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  1. Cornell has a very solid Dual Team and are Ranked appropriately. Arujau gets his head together.....watch what damage he can instill on some Top dawgs. Nice to see BIG Red with all this New York presense. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - DEC. 16TH. Wrestling comes to the GARDEN AMAZING !!! Bring your wife and friends - let her shop while you are watching some Wrestling.
  2. Would be a GREAT place for College wrestling- Anything new with any proposals for future involvement with this Sport ??
  3. Jon Masa- had victories over O'connor, torched Gillespie, and some major wins throughout his 3- NCAA AAs. Couldnt get by Espo- then ran into Schlatter btw : Churella was pancaked and pinned by Masa.
  4. Alabama -2 pts vs New York Jets Notre Dame + 7 vs St Louis Rams .................... NorKi- spot on. !!!
  5. Currently, enrolled in a JR College- had a very good Soccer season. Made ALL- JC as a true freshmen. No need to lose a year's eligibility this season.
  6. I was a BIG fan of Notre Dame going back to the Parsigian days- Theisman, Hanratty etc. etc. The Bowl System is flawed.... btw- Notre Dame on their best day will not beat the Crimson Tide. Being OBJECTIVE.. IYO- What record would Notre Dame have against this compilation of Teams- again, your opinion. Ohio State- Oregon- Florida- Georgia- LSU- Alabama. IMO/ 1-5 - at best 3-5. So, for arguement's sake...winning 3 at best/ means they would have lost two....this would eliminate them from the National Championship Game.
  7. "STRONGEST" in who's opinion??? Beating So Cal/ Pittsburgh is considered STRONG ??? I tend to think playing LSU/Georgia/ Florida/ and Alabama - once or twice in the same season is EXTREME. Notre Dame gets blanked against Alabama...if, they play. Maybe, a field goal or two being that the Teams will have 6 weeks to defuse. Look, for a mauling....plus/ minus 10-14 pts on Notre Dame turnovers- Game gets ugly "fast". ROLL TIDE....ROLL !!! Rudy will have to get his shine box....and spit shine some Southern Gentilemen's shoes.
  8. Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, and possibly, Oregon, Ohio State. IMO = all better than ND. The Irish should have lost to Pittsburgh. I disagree with you on the "cupcake" schedule. IMO- playing in the SEC- at present is tougher than any Independent schedule.
  9. I think Ive seen about 5-10- Teams better than Notre Dame this year. I figure maybe, they would fall about 3-5 in the SEC. Imagine if it was this way in College wrestling- beat the bottom 20 in the Nation and proceed to the Championship match...lol.
  10. Willie and Charlie Gadson never won a NYS Title . Both did very well in Iowa. Actually, are the Father and Uncle of Keyvan Gadson presently at Iowa. Galea and Gallo both from Suffolk Co./NY stick out like sore thumbs....as to this thread.
  11. Im just curious to know if, anyone can explain how the NCAA will go about any changes in the individual qualification into the NCAA Tourney ??? The QUALITY of the BIG 10- seems to tower over many other Conferences.
  12. Honestly, Caldwell was the type of wrestler that IMO could beat Dake- yet, you guys cant grasp the idea that this kid Dake "knows how to win"....sometimes ugly -most times dominant.
  13. John "BONEs" Jones JUCO National Champ- DI Scholly yet, never to adorn a DI singlet. Instead, went into the MMA and became and is still the Light Heavyweight Champion. ....................................... New York wrestlers.....Nick Gallo/ Chris Edmonds/ Tom Ryan / Dean Morrison/ Mark Cody.. etc....all better in College / SR Level than their HS results.
  14. The backside of Sandy- hit with 90+ mph winds......which would be considered a normal blowjob in Florida but, this was Long Island- a place where 6 inches of snow may close down the School System for few days and in area in which 30- 40 mph winds commonly knock out cable and electric. The North Shore of Long Island is my home- and at approx. 6 pm- the day of the Storm...I went outside to witness the winds. Well, to the right of me a 60 ft Oak tree snapped like a toothpicke. To the left of me- my neighbors tree was uprooted....when I went back inside- I looked out the back window and saw the biggest tree in my yard come down just missing the house....the TV and lights went dark. For 13 days- I came back to a cold house and went to sleep in a very cold room. Reminded myself not to have anything to drink before I went to bed...in those 13 days I took approx. 6 cold showers- lol....C-O-L-D showers. I was offered another route but, chose to stay. I found out what INCONVENIENCE is - and then I found out what DEVESTATION is. In Long Beach LI- the Ocean met the Bay in the middle of Main St (Park ave).Same to many towns located near the sea. The Tidal surge on LIs south shore- was estimated at anywhere from 15' to commonly 3'....water/ sewage coming up through every drain in your home- filling your first flloor of your house to the ceiling. This is to areas that house 100's of thousands of people/families. Being one of the second responders to the devestated areas - I witnessed the goodness and the SWINE....The gas lines showed the UGLINESS of human beings. I met alot of elderly who needed help- mainly , because they were to stubborn to leave their home- it was too cold for them stay ....I saw kids playing as though nothing had happened. I cant imagine how differcult it is on those who have nothing right now- and -I cant get rid of the hurt I have inside of me for them. My work allows me to help them get back their lives. At present , Im monitoring debris removal- Amazing that once which was peoples furniture- heirlooms- family photos- and cherished belongings is now called debris . I honestly didnt know who won the Dake/Taylor match until some time last week. Thanks to all for the "well wishes". On a side note- if. you have the financial ability to help someone- I suggest ADOPTING a Family. The rewards of a personal one on one relationship with a you and a family-other than your own will bring you great joy. There are alot of people not making it out there.
  15. Hurricane Sandy knocked me out for two weeks. COMPLAINT- I only have one . To all OHIOANs- SUPERMAN does not come around every year and Im sure he would pick another state to live in other than Ohio. So, please be selective in annointments. Hear Dake beat Taylor in horseshoes too !!!
  16. JMO- The more of a "goer" you are....the more Dake licks his chops. Caldwell was OBJECTIVELY- having a much better resume yet, also with alot of questions about wrestling a full 7:00 minutes. I also believe Dake had never wrestled anyone with Caldwell's athleticism.
  17. Lord. Ian Paddock and Donnie Vinson (didnt say HS only) and Steven Keith beat Hunter - I believe in a FILA National back in HS.
  18. WHO were the last two New York State wrestlers to beat Kyle Dake ?? WHO is the other DI New York State wrestler that owns a victory over Hunter Steiber in High School ??
  19. I did an interview for FLO- with Jeff Blatnik. He loved talking wrestling now and then. Coaching High School wrestling in the Albany area of New York gave him great satisfaction. Seemed like a very nice guy. My condolences to his family and to his friends.
  20. Most top Basketball players run back n forth for around 32-38 mins a game- carrying around 6% body fat- vertical leaps above 3 ft-
  21. GREAT PLACE TO SPEND A DAY. The venue allows you the best viewing of some of the TOP Programs and wrestlers in the Country. Watched as a fan for two years and recorded some video for FLO last season. GOOD SHOW.
  22. Im always perplexed by Jersey- reminds me of my youth when I use to hear the old Italians talking about Sicily and how Sicilians werent Italian also, how they would stab you in the back....LOL. You Jersey guys love to swing your meat around....lol...."mine is bigger...NO-NO mine is bigger "
  23. Any reports or opinion on Keyvan Gadson ??? Does he start this year ??
  24. I have a sister who lives in Cedar Knolls- nieces who live in Whippany. I got to get them out of that State. A State of "CONFUSION".
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