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  1. Michigan 2021-22: https://mgoblue.com/sports/wrestling/roster
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUNKbKEFIAy/
  3. Michigan's Big 10 schedule: https://mgoblue.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  4. Great matches this weekend. Only three weeks until worlds!
  5. Colin Moore looking sluggish against Nate Jackson throughout much of their match until the last 30 seconds, when Moore suddenly scores a takedown and two exposures.
  6. Basically Nolf aggressive, but Burroughs too good in the end. Won pretty handily.
  7. Dieringer looking solid and aggressive against Martinez.
  8. Looked like Pantaleo injured his ribs during an exchange. It got to the point where he couldn't continue.
  9. Agree with most of your picks. Myles Amine is definitely back: https://michigan.rivals.com/news/michigan-wrestling-olympic-bronze-medalist-myles-amine-will-return Per the student directory, Massa is not listed as currently enrolled, but Micic is. I don't know how up to date it is, so we'll wait and see. If Massa doesn't make it back, I like Bullock for 174. He had some good matches against good people at 184 last year while undersized. They recently showed pics of the guys in the weight room, and McHenry was in one of them. Hopefully he's been putting some muscle on his frame.
  10. Eggum was in Gable's corner in Tokyo for all his matches, including the finals against Petriashvilli. He went all the way over to Japan so that Gable could completely ignore him?
  11. Like you say, Paris only 3 years away. The only competitor who has serious retirement vibes at present is Gable, and I imagine there are legions of people trying to get him to stay until then. Maybe slowdown by Chamizo, Aliyv, and Abdurakmonov, but I would be really surprised if Dake starts winding down.
  12. FILA actually had submission grappling as a style for a while until they discontinued it several years ago. I was disappointed, as I thought it was a great addition to the more traditional styles. I hope they'll give it another try some day.
  13. He lost in in the waning seconds of the match, when just about everyone thought it was done, so I think it's tough to fault him for letting it get away against an exceptional wrestler like Gable. He'll be back.
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