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  1. Sheerstress

    Meanest on the mat / nicest off the mat

    Both Brands brothers.
  2. Sheerstress

    Did anyone happen to see

    You mean this? At about 19:00.
  3. Sheerstress

    Kurt McHenry Wrestling in Pittsburg Classic

    Actually, it appears that he is enrolled. I don't know whether part time or full time, but he's there: https://mcommunity.umich.edu/#profile:mchenryk
  4. Sheerstress

    Missing in Action

    He injured his knee late last year, and they've been holding him out as a precaution. As of this week's release, he's not projected for tomorrow.
  5. The closest comparison to Gable's start in collegiate wrestling as a heavyweight was probably Steve Mocco. Yes, Steve had Tommy Rowlands to face, and came in second to him at nationals his first year, but for the next few years was pretty solidly at the top of his class. In his last year, however, Cole Conrad had him figured out, and Mocco never beat him again. It's simply too early to tell how things will work out among competitors.
  6. Sheerstress

    Pico goes down

  7. Sheerstress

    UM vs. MSU Last Night

    Agree with much of your assessment. If Beard was a 160 pounder only four years ago, he sure put on a lot between then and now! If Foley and Caffey perform up to their expectations, and a few of the others win a few matches at nationals, a top 30 or even a top 20 finish is not out of the question. It would be great to see the program start to emerge once again.
  8. Sheerstress

    Pitt Vs okie state

    Back in the day, Mike Sheets was a master of legs. It sounds like he may have passed it on to his son.
  9. Sheerstress

    Cameron Caffey (Michigan State)

    Had close SD loss to Parker of Illinois last night, but just got TFed by Martin of OSU. Certainly AA caliber.
  10. Sheerstress

    What non-sports-related job would they have?

    I seem to recall that John Smith is something of an outdoorsman. Maybe a wilderness guide or a hunting/fishing show host.
  11. Sheerstress

    What non-sports-related job would they have?

    He was a graphic design major at Iowa State.
  12. Sheerstress

    ASU vs. Michigan

    Massa got the first TD, made a bunch of attempts to turn Shields in the first period, but as soon as Shields reversed in the second, he wilted soon after that. In general, we usually see the old Logan for at least the first part of the match, but unlike his first season, he seems to lose momentum as certain bouts go on.
  13. Sheerstress

    Mason Parris

  14. Sheerstress

    Mason Parris

  15. Sheerstress

    Mason Parris

    I'm not sure I like the decision, but think the coaches know where he's at right now.