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  1. Michigan 2022-23: https://mgoblue.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  2. Irony with Neal wearing a Minnesota shirt. It was his win in the 1999 NCAA finals over Brock Lesnar that clinched the team title for Iowa.
  3. Does anyone know how Lee's rehab has gone since his surgery last year?
  4. Very nice analysis. We're a few years away from another legitimate title run, so it will be interesting to see how all the new talent develops.
  5. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2022-06-30/ucla-usc-pac-12-move-big-ten-conference "....First, they did it for the revenue. The TV money, which was among the nation’s lowest in the Pac-12, will now be insane. The name, image and likeness endorsement revenue benefits, for Trojans and Bruins who can now market themselves across the country, will be outrageous...." "....The change will also mean more hassle for the Olympic sports such as baseball and softball that are being dragged into the Big Ten along with the big two. But because football essentially pays for all the other athletic programs, those sports will benefit from the increased revenue."
  6. It's sometimes a little sad to see wrestlers from schools like Temecula, Palm Desert, Calvary Chapel or St. John Bosco always have to go out of state for the best collegiate opportunities. As for travel, while traveling to Rutgers or Maryland probably isn't realistic, they could probably keep a large part of their early schedule with local schools (Bakersfield, Cal Poly, ASU, Cal Baptist), nearby tournaments (CK Las Vegas), and maybe schedule quad meets or a long Midwest trip at the beginning of January between semesters that could hit several of the Big 10 powers. Cal Fullerton used to have a pretty big open collegiate tournament of their own back before their program was dropped. Another opportunity to provide local competition.
  7. No, as noted, other schools don't have all teams for all sports. For example, Iowa and Michigan State no longer have men's swimming and diving. That said, if moving to the Big 10 somehow makes it more possible that UCLA could restart their wrestling program, and USC could add a brand new one, it would produce two Division I programs between two classic crosstown rivals, and provide much needed local collegiate wrestling options for an area that is brimming with wrestling talent, but for which opportunities have been dying away for some time.
  8. I would much rather see UCLA and USC get wrestling programs and NOT join the Big 10 - it would be an amazing boost to amateur wrestling on the West Coast.
  9. Cincinnati did once have a team. Chris Bertin (Ryan's father) wrestled for them. I don't know why it was dropped.
  10. Hope he continue to use his talent at a worthy endeavor rather than WWE. It would be really great if he continues with freestyle through 2024.
  11. From what I heard at the time, RJ wanted to stay at UM, but in addition to lineup issues, he was only given so much scholarship money, and MSU offered him a full ride. I'm glad it turned out well for him.
  12. Morgan State used to have a dual with Michigan every year towards the end of the season. This guy in the white t-shirt ended up being one of their better known competitors (he was still in a JC at the time of this match), placing 8th at NCAAs and later going into MMA and sumo:
  13. It would be intriguing if Nolan could make the drop to 133, although it seems unlikely. I'd still favor Cole Mattin for 141. I'd really like to see McHenry able to show his talents, although he still seems to be small for 125, let alone bumping to 133.
  14. Wouldn't Mike Zadick be better for that?
  15. https://rokfin.com/article/9196/Wyatt-Henson-to-Transfer-to-Oklahoma
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