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  1. I'll give a congrats to the Spartans. A win is a win. That said, MSU really doesn't have much substance to its lineup beyond an inconsistent McClure, and maybe Rizqallah. Even Indiana, which they beat in the dual, has at least Walsh and Chalfant to score Big 10 and NCAA points. And going into next year, many more question marks among all their weights.
  2. Sara herself said that the stoppage was OK. Regardless, she'll certainly be back.
  3. Assuming you mean tickets for Div. I Nationals, you could start here: http://www.ncaa.com/championships/wrestling/d1/tickets
  4. Must these guys have had the "stache" when they were collegians? I don't think Severn or Stewart grew theirs until they were out of college. :D
  5. http://mmaboom.com/go/media/sara-mcmann ... y-we-love/
  6. I like her chances. Being from amateur freestyle, she probably doesn't have quite the submission background that Ronda Rousey has, but aside from trash-talking, seems pretty much her equal on all else.
  7. I think Cal Baptist is Div. I.
  8. While I couldn't say exactly what's going on with Salazar, the last year has been a long one for him. He had a lengthy rehab process after tearing his ACL in Vegas in 2012, and probably wasn't 100% at the start of the season, hence his lumps in the beginning competitions. So he might be finally starting to hit his stride at least somewhat at this point. Additionally, his wife gave birth to their first child back in December, so he's had this and other distractions as well. He might not have the talent level of a Green or a St. John, but when healthy and focused, he's better than what his record has displayed.
  9. Kurdelmeier was the better "director of wrestling operations" type of coach. He brought in Gable as his assistant, put him largely in charge of the practice room, and promoted the Iowa program throughout the state, again largely in Gable's name. This was what helped turn a program with mediocre support into the perennial national powerhouse into which it morphed over the next few years. Kurdelmeier had enough foresight to realize that Gable was the future of the program, and stepped down after 4 years. Seay, at least from what I've heard, was an exceptional technical coach in the practice room, and a superb motivator at getting the most out of his athletes. He made first made Cal Bakersfield a national power, also with very little support, and then took Oklahoma State to the next level, winning two national championships around the late 80s after something of a twenty year drought for the school. Seay's weaknesses, it seems, were administrative. Despite his successes on the mat, there were forces within the athletic department who wanted him gone, and then his problems with the NCAA nudged him out the door. So I'd say that both were great coaches in different ways.
  10. Nice win after the Buckeyes beating us for the past several seasons.
  11. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... n-Overtime
  12. Dutton finally in the linup. 174 Tony Dallago (Illinois) won by major decision over Collin Zeerip (Michigan) 12-1. 4.00 0 184 Domenic Abounader (Michigan) won by decision over Lazarus Reyes (Illinois) 3-1. 0 3.00 197 Christopher Heald (Michigan) won by decision over Jeffrey Koepke (Illinois) 7-4. 0 3.00 285 Adam Coon (Michigan) won by major decision over Chris Lopez (Illinois) 12-3. 0 4.00 125 Jesse Delgado (Illinois) won by decision over Conor Youtsey (Michigan) 2-1. 3.00 0 133 Zane Richards (Illinois) won by decision over Rosario Bruno (Michigan) 6-1. 3.00 0 141 Stephen Dutton III (Michigan) won by major decision over Dominic Olivieri (Illinois) 14-0. 0 4.00 149 Eric Grajales (Michigan) won by decision over Caleb Ervin (Illinois) 8-4. 0 3.00 157 Zach Brunson (Illinois) won by decision over Brian Murphy (Michigan) 2-0. 3.00 0 165 Daniel Yates (Michigan) won by decision over Jackson Morse (Illinois) 7-3. 0 3.00 Unsportsmanlike Conduct -1.000 Dual Meet Score 13.0 19.0
  13. I think he's got a pretty good chance against Nelson. He'll have to get out as quickly from the bottom as possible (doing pretty well with that so far), and work to open up on the feet.
  14. You mentioned Zalesky and Terry Steiner; I'd add Troy Steiner to the mix as well.
  15. Would that have been twelve in freestyle? :D
  16. I don't know exactly what he started out with, but Adam, who graduated second in his HS class, took AP classes, and may have placed out of some of the entry level courses. http://www.usatodayhss.com/lansing/arti ... 2311140050
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Res_ipsa_loquitur
  18. The look on the ref's face says it all.
  19. Back in the 90s when MMA was starting to appear, and most guys were not wearing gloves, the argument was that such fights were safer than boxing because: 1. Guys would ultimately take less cumulative punishment to the head in fights because the lack of gloves meant fighters would be less willing/able to hit their opponent repeatedly due to the higher risk of hand injuries. 2. Fighters had more options than trying to knock out their opponent, as they could also try to choke or submit them. 3. Fighters would be able to more easily quit a fight if they were receiving too much punishment, because they could tap out and honorably "live to fight another day", as opposed to boxing, where quitting a fight has historically been seen as the worst form of cowardice (e.g. Leonard - Duran 2 "no mas"). Since those early days, there has been more focus not only on the effects of cumulative head trauma, but also the number of concussions an athlete suffers in his/her career, be it in contact sports such as football (Junior Seau), hockey (Derek Boogaard), or combat sports such as wrestling (Jacob Deitchler), boxing (innumerable examples) and MMA (Chuck Liddell). For this reason, in the boxing vs. MMA argument, I would say that while points 2 and 3 above are still valid, for point 1, the smaller gloves, ability to kick, and overall increased emphasis on striking in MMA over the past 20 years definitely mean there are more thorough knockouts, thus more concussions, and thus more potential for long term problems in MMA than was previously thought. Not that these guys would necessarily have such problems during their young competitive days, but you'd definitely see them once they hit middle age in their 50s or even 40s, in the form of severe memory problems, dementia, depression, and other long-term psychiatric issues that are very debilitating and often permanent. Grappling instructor Stephan Kesting wrote a great article about the subject recently: http://www.grapplearts.com/Blog/2013/09 ... ou-stupid/
  20. Almost 20 years ago......I was just a short time walk on. We were LOADED around my weight then and the cut was simply too hard. The sad thing is Minkel was the coach then and only had a couple years under his belt. He really looked like he was gonna turn things around...... Probably not a fun time having to go in and work with Pantaleo, Wirnsberger, and Degrand every day. Once Joe was shown the door by Minkel, things started to slide.
  21. His dad was the top assistant to Minkel at MSU before he stepped down in 2005 to take the coaching position at Lowell. He did it partially because he wanted to coach Gabe in HS. Another one from Michigan we let get away (sigh) :cry:
  22. Sheerstress


    Looks like Adam will get the shot at Bobby in the finals!
  23. Fight stopped in second round after Silva breaks his leg from a checked kick.
  24. Of course a lightweight will have more energy after 30 minutes of wrestling than will a huge HWT like Taylor. But no real kind match goes on for 30 minutes anyway. How would Gable do against Taylor in a match under real time conditions like 5 or so minutes? He'd get sprawled into the other side of the mat if he tried a shot and get turned like a top if Taylor got top position. No amount of "determination" would make up for the huge weight and strength difference. I think it's fair to say that while Gable probably could not have defeated Taylor in a regulation match (I think freestyle matches were about 9 minutes in their time), he certainly would not let up against Taylor during their training sessions, and could ultimately out-wrestle him when they went one-on-one in the practice room.
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