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  1. FLAT Tire. told you, come back when you are a 1000 post's strong - until then, you are not worth my time.
  2. Dont you Jerzey guys have a Soprano re-run you can watch ????
  3. I will ask it in the form of a Question...On National Ranking's sheet were those wrestlers ranked above some New Jersey wrestlers and /or were they even Honorable mentions Nationally ??? See IMO- I dont think you will find 20 kids in the USA / in Folkstyle to beat these wrestlers. This is a yearly event. So, to think wrestlers who beccome NCAA Champs /AAs from New York State seem to get less ink. This is OBJECTIVE.....The SUBJECTIVITY comes from not wrestling head to heads. this is my point.
  4. Last year.....Piccininni, Zupan, Locke, to start.
  5. I definitely have bias toward NYS wrestlers and the yearly dismissal of them in Rankings. NO DOUBT!!!. Though, I remain OBJECTIVE. David Taylor fans seem to want him to wrestle Dake...every week until he beats him. :roll: Kyle Dake can and should win his fourth NCAA Title...yet, he canT even be in the same conversation with THE BEST EVER High School wrestlers from New York State. Is that SUBJECTIVE or OBJECTIVE ???
  6. There is IRONY when an OBJECTIVE overview that in the last two years in an All Star match between NJ/NY - NY came away with wins- and - ranked NJ wrestlers were beaten by wrestlers who have never even been mentioned on any Rankings sheet. The SUBJECTIVITY comes when cretons just matter a factly suggest that New Jersey is a better wrestling State. I just say at WHAT WEIGHT and can you give me a name ?? Same goes for D.T vs K.D.....Dake was an underling out of High School and got lucky winning his first NCAA Title...?? LMFAO....more IRONY that he is going for his fourth NCAA Title..lol...He did beat Taylor didnt he ??? Funny, Cornell will have 4 NYS wrestlers in starting rolls- and NJ's Rutgers seems to like New York wrestlers too- add a few at Edinboro.....Buffalo/ Hofstra/ seem to be NY Top heavy. So, I see no IRONY....just being OBJECTIVE. Lastly, about honoring a POST- and the frame work around a posted bet....If, the Queen had balls she'd be King. If, I was so inclined to make a posted bet as I did....again, then dont read my posts and /or post on them. That is the real IRONY that the NJ clowns continue to post....lol.
  7. Jerry Garcia got it right when he said "what a strange trip it has been"....lol. Im done defending myself about a "bet" on a Wrestling Forum...lol. I will always support OBJECTIVITY and I will always point out BIAS and SUBJECTIVITY. So, please get over the assumption that I will "honor" any bet that I made on this Board. THERE IS NO HONOR IN POSTING ON A FORUM....too funny !!! Then again , when all of you expose your real names and all of you do your own personal inventory- as I have done for countless years on Wrestling Forums...too funny!!!!. Lets keep to the topic....GREATs.
  8. Do I owe you any money ??? Then WORD this ....!!!!!!!
  9. Did you ever consider staying off "my thread" ??? Im your drug of choice- not one that you were directed to take. SO, .... TAKE A HIKE !!!!
  10. Nothing like a CONSERVATIVE "PREDJUDICE" REDNECK talk'n about Class....lol. How many empty coffee cups are thrown in the back of your Ford pick-up ...LMFAO !!!
  11. Interesting that the word "idiot" comes from a Psychological handbook from the early 1900s...along with retard, moron, and imbecile. If, you look further into it you might see some of these guys in every thread. Then again ,when you are looking.. it may be you- who you are looking for. :ugeek:
  12. I feel like Joe Biden putting that little "snot nose" in his hip pocket. I cant believe how my trivial JV quitting posts- get dissected .LOL....EF Hutton, I am not.
  13. Did someone just "fart" ?? I think I heard a "fart"...???
  14. nom, has figured this out in a mere 136 posts..GO FIGURE !!! ........................... SOCK. I actually can see that score happening- and Taylor winning in November. Just Dake's MO- since he started at Cornell- to peak in March is the objective. Wouldnt surprise me that Taylor can get the "W".. Though, Im choosing to believe Dake will be passionate about the outcome.
  15. I will be inclined to ANSWER YOU this way. You better look up the word OUTLANDISH ??? I think you mean to say that I had an OPINION - and VOICED IT LOUDLY. While I was wrong in it's entirety- I did specifically say or used words like MATURITY- and- constant WEIGHT CLASS rises . All justifiable - all reasonable doubts concerning your "love child". I also, said that I was wrong on many posts about this specific subject . I also, said that I would stop posting on the College Board. ....lol....I changed my mind- so, get over it. now, be a nice little gremlin and find a rock to crawl under...k ???
  16. Thanks for the English lesson....ExCuSe Me WhIle i BuRp """""""""""
  17. MBP, I hear dat !!! lol. He did make a PREDJUDICIAL remark. He amplified a feeling that ALL Long Islanders have a common characteristic ..??? hmmmm...??? Imagine if I was a Black President and he told me how he really feels ...lol . He lives in South Jersey- I believe in a Town called Selma....LOL !!! ................ PA_fanatic, "Get over yourself, sir" !!! You have displayed more IDIOCY than I- and to continue it only enhances your TARD status.
  18. How do I dignify that compilation of stupidity ??/ Im glad you live in the Blueberry Capital of the USA- YAWN !!! So, who do you see winning the Dake/ Taylor match. ??? There must be a reason why you are here- unless, then again you are another "stalker" that follows me around like a shadow. You know you do not have to read any of my posts !!???
  19. and to think if, you just mix in a little Nassau Co- which is anywhere from 10 mins- to 30 mins west...You had guys named Destefanis - Palacio- Hunte- and so on. I played Football against Bobby Isom/ North Babylon
  20. LOL....NJWC !!!! your redneck is glowing . ACCOMPLISH...lol!!! Dude, Im sure my Resume- has more acknowledgements than yours.....this , Im almost certain. So, you have a problem with "an area"...lol..Long Island and their people ?? How do you feel about Gays and different Ethnicities ??? secondly, ELITE ??? So, tell me it is ok for me to "compare" only the Ham n Eggers- not the ELITE...lol ??? Im call'n up Mr Dake right now - to tell him his son is ELITE..then, I will call up Coach Koll and tell him he has to treat Dake differently then his other wrestlers. Anytime you want to compare a 135 IQ to the amount of fingers n toes you can come up with - Please, I will gladly accept. btw- Am I allowed to critique Alex Rodriguez or Eli Manning ????? Is it ok for me to believe that the NY Jets would have a hard time with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Is it ok that I think Romney has no idea what "working" for a living is ???
  21. The horse is BEAT- you can stop whipping him !!! Kinda like ...didnt Dake beat this kid already ???
  22. PA _Fan, "input or output"- you still remain an orafice in the lower quadrant. I stated an OBVIOUS Fact. Throughout, Kyle Dake's College career he has been a BETTER wrestler in Feb/ March than he is in Nov/Dec/Jan. He beat Molinaro I believe 2-1 early...than molested him in March two years ago. (btw- can we use the word molested - in reference to a PSU wrestler??). This only proves your SENSITIVITY toward any reference toward the ANNOINTED ONE- D.T.. I dont HEDGE...I told you all long ago about the rise of "Kid Dynamite"- If, Dake really takes this match seriously- I wouldnt be surprised if he "decks" Taylor again.
  23. THE TAYLOR SUPPORTERS WONT CHIME IN UNTIL/UNLESS THE PSU PRODOGY WINS....I CAN HEAR IT NOW- "I TOLD YOU SO" !!! Cornell Constrictor 3-2/ if, it is a snore fest. Cornell Constrictor 8-3/ if, he opens up and Taylor gets frustrated. btw- the timing of this match is NOT the best time for Dake. Just stating the obvious throughout his College career he has shown displays of gassing- not being overly enthused against moderate competition in Dec. etc.. I also, like his ability more when he is cut to a conditioned weight -instead of accepting the extra weight jump (165). IMO- Kyle Dake is at his best at 50 somethn . Hopefully, FILA will change the weight class to 152.5 in the near future.... and then I would buy my ticket to Rio -
  24. wooowww !!! Who would of thunk it ??? Took Kyle Dake 3 NCAA Titles before the "flip-flops". Something must be wrong with this post. How can the MAJORITY favor Dake ???? Now, the Wrestling Gods are getting antsy......could mean trouble for the Cornell Constrictor.
  25. Badger , Growing up on Long Island in Suffolk Co. early '70s- Brentwood HS was also, known as Brentwood University -Graduating classes were well over 3000. All Sports in general...during this period you had INCREDIBLE Talent just from this one school- Many athletes "street tough" never making it to College. Truly, some of the BEST High School athletes that I have ever seen or been associated with. Brentwood mid '70s was broken up into two different schools -Ross/Sonderling. JMO- You get white-black and hispanic kids all in ONE Wrestling Room- and watch how the competition percolates. This was typical of the Brentwood HS Wrestling Room.
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