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  1. Wrestling is certainly not alone in being endangered. As noted above, men's gymnastics is basically going the way to being a club sport for purposes of feeding olympic hopefuls. A very sad decline over the past few decades. And concerning Big 10 sports more on par with wrestling, Michigan State today eliminated their swimming and diving programs.
  2. Back in the 70s and 80s at MSU, Professor Kim was friends with Grady Peninger, and in the off season, many of the MSU wrestlers would train in judo. I think Jim Mason, Mike Potts and others were also successful in judo as a well.
  3. Dan Gable is one of the greatest wrestlers and coaches the United States ever produced. Donald Trump is the worst, most incompetent president of our generation. This event did nothing to change my opinion of either.
  4. Jason Morris and Jimmy Pedro are probably the best known judokas (Olympic silver medalist, world champion) who also wrestled in college.
  5. Never met him, but really liked his leg turk instructional - he must have been an excellent clinician.
  6. Northern Michigan DID have a decent NCAA Div. II men's program back in the 1970s, but it was discontinued (I believe in the early 1980s). More recently, they are starting to do things in women's wrestling: https://www.nmuwildcats.com/general/2019-20/releases/20200214m7yf7p
  7. https://www.si.com/olympics/2020/09/24/rulon-gardner-ups-and-downs-20-years-daily-cover Interesting article on what Rulon's been up to recently, as far as his coaching and his latest business activities. Although a little disappointing to note that he still hasn't gotten rid of the extra weight.
  8. I'm sure potential lost $$ was a big factor in creating it. Hopefully wrestling and all the other sports can implement something similar so we can have a season.
  9. It sounds like all the Big 10 schools got together and basically came up with a comprehensive plan for daily testing of all the student athletes, how to handle those who contract the virus, and how to minimize the spread during practices and competition. https://www.maizenbrew.com/2020/9/16/21439533/what-caused-the-big-ten-to-change-its-mind-on-playing-football-this-fall
  10. For a long time Michigan had a solid pipeline to St. Eds in Ohio. That was slightly upset by Tom Ryan as noted, but they still get good wrestlers from there. Blair has also been a good source of talent. More recently, St. John's has probably been the most consistent.
  11. He's brother to former Stanford AA and head coach Steve Buddie?
  12. A start to their fight for survival. I hope they succeed.
  13. He matriculated at Iowa in 1985. He was a fairly prominent recruit, but never started for Iowa. I hope he wins this battle.
  14. An old article on the LSU program and coach Shack. Unfortunately, collegiate wrestling in the South continued to die. https://vault.si.com/vault/1978/03/20/after-the-fall-in-dixieland
  15. It was discontinued following the 84-85 season. Even though the program was successful, the AD said that it was costing the school too much for them to travel to competitions since there were not a lot of programs in their region of the country.
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