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  1. Sheerstress

    RIP Joe Seay...

  2. Sheerstress

    RIP Joe Seay...

    Still can't find any external links to an obituary. Anybody know?
  3. Sheerstress

    Is Ben OK?

    Brutal KO. Tried to get the leg, and ended up getting the knee flush!
  4. Sheerstress

    NCAA approves shorts

    I recall that Cornell used compression tops back in the 2003-04 season. I don't think I've seen much of them since them.
  5. Sheerstress

    I think a lot of guys will take an Olympic Redshirt

    Why did Snyder not recommend his course? Too much focus on wrestling alone and not enough time preparing for one's life/career after wrestling?
  6. Sheerstress

    Steveson in trouble

    At 1:17, the newscast mentions someone being the victim of a "sex crime with an object," which could mean a lot of different things.
  7. Sheerstress

    Transfer Success Stories?

    More specifically, he walked on to Michigan State after never qualifying for the state meet in high school, almost got cut from the team that first year, but hung in there and went on to place twice in Div. I.
  8. Sheerstress

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Just one: he won it his first year, and then finished third the next year before transferring to ISU.
  9. Sheerstress

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Chris Taylor was a JUCO national champ before transferring to Iowa State where he won two Div. I titles.
  10. Sheerstress

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

  11. Sheerstress

    Cael as a head coach - can he match Gable?

    JRob actually left after the '83-'84 season, a few years before they missed 10, which was '86-'87.
  12. Iowa fans are probably as impatient as ever, but if they were to get rid of Brands, who is the replacement?
  13. Wow - what a story. Hope the next few days goes well for him!
  14. Sheerstress

    Big 10 Brackets are HERE

  15. Sheerstress

    Pico goes down

    bad link