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  1. Before Dake did his CONSTRICTOR act on Molinaro- I think he marginally beat him earlier in the season 2-1 or 3-2. Many PSU Fans actually thinking Frank da tank- gorilla- muscles molinaro- actually, had a shot at winning. Well, we know how this ended... Taylor has displayed tremendous ability beating lesser of opponents then Dake. Dake is in his wheel house....cant shake the image of being beaten twice by Dake. Dake owns him.... PERIOD !!! D-I-N-G D-O-N-G.....Who is it ???.........the Cornell Constrictor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dake is in Taylor's head. This alone beats Taylor- again !! Dake again in a controlled match...if, Taylor gets reckless and opens up- he will lose by more and /or he will get decked.
  3. Gator - it's a natural. Time you will see that I am right. Again, it is ridiculous to believe Hofstra can compete all year without viable back-ups and this is common amongst $50,000 a year schools. It is the same old story with Hofstra - every year yet, Ryan seemed to be able to send out a "good product". BTW- I judge Coaches at this level by the way they RAISE a wrestler's production. Ryan getting Strause and Weinman to a NCAA semi finals was MORE than anyone has done in Hofstra history. Hofstra will be a victim to the Admin and a poor economy. Not because I cant boast about their line-up or their lack of recruitment.
  4. IMO- If, Hofstra doesnt have an NCAA Finalist in the next "cycle"....they are doomed. With this being said....Nose Picker and NJWClown will lead you to believe all is well in Hempstead, LI. Answer this - WHO is Hofstra's next big recruit ??? When can we expect a NCAA Finalist...what year ?? what Team ?? My Magic 8 Ball says that they will NO LONGER be a DI Wrestling Team. Tommy Ryan was the smartest flake in that box of corn flakes.
  5. douche bag says what ?? Are you saying Bonanno is gonna AA this year....Can you you name all their NCAA Champs ?? Anytime you understand that they are an INFERIOR PROGRAM- working with RIDICULOUS PROVISIONS and with less fire power than Columbia....please !!! The University- is on Long Island - THE BEST area in New York State for wrestling yet, each year LI "blue chips" bypass Hofstra ??? Stick to your own problems like Rutgers..and Rider.
  6. I believe that Stony Brook will become a DI Program....The window for Hofstra imo - is less than 8 yrs...depends imo how fast Stony Brook can become a funded DI Program. Look, from a fan's perspective- Hofstra is recruiting wrestlers who are STRUGGLING at this level. Anyone want to wager- on Hofstra AAs this year ??? Im not a supporter of imposter DIII wrestlers - receiving $25,000 a semester- to lose DI matches. I also believe that the bottom 50% of DI Programs should be wrestling in an another Division....a sub DI Division. The CAA is - and has been a joke since it's conception. Nothing supports it being a REAL solid DI conference. I wonder how many 5th place finishers in the Big 10 would beat the CAA Champion...I wonder how many DII Champions would beat the CAA Champion ??
  7. Unfortunately, for some- they are not understanding my sentiment. I could list the DOZENs of New York State HS wrestlers who turned their noses up to even considering Hofstra. At 50 % scholly, it still made it impossible to finance a College Education. BTW- Go look at their "goofy" results in recruiting....their one AA last year was a Brown recruit- and then became a replacement at Hofstra..when another transfered out. The other Gillespie , took him 5 yrs- as well as year prior with Ruggirello getting AA as a fifth yr senior. Ruggirello, wrestling elsewhere imo- would have been a multiple time AA. My brother wrestled at Hofstra in 1961- so, please do not question my desire to see a REAL DI Product on Long Island. Hofstra has had TWO 4-yr cycles to maintain competitiveness...and yearly it seems to be spiraling downward while Binghamton- which is less than 1/2 the price is more practical....and Buffalo is just a better Team at this point IMO. Being outpointed by Columbia is shameful. This Program is limited- it doesnt attract NYs best...nor NJs/ PAs. Nothing to gain by criticizing the Pride yet, keeping a realistic view of their ventures in recruiting- in results- is part of being a FAN. How many more New York State studs- will bypass Hofstra ????
  8. My name isnt Mitt Romney and I am not looking to streamline any DI Program but, to base EQUITY on a poor product doesnt make sense from many viewpoints. TRUST ME- this Program can not sustain support. More logic has Eastern - SUNY Stony Brook being a more sensible venture. This PROGRAM's lack of success will lose to an Admin. that had already cut the Football Program and will eventually, lose it's contributors- based primarily on them leaving the planet. " ooooh where have you gone Joe Dimaggio ???...oops, Tom Ryan". The only Coach who knew how to "recruit" and "juggle" schollies to get admirable results. Maybe, they should put Osh Kosh State on their schedule....for a win.... or get on the same Jet bus and leave town with Sporano/ Sanchez/ Ryan/ Johnson.
  9. Just the FACTS......Binghamton/ Buffalo/ and mighty Columbia - ALL finish ahead of the $100,000 a year individual wrestler. Last NCAA Champion was Nick Gallo- their ONLY NCAA Champion back in the '70s. Yes, missing a few of their starters yet, with NO VIABLE back-ups at an OVER PRICED Institution. Sorry, to be a critic but, this is really past being RIDICULOUS !!! The COST for travel, Coaching, etc. etc....might be better off being spent on saving food programs for needy kids on Long Island. You cant be a FAN....if, you cant keep it REAL.
  10. Ill fess up- I saved a few whales at 3 am.
  11. lol...I'll let Vougar know. btw- watch for his son Vito coming up.
  12. Only one way to beat Dake is- in neutral- finishing your takedown. His legs are his weakness in neutral yet, he compensates with extension of his body and usually scores when wrestlers do not finish which allows him an athletic-flexible escape from any serious trouble. other than that "he owns you"....every other way.
  13. LMAO...........If, you think this is the BEST ERA for wrestling - then DAKE is superior ....yet, I would have to believe that some of you go back a few decades and can chronologically find wrestlers who were Dake's equal and or who were superior. Just to think- that three short years ago many didnt have him winning his first title...yet, today he has reached Zeus like proclaimations...too funny !!! Kyle Dake- is an exceptional wrestler. Very adaptable to roll with anyone...TODAY- YESTERDAY- and TOMORROW. He is still not dynamic offensively in neutral- he is more than exceptional defensively yet, the BEST EVER- too funny !!!
  14. GREAT COLLEGE WRESTLING is usually boring. Dake is the master at wrestling whatever you have to offer. He scores when other wrestler's open up and he can drill you by a 1-0 score- What is brilliant to me is that he seems never to be "in trouble"...and there hasnt been anyone lately to give me a sense that they can put him in trouble. He is the MOST complete wrestler in the College ranks from neutral to offensive/ defensive positions. PERIOD !!!
  15. Winning a fourth consecutive NCAA DI Wrestling title in four consecutive weights- without a redshirt season - IMO is worthy of an "Athlete of the Year" award. What say you ... ESPN- are you listening ???
  16. If, Dake wins a fourth title- He will be in line for an ESPY (ESPN). Given to an athlete with a resume which goes beyond that of a normal career. Could easily be crowned "Athlete of the Year".
  17. flattop, "the only time money is important is when you dont have any". Money has never been my motivation. About posting, I will add my two cents whenever I feel interest is slighted by social malfunctions.
  18. Ive watched a Society become "pussified" in the last 20 yrs. NFL Football moving toward a show without blows. Kids as young as 5-6 being bought electronics which stifles their physicality along with poor diet may lead to TYPE II diabetes before they reach adulthood. STOP.....and check yourself. The PUREST form of reward is helping someone else. The further we get away from this thinking....the less human we have become. Get your DEBIT CARD out and spend a few bucks...flatbrain have your mom kick in her street walking money.
  19. 1-855-465-HELP or www.121212concert.org Ive seen the devestation and while much has gone back to being normal for many- there are thousands along the coast of New Jersey and New York who have lost everything.
  20. lol...like your logic yet, more suggests that Taylor should go to Dennys, Burger King, Dairy Queen and Kentucky Fried on a regular basis and move up a weight.
  21. FAN PERCEPTION- RECOGNITION- PARTICIPATION starts with the "youth" of America. I am not talking specifically about Peewee Wrestling Programs....It starts with TELEVISION and the following of the Sport weekly. Not everyone is cut out to be a wrestler yet, it doesnt mean that everyone cant find a fondness in combative competition...Kids invision themselves as their idols. I can remember 50 year ago owning a glove and bat that had Mickey Mantle on it....when I ran from the backfield -I was Leroy Kelly or the Greenbay sweep and Donnie Anderson. MSG- can be a significant MOTIVATIONAL factor- for the future of this Sport and the recognition of it's participants. The NCAA should recognise this and build upon it.
  22. So, I guess Rutgers has a new 133lber next season...or maybe, Iowa State ????
  23. Martin Luther King wasnt the only guy that had a dream !!! Ive always said that Wrestling has never been Marketed correctly. The Sport should have been on National TV - and could have gained Marketability for decades especially, drawing from the youth across America. I always believed that it could have been just as desirable to the fans of the WWE or MMA. Just seems that the NCAA - and other MINDLESS want to harness any progressive thinking. I basically had this idea last year- wanting to have Dake/ Taylor...John BONES Jones vs ??....College #1 vs College #2....etc. etc. all on one platform. Well, whatever...... This is a GREAT thing. Wrestling coming to "Broadway"...I'll be there and you should be there too.:D
  24. Like EVERY smart New York State wrestler- the record for any shot at real escalation in this sport is to stay as far away from Hofstra Univ. as possible. (1) NCAA Champ back to the late '70s and very few NCAA Finalists in the past 40 years. Just the FACTs- not the DELUSION anymore.
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