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  1. How many times does it take to lose....before you say "I WONT LOSE ANYMORE" and/or how many times does it take to lose...before you say "I WILL BE HAPPY WHEN THIS IS OVER". Chasing an AA or a NCAA Title changes every year- every month- every day- every hour- every match. A Coach is not a Therapist- he is not the one who wrestles the matches and/or the one who found other interests. Scott Winston answers to himself. Just like every other Athlete.
  2. RED, I disagree with that whole GENERALIZATION. MANY weights each year in New York are better Quality kids than in New Jersey.
  3. and if, Peacock or Koll comes to the match we win 112.....Nevinger/ Paddock/ Locke...then it gets ugly for the Jersey All Stars. The only people OUT OF SHAPE are the excuse makers. ........................................................................... Binghamton/ Cornell/ Hofstra/ Buffalo......You better start counting the New York State starters- and do a little comparison on Rutgers, Rider, Princeton and we'll count the DI NCAA AAs next season.
  4. SO, let me get this straight -the Jersey wrestlers werent prepared- "cause they were out of shape"...one week prior to the Va Beach National Folk Tourney and the FLO National Tourney....or is it quite possible that they just got flat-out BEAT ??? That ALL-STAR Team was one of the BEST ever put together out of New Jersey- and in prior post New York could have sent two or three other Teams that were comparable or BETTER than the one suited up in Clarkstown. Let's hear next year's excuse now......so, we can get it out of the way. New York will be 3-0 ..."TAKE THIS TO THE BANK" MAYBE, it is time to wise'n up on New York wrestling and wrestlers....Goodale understands- where to look for wrestlers. BTW- you will see the WRATH of New York wrestling next season in College DI...AND it is apparent it is stronger than I thought.....when kids like Piccininni- Restrepo - Koll- are beating up upperclassmen- than I have to accept other's ignorances.
  5. scribe, He DEVELOPED leg attacks. The Dakemeister has always feasted on other's attempts....and now can roll either way. 10-6 or 1-0. I agree that Dylan Palacio- will have to find more scoring attempts at this new level and he will find enough technicians in his room to develope these skills.
  6. 3-WEEKs away from their State Tourney.... NJ wrestlers "out of shape". So, this is the REASON you got beat by New York- AGAIN !!....LOL....and the Sun was in your eyes....AND you tripped on the mat seam. How many matches did Bethea lose this year...How many times did he get decked ???. Palacio did get taken down - the second time all year..lol....and his METHODICAL - style of wrestling owned Bethea. There was no doubt about the outcome. I hear that CONDITIONING - is part of this Sport. btw- "on leg attacks"....hmmm ??? A kid named Dake has made a living on other's mistakes.
  7. Dylan Palacio/ Long Beach HS- Long Island, New York Dylan caps off an undefeated folkstyle season with wins in both freestyle and greco -BECOMING a Triple Crown winner in NYS. Palacio had memorable wins this season over NYS Champion/ Brian Realbutto - beating undefeated NJ State Champ Rashmiah Bethea (the battle of the "O" must go") and capping it off with a Va. Beach Senior National Folkstyle Championship. Palacio is on a mission to raise his game at Cornell- his favorite wrestler is Kyle Dake and Im sure he will get "tooled" many times by Kid Dynamite in the Wrestling Room. BTW- The Palacio name- goes back to the days when 2X NCAA AA Albierto Palacio was room mates with a guy named Rob Koll at the Univ. of North Carolina. It was my pleasure watching Dylan since he was a peewee- and hope that he reaches his dream of becoming a NCAA Champion. IMO- He is going to the right place to accomplish this.
  8. I would think that Borshoff's name may be mentioned as a PERMENENT SUDSTITUTE (lol)
  9. I understand his sentiment. A few scrambles in last year's NCAA could have put St John right in that match against Taylor...yet, lets not COMPARE an offenseless St John to a scorer such as Taylor. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS TOPIC.....is the little RESPECT people have for Dake's ability to wrestle a 1 pt match and or send it to a Fall. Anyone that thinks David Taylor would roll through Dake with a measured ankle pick/or Hi C....hasnt seen Kyle Dake score off other's shots. Anyone that thinks David Taylor will roll Dake's wrists and or crab/half him to his back....hasnt seen Dake wrestle from the bottom. More distressingly for Taylor is HOW/WHAT he will do being underneath Kyle Dake ?? CRAZY as it seems ...I cant even think how David Taylor scores any points against Dake.. unless given by Dake ???? IMO- he's not taking him down and he is not turning him. You guys give little credit to this 3X NCAA Champ's ability as a STUDENT of this Sport. "Are we to believe that you have magic grits...." ???? (What Movie ?)
  10. Foreman rocked Frazier and I still remember Fraziers- bounce a couple of time on the canvas at the Nassau Coliseum. Holmes at his best- beats Frazier at his best. Holmes could take body punches all day and he would have opened up Frazier's face- Frazier would have a hard time getting inside. Holmes did have a tremendous reach advantage...YET, Frazier's heart was as big as Texas and his persistence was never ending ...his left hand could DROP anyone. Boxer vs Boxer...Ali wins unanimously over Holmes btw- In all things being EQUAL- Foreman was a BEAST - who IF, for one moment considered that he would have to fight 12/15 rounds with Ali....He might have been considered a REAL GREAT. He rarely gets his just due.
  11. Unfortunately, MANY of you didnt spend your teen years in the '70s- and are speaking out of what your read or perceive to be TRUTHS- more or less is..OPINION. mid- '70s through the mid '80s WE had a very dynamic culture that favored CONTACT Sports- CREATIVE entertainment- and wasnt ashamed of telling it "the way it IS"...Today, the culture has rendered a "puzzy" mentality- inclusive of TYPE II Diabetes- PLAGERISM- and social eneptism. SAME SPORTS- different animals !!! ........................ Guys such as Dave Winfield/ Bo Jackson and many more would be CONSIDERED all world today cause they could do it ALL....Very similar to a LARGE percentage of athletes during this time period. BTW- technology has changed Sports along with rules etc....Keeping it to this board- I would mind having the mid '70s/'80s wrestlers..wrestling against this pool.
  12. I dont know if he'll ever wrestle 165-- I believe 157 will be his home for two years.
  13. 4 ?????? How can he win ONE ??? You guys still feel he shouldnt have won his first....LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!
  14. DBOZZZ, I hear ya....... ............................... Please, someone explain to me- WHY is so important to have a kid who fills in at 103- yet, it cant be filled by the same kid at 106 ??? Something Im not getting here ?????? RATIONAL THINKING suggests...that you will have MORE possibilities at a weight that is more enticing to a HS aged athlete....and MORE suggests that you may have a "small" 112 lber who can make 106-
  15. Proudpatriot, Most TOP Tier wrestling States will have a HS Wrestler at 103lbs...yet, MORE would have multiple wrestlers at 106lbs. Like Ive said MANY wrestlers are too big for 103 yet, not big enough for 112. With 106 lbs as a start- a kid who is around 112-115 lbs starting the season could make the 106/108 lbs needed when in wrestling shape . lame /wrong........then you shouldnt have a problem with 103 to 106 - RIGHT ?? The poster also mentioned 98 lbs- and tell me how many are in those Wrestling Rooms- those of HS age ????? BTW- the PRIMARY age of 103 lbers is 14-15 yrs old...incorporating 106 will extend the weight to 11th and 12th graders- So, NO ONE has a problem wrestling HS Students -in HS Varsity matches...RIGHT !!!??
  16. Zebra, You arent serious ..are you ??? 3 lbs "eliminated" some kid from Competition. Explain this ??? 3lbs- might have made 2-3 OTHER kids capable of wrestling- those who were near 112 lbs yet, who are too small to wrestle 112- cause some kid is coming down from 120+. COMPETITION....lol. You just made MORE competition for a spot on a "VARSITY" Team- where 9th thru 12th graders should be PRIMARY- not the exception. PRIMARY not the exception- PRIMARY not the exception. BTW- If, "Mighty Mouse" is so competitive- at 98/103 - Im sure he'll be fine competing at 106- If, not this year than maybe, next year.... "IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION" INTO A SPORT THAT IS DESIGNED FOR "GROWTH" ...in technique- in skill and in size. To bypass these "levels" of growth is NOT helping anyone.
  17. DBOZZZ, I feel ya....but, you have to make them available. More weights around the Avg -133 is good. Starting at 106 is sensible and having 195- 220 is SMART. Forfeits/ for small schools has been around for years.
  18. I guess you havent seen a College- "tweener" too big and slow for 197 and too small for 285- I think 220 allows for growth. current- 171 to 189....is RETARDED - 18 lbs - "s'up wit dat" ???
  19. WISDOM .... this is fine and it makes sense- 126-145 seems to be ACCURATE to the average weight of HS aged -wrestlers. Raising 103 to 106 is a "no brainer" and the upper weights are practical especially, 170-220......hooray !!!! for 195- and 220
  20. iowa, Do not confuse me with a Tarot Card reader...lol. When it comes to the intangibles- Im pretty accurate. I didnt need a Crystal Ball either. Dake's Dad was a 2X NCAA AA- at Kent St -his Mom , I hear was a World Class Gymnast...I had watched him closely since he was a 10th grader- and the way he pulled out wins accentuated his probability. On a side note- when you talk to HS wrestlers you can get a feel about their "love" or not for this Sport...when they get to a certain level where they are all within a few points of each other...This seems to make the difference. Dake wasnt really too hard too predict. BTW, he will not be competing this Summer- you may see him Coaching some HS kids at Fargo and at other events. This is LOVE of the Sport. Prior to this....I never made any REAL assertions as to WHO would or could. Straight up- I think ONE conversation or the way a wrestler watches other's wrestle can signify his possibilities . Good students of the game, ability and the desire/dedication/discipline/determination to excel are the components. Kyle Dake had EVERY one.
  21. Well, considering everyone and his brother has a HS senior already a NCAA Finalist in Steiber...I would have to say the McD is in a "less" competitive weight class than 149/157. So, naturally he would get the nod -as to this post. I would hope Kyle -reads this and wants to prove me differently ; ) .................... pre-predictions before College/ I had Dake a 2X NCAA Champ and a 3X Finalist- I'll stick to this.
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