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  1. Sheerstress

    Cael as a head coach - can he match Gable?

    JRob actually left after the '83-'84 season, a few years before they missed 10, which was '86-'87.
  2. Iowa fans are probably as impatient as ever, but if they were to get rid of Brands, who is the replacement?
  3. Wow - what a story. Hope the next few days goes well for him!
  4. Sheerstress

    Big 10 Brackets are HERE

  5. Sheerstress

    Pico goes down

    bad link
  6. Sheerstress

    Can't post any pix on this forum

    Try uploading them to a third party site (e.g. google) and then posting a link to that picture; see if that works.
  7. Sheerstress


  8. Sheerstress

    Ben Whitford

    Ben did enroll at Muskegon Community College back in Fall of 2014, and competed for them for at least part of that season. So I would think that would have started his Div. I clock back then. I don't know the exact NCAA rules for this situation, but at this point he might have part of one season left.
  9. Sheerstress

    197er bumping up and displacing the HWT

    While I can recall a bunch of 197 pounders who had much greater success after they moved up to HWT, it's hard to think of one who actually displaced an AA. Pretty rare aside from the two examples mentioned so far (Banach and Cassar).
  10. Sheerstress

    What coaches will need successors in the next 5 years?

    One thing that Bobby Douglas noted in one of the Gable documentaries was that Gable had no qualms about taking on wrestlers who were much bigger in size than he was. He would sometimes go with Chris Taylor when they were at Iowa State. Lou Banach admitted that when he wrestled for Iowa, Gable could beat him. As amazing as those feats sounded, they came with a price.
  11. Sheerstress


    Always enjoyed his posts. RIP.
  12. Sheerstress

    What coaches will need successors in the next 5 years?

    Gable was 48 when he stepped down. But his body was breaking down as a result so many years of putting it through physical hell long after his competitive career was over. I think most coaches out there avoid that kind of activity as a result.
  13. Sheerstress

    Meanest on the mat / nicest off the mat

    Both Brands brothers.
  14. Sheerstress

    Did anyone happen to see

    You mean this? At about 19:00.
  15. Sheerstress

    Kurt McHenry Wrestling in Pittsburg Classic

    Actually, it appears that he is enrolled. I don't know whether part time or full time, but he's there: https://mcommunity.umich.edu/#profile:mchenryk