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  1. Get back to me when you have made more than a 1000/posts...k.
  2. Coach Paul Gillespie , when asked " Who was the best wrestler(s) you have Coached and Who do you think was the best wrestler you've seen in Nassau County". Best he Coached: Al Palacio and Jon Masa Best in Nassau Co,: Michael Macchia/ Island Trees. ................................................... Some wrestlers CONTINUE to raise their ability with maturity...Adams, McCoy, Gadson, Edmunds , Dake etc. etc. Good- to Very Good. IMO- very good HS wrestlers ,even better when they got to College and beyond.
  3. btw- Carl Adams never lost to Wade Schalles. Carl wrestled him 5 times all in Freestyle and won them all. ................ flatbrain- an appropriate screen name.
  4. I think Carl Adams squeeked out a victory against his Nassau Co. opponnent...Gary Ventimaglia ...5-4 (??) Long Island was just RIDICULOUSLY talented.
  5. side note: How productive Brentwood , HS was in the late 60s/ early 70s. Adams, Galea, Antonacci all going to Iowa St.
  6. side note: How productive Brentwood , HS was in the late 60s/ early 70s. Adams, Galea, Antonacci all going to Iowa St.
  7. When they talk about GREATS many forget about Carl Adams- when I talk about GREATs he is one of the first that comes to mind.Watched him in High School and remember many of his achievements as a wrestler. 2X NCAA Champ/ 3X USA FS Champ and named by Sports Illustrated as the " Middle weight of the Decade".He wrestled in a time that IMO this was forgotten- when things were just ROUGH- competition was DEEP- and wrestling talent was INCREDIBLE . A time forgotten and an arena many have NEVER seen. Tip my hat to Mr Carl Adams !!!
  8. GONZO, I hear that..., interesting that in the USA- people speak about safe sex - yet, you wont find a condom ad on television.
  9. at what weight ??? lol I cant believe this thread hasnt been tested with opinion. To build a fan base you must have opposing opinions- and contrasting views. It is ok to be wrong and to provoke some analysis. Enthusiasm is good- humor is better. Some should take off their starched underwear and let the boys free !!!!
  10. I think I didnt explain myself to clearly here...Just for fun I would like to see WHO you would pick at equal weights. I think a senior 149 lb Jesse Jantzen beats a sophmore 149 lb Kyle Dake.... I could not fathom Prescott losing to Nickerson....at any point. I do like Dubuque as a fifth yr senior over Gene Mills...... Freshmen Schlatter MANHANDLES a rs freshmen Taylor. Coleman vs Jordan...hmmmm ???
  11. Decades- go by and wrestlers come and go. Some comparisons are made yet, can you really determine the outcome. So, I propose debate by State- Add some more if , you would like. Choose the year while in College where you think that they were at their finest....too date for those still active. Troy Nickerson/ NY vs Jeff Prescott/ NY Kyle Dake/ NY vs Jesse Jantzen/ NY Joe Dubuque / NJ vs Gene Mills / NJ Coleman Scott/ PA vs Jordan Oliver / PA Dustin Schlatter/ OH vs David Taylor/ OH ...........GOOD START.
  12. gotta love-ya scribe !! ...lol... :lol: ................. PA....thanks for leaving me with that. Maybe, you should stroll Harlem if, you need an Education on the English Language. Did I spell POMPOUS JACK-OFF correctly ???
  13. Because, this is America- and - tolerance/acceptance is what makes you a forgiving man ?? This is why your wife allows you to soil her body because you are a giving an understanding man who allows for other's mistakes. Now, will you go fetch me my slippers....PA-fan !! You pompous windbag !!! ................................. johnny...not sure. I mean I know Ive responded to some of your posts. I Unfortunately, never know who Im speaking to when away from the keys. Though, I have met many people all around the Country
  14. Out of respect to this site and to JB...I will not indulge this "ball bag" carrier anymore. "MAN, I HOPE DAKE DECKS YOUR GOLDEN BOY " !!!....forgot!!?? He did that already... (sorry, David)
  15. LOL....Interesting that a former President sent us in to an unfounded War with a Sovereign Nation (Iraq) for unfounded reasons- where many young men and women were maimed and or killed yet, the American people can re-elect his sorry azz....yet, my PREDICTION that Taylor wouldnt come to his physical peak until his Junior season- and NOT win the Big 10s/NCAA Title until then can make MEN look for solice in a public internet hanging...AMAZING !!???? Many forgot that I had Gillespie beating Schlatter....or Masa beating Churella....and picking DARKHORSE AAs- and who would be the first TOP 4- Ranked to get knocked off by a NON-Ranked wrestler yet, when it comes to the FABULOUS One- the Gifted Giant- the Majestique- the Pride of PSU...EVERYONE'S BUTT HOLE GETS INFLAMED....lol. btw- Did you know that Kyle Dake who was Kindigs, Grajales, Palmer and Taylor's underling....well, he is going for his fourth NCAA Title...and mind you I was wrong about him to. I only had him winning 2 NCAA Titles. This is grounds for Treason...punishment by guillotine !!! ............................... btw- PA-fan...."Lack of Integrity" ????...LOL.. Send me a copy of your '11 Income Taxes and then we'll see about INTEGRITY !!
  16. International Style- Paul Weiderman and maybe, Nick Gallo.......this is assuming you think wrestling is better now with LESS , International Travel- LESS quality competition today. So, ultimately wrestlers are not wrestling the BEST competition internally and externally. The above guys did. College- Mike Picozzi, Mike Guistizia, Jeff Thomas, Howie Rabin, Bob Antonacci, Carl Destefanis, Al Palacio to name a couple. Both Palacio and Destefanis beat Bonomo in College- Picozzi beat Davis- and Nick Gallo beat the #1-#2-#3 seeds at the NCAA Tourney HS- Billy Starke, Jeff Thomas, Mike Macchia, Al Palacio- just a few .....lol...and a few girls too. !!!
  17. rossel using some OBJECTIVITY- What's next Tebow announcing that he has no love for women.???
  18. Cant you guys go back and start talking about Dustin Schlatter every day !!??
  19. SHELF LIFE....Will be determined by "me". The other comments - are typical of a buffoon. The subject remains the same. If, you do not like my post(s)- I suggest you do not read them or move to another post. Sorry, that I am your "jones". ................................ ATTACH MYSELF ...lol...????? My credibility comes from "EXPERIENCE" - not from thinking I know more- and that I am superior to anyone else's opinion. Did you see "DAN GABLE" wrestle- LIVE ??? Did you see "CARL ADAMS' wrestle in High School ?? btw- I was a (3) Sport athlete in High School- (2) Sport athlete in College. I have a pretty good idea about Athletics and Athletes.........and OVER-Intrusive parenting !!! You guys who are too involved cant usually see past your nose. too funny !!!!
  20. FACT- "Dads" have been arrested for assault across America for being hostile toward Officials and to opposing competitors.btw- some Moms too. IMO- "Dads" since the '90s have become invasive-intrusive- to the development of their children- usually, stunting their growth and level change of their children by being too INVOLVED...and taking on the job as Coach- while not being asked to do so. Now, this isnt an OPINION - I strongly believe that it is not only embarrassing but, literally quite psychotic that any Dad posts or opinionates on a Forum / on a Subject that indirectly or directly pertains to their SON/DAUGHTER especially, while he has a SON/DAUGHTER active in a Sport . He can not be objective concerning ANY subject that involves his SON/DAUGHTER. Most of the time there is an underlying obsession and subjectivity in ANY/MOST of their posts. I have MANY yrs experience in this subject area. Just a suggestion.. go cut the grass and while at an event- GO SIT IN THE BLEACHERs WITH ALL THE OTHER KNOW-IT-ALLs and LEAVE YOUR KID ALONE !!!! Now, if I offended any of you Dads with the "truth"...I suggest you remove all the mirrors in your home. - Every day your 15 mins at fame is on the decline. Most Dads have a 4-year window life on any Forum. Ive seen many come and go. Most usually having to "eat crow" - for their outrageous claims at the expense of their Child/Athlete. Most at some point in time reach out their hand to me- and - realize how foolish they were. PEACE-
  21. hold on Dick Tracey....listen to Joe Jitsu !!!! I stand whole heartedly about those quotes. #1- Cejudo was down in every match at the Olympics - I believe- and he had to pull each victory out. PROPS to his never dieing end of the pursuit of Gold. BUT.............JMO....nothing from these victories tells me he would beat , Nickerson, Robles and McD in Folkstyle each of these wrestlers had SUPERIOR mat/riding skills. Henry IMO- wouldnt have been so in command of neutral to these wrestlers- and IMO- would have been beaten soundly when the wrestling went to the mat. Cejudo did EXACTLY what many gifted takedown wrestlers dont do- after High School and that is GO TO OTC. This was a very smart move for this wrestler and others should do the same especially, to those who arent gifted in the classroom.
  22. Primarily, Suffolk County You have heard of Mayo, Yazzo, McCoy, Morrison, Jantzen to name a FEW.....all who lived in Suffolk Co.
  23. lol... About 3-4 years ago I got the bug to not be so nice to Hofstra University- ONLY for one particular reason. COST....Cost has escalated to nearly 50,000 a year- and to coax competitive second teamers with little help of financial insentives has been nearly remote. Hence, why I believe Hofstra has struggled by year's end - each year. Their TOP DAWGs have to perform too hard and for too long- imo...also, basically losing chance at the TOP 1-2% recruits from New York, NJ, PA- They just go elsewhere. Now, like I imagined and hoped for...Stony Brook has emerged as a viable DI Athletic participant- It is located in ONE of the Top hotbeds for High School wrestling- it's cost is around 18,000 a year. NO BRAINER to me that this might be the NEW AVENUE for some of NYS's top wrestlers. Just cost alone may get walk-ons - this is non issue at Hofstra. curse this !!!! lol
  24. ya think ??? Tell me, where and when did I say anything that could not make for a "better Forum" ??? My opinions may not be well delivered and many do not like my felonious assault on the English format of a sentence-and paragraph- my random capitalization etc. etc....yet, WHERE would any Forum be "better" ??? I actually think you guys are the BOTTOM FEEDERs who rarely make a stand...in prediction -at possibility. I have never been a CLONE of anyone- and CLONING imo so standard today."If, you dont vote with us -then you are against us". BTW- What gives any of you the idea that I actually care about what you think of me..lol. Too funny !!! I stand behind what I have posted for over 15 years- Mainly, to try to develope interest in a Sport -that imo was never marketed correctly -still has the cult mentality and has never expanded it's boundaries in the proper fashion. Now, about my predictions and my failures at predicting....Im done..lol !!! What gives anyone the RIGHT to question my motives and or the predictions. Never did I ever care whether I was right or wrong- There arent too many days in a year where I care "if, Im right or wrong". I can accept failure- loss- and I learn from both...Have and always will until I leave this Planet. Lastly, on th FLO thing- and David Taylor. FLO is a GREAT site for Wrestling video. These guys do bust their butts videoing/ uploading-downloading /organizing trips etc. etc. They for the most part work tenuously to make the Product better for you. As for me, I was just an OUTSPOKEN guy about this Sport met with JoeFlo/ and then with Martin...was cordially invited to Austin, TX. Was involved in their State Series coverage of which the money received came from donors in the NY area. I did almost 15 coverages throughout NYS...mind you I am not that kida guy. I spent tormultuous hours uploading/downloading- for basically RE-IMBURSEMENT. When it was time to throw me a BONE -I was thrown to the CURB. That is straight up !!! No hard feelings - move on. I wont even go into the stuff that happened in Philly at the NCAA Tourney....such children !! lol. DAVID TAYLOR- my Facebook friend...lol. I couldnt imagine anyone ever getting more ink than Dustin Schlatter..lol. Then wait a minute -another Ohioan getting MORE ink. This kid wasnt hyped too much was he..LOL !!! wHILE THIS WAS GOING ON- there were other wrestlers around the Nation who were considered underlings....one in particular was a kid named KYLE DAKE....and as you've seen the Wrestling Gods have kept close vigil on the Wrestling Balance . LImarty has met alot of people on this road -of posting opinion for 15 + yrs. All around the Country I have been asked " You are from New York- Do you know that guy named Long Island Marty"- he's a jerk !! ?? In some cases -I laugh and say" yeah, I know him and I agree with them". It's ALL GOOD !! FORUMs are about OPINION- Pro or Con. When it gets too "white washy" to me - it is time to dirty it up.
  25. I know that New Jersey sent 9- State Champs and a total of 14-State Finalist s to a match against a New York Team- btw- NOT the best Team...lol....and New Jersey lost again. and NJWC- you continue to be a "tool".
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