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  1. Ben Peterson won two NCAA titles, as well as Olympic gold. Mike Zadick won neither NCAAs nor a world title.
  2. Kevin Jackson, Zeke Jones, Bobby Weaver, Stan Dzeidzic come to mind.
  3. He's faded somewhat to the background, and his most recent job was as the women's coach at Div. 2 Lindenwood University, but would Mike Mena ever be a consideration? Illinois native with Iowa ties, did great things as an Indiana assistant.
  4. A while back, the university gave a $75 million figure as to what it would take to bring wrestling back. I would hope that something like this facility would be a good start. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/15005
  5. https://fightingillini.com/news/2021/4/8/illini-wrestling-coach-jim-heffernan-announces-retirement.aspx Great coach and great wrestler. I wish him well wherever he goes from here. And now one of the top head coaching jobs has opened up in a talent-rich state. It will be interesting to see who lands it and how it will affect the coaching landscape.
  6. Does anyone actually know how much degree progress Max has made thus far? He's been at Cornell now for five years, although that included a greyshirt, an Olympic redshirt, and a COVID year. Most of the other guys transferring from prominent schools seem to have done so AFTER they had either earned their bachelors degree and/or exhausted all their possibilities for staying at that school and still competing.
  7. https://cornellbigred.com/sports/wrestling/roster#sidearm-roster-coaches
  8. As much as I'd love to have guys like Shane and Real come in and light things up for the Wolverines, I'd rather see them succeed at getting their program reinstated, along with all the other sports Stanford dropped.
  9. A great champion. He will do great wherever he goes from here.
  10. I thought both guys handled themselves well after it was over. Burroughs being able to put everything in perspective minutes after losing showed his class. In the past, some of the times Dake has been at his cockiest has been after winning. But there was none of that here. I thought his speech was gracious, and I hope he wins in Tokyo.
  11. He was that guy on the team that was already on the edge, and eventually descended into mental illness. Everyone's probably been around someone like that at some point. It's too bad that it puts wrestling in somewhat of a bad light.
  12. The biggest problem traditionally has been getting the entire team to peak at the right time. The best year for that was probably 2005, when they came in second, with Oklahoma State having unworldly talent to overcome. Talent wise, I think our upper weights are the foundation for next season from 165 on up, with proven individuals at every weight. Of course there's still question as to whether Myles will come back next year; hopefully he will. : 165: C. Amine 174: Massa/Bullock 184: M. Amine 197: Brucki HWT: Parris The lower weights are the question marks: 125: Medley/McHenry/Ragusin 133: Medley/Micic/Ragusin 141: Mattin 149: Storr 157: Lewan Micic right now seems to be leaning toward not returning, although still not definite. Ragusin struggled at NCAAs, and may have become too big for 125. Mattin will always go out there and leave his heart on the mat, although he'll be a darkhorse for AA at best. I'm not going to consider Woods until he's enrolled. As always, Storr could make the podium if all his stars line up come tournament time. Lewan I'm not as worried about, although he'll come back to a loaded weight class.
  13. I liked the old international weights that they had back in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Ten weight classes that were inclusive of just about everyone, and had the light heavyweight class that the OP wants: 105.5 114.4 125.5 136.5 149.5 163 180.5 198 220 HWT (for a while was unlimited)
  14. Collegiate wrestling has enough problems finding talented heavyweights to stay with the sport. This will only add to the burden.
  15. If he's not planning on the OTTs, he should get the surgery done ASAP, and spend the next several months rehabbing. If he's not sufficiently recovered by fall, he could still do a medical redshirt.
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