he has beaten in his four years PALES in comparison to many former weight classes and wrestlers who won less championships . BTW- IMO- both Jenkins and Caldwell would have had adequate shots at beating Dake.....especially, Bubba. What is quite NOTICABLE- Is that MOST of our better DI Wrestlers are not Tops in the World in the past 20 yrs- So, while we raise their PRAISE- the results Internationally have fallen....hmmmmm??????
  16. Nick....is sharing the same space as Kindig, Grajales, Palmer, and all the OTHER names who were featured not too long ago. PERFORMANCE at this level- is free of continuity...speculative at best...surprising to us all.
  17. I hope they meet again- and you will see a more DOMINANT Dake. Bottom line- Dake figured out in the second period his best chance for escape is on the mat...not standing. So, no riding time -next time for Taylor....and I see Dake taken Taylor down.....and I cant see Taylor scoring a takedown. A 3rd period DESPERATE Taylor may get decked////// The HUSH in the Arena - will be frightful. Dake wins ......7-2.
  18. THIS IS ALLLLLL NONSENSE.. Taylor cant/ wont beat Dake without a takedown. PERIOD !!! I project a 3-4 pt win minimally by Dake if, they meet again. Dake has felt him out- and- will be in better condition in March.
  19. hmmmm ???? Without his "ankle pick" - and without the ability to "crab" - Not sure what you see to determine him as really good. Maybe, in this Market- and this Time yet, I find it hard to think that there hasnt been better than both Taylor and Dake....in neutral/ on the mat. Quality Competition has been limited- Let's not forget that neither has earned an International medal....and that speaks volumes.
  20. When he gets in NCAA TIME condition. You will see his DOMINANCE over David Taylor. Shut out...
  21. Dake will be in better shape come NCAA Time- JMO- that is the BEST of Taylor. So, I do not see any change in result except, possibly a more dominant Dake victory.
  22. THE WORD IS "CRITERIA".....Dake laces the leg and is in control up top = Merkle Rule criteria
  23. Actually, the REF made an excellent call. I just watched the match- THE MERKLE RULE- I do not like but, the wrestler (Dake) had established criteria. PERIOD- btw- the proof is in the out of bounds result. Dake ends up on top. Once he laces the leg- and - has upper control - he assumes criteria. Lastly, at the end of the match- Dake still has his hand around a leg- and that is still control. I PREDICT A DOMINANT WIN BY DAKE IN THE FINALS OF THE NCAA TOURNEY- IF, THESE TWO FACE EACH OTHER. DAKE IS NOT NEARLY IN PEAK SHAPE- and IMO that is the BEST Taylor has to offer him. btw- Taylor showed me a weakness if, you get to his side- like Bubba did....and Dake missed it in the first minute of the match- while being in on Taylor;s legs - Taylor was available to be cradled.
  24. tec-tac-toe, Lucky, Taylor will have ANOTHER A year without Dake...
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