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  1. Sheerstress

    Zahid/Hall, who cuts the most weight?

    Zahid is very slender, which sometimes makes him look taller than his 5' 10".
  2. Sheerstress

    Coaching changes..About time

    MSU will have two solid AA contenders next season in sophs Rayvon Foley and Drew Hughes. I'm willing to give Chandler a little longer to see how things turn out.
  3. Sheerstress

    Schools you’d like to see add wrestling

    Did the USC athletic director say WHY they would never have wrestling or lacrosse?
  4. Sheerstress

    Minnesota’s new Wrestling Facility

    So to clarify: they are basically converting/"remodeling" a basketball gym by placing the mats and workout area on the floor and then placing the offices/lockers on the overlying balcony?
  5. Sheerstress

    How much to set up Div 1 wrestling program?

    So far just the bare day-to-day expenses of a college wrestling program. Often, when setting things up or bringing an old program back, there can be all kinds of additional strings attached, as Oregon found out: http://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/index.ssf/2015/10/goe_the_university_of_oregon_t.html
  6. Sheerstress

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    Best case scenario might be as an associate head coach at a Div. I program where he runs practice, and the head job done by someone more temperamentally suited for it.
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  8. Sheerstress

    Barry Davis

    Is he definitely looking to continue coaching?
  9. Sheerstress

    Schools you’d like to see add wrestling

    And yes, it looks like they are making a serious effort to build a Div. I program: https://ignite.usc.edu/project/1527
  10. Sheerstress

    Schools you’d like to see add wrestling

    Yes,I meant to say that all the schools listed once had programs except USC, which would be a brand new program. All the rest would be re-starting programs that had been active but later discontinued.
  11. Sheerstress

    Schools you’d like to see add wrestling

    With the exception of USC, I'd want to see these programs resurrected: Syracuse Boston LSU UCLA USC Washington Cal Berkeley Oregon Boise State Eastern Michigan
  12. Sheerstress

    Eastern Michigan

    That's pretty audacious If they've actually said that, given that one was left with the program. Maybe the place to start with getting wrestling back would be to follow a paper trail to find out what actually happened to it.
  13. Sheerstress

    Eastern Michigan

    Has he indicated anytime recently that he intends to retire soon?
  14. Sheerstress

    Joe McFarland/Michigan

    I'm sure Casey would make a great head coach, although it sounds like he's got a pretty good situation at Penn State. And the "Michigan Man" thing, while a consideration, is not necessarily an absolute.
  15. Sheerstress

    Eastern Michigan

    He was the assistant coach there in the late 90s under a schizophrenic regime. He probably knows it as well as anyone would.
  16. Sheerstress

    Eastern Michigan

    Maybe it got sucked into the gridiron: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/03/20/eastern-michigan-university-budget-woes-prompt-cutting-4-sports-programs/440893002/ "A number of faculty and students have called for the university to drop out of Division I football — either completely dropping the program or moving down in division, which would decrease the cost. In recent years, Eastern Michigan, with about 21,000 students, has spent more than $27 million a year from the university's general fund on sports. Many of the issues with Eastern Michigan's spending have centered on football, which has had poor performance and low attendance for years."
  17. Sheerstress

    Eastern Michigan

    A real shame. It seems to me that tuitions at all schools keep going nowhere but up, and yet they still need to cut these programs?
  18. Sheerstress

    2019 ROSTERS

    I suppose it's possible, although I'd think they'd want to redshirt his first year, especially being a small heavyweight. Coon was a truly rare exception by starting and excelling at HWT as a true freshman.
  19. Sheerstress

    Joe McFarland/Michigan

    A little insight into Sean's influence: Way back at the 2008 NCAAs, on the last day during the final consolation rounds, Northwestern's Dustin Fox, who was to wrestle JD Bergman for the heavyweight title that evening, walks over to the Michigan section, and in front of everybody, asks Sean for help on focusing for his task ahead that evening. Sean was not yet back on the coaching staff and it wasn't an overly technical request, but he (Fox) didn't even try to make it a private conversation, and it struck me how he had no doubt that one of his former coaches would be there to help him. It was therefore not too surprising to me that when they did the staff shakeup in 2010, they went after him. At the time, Sean was doing very well financially with Overtime, and having fun training high school, collegiate and world level competitors from all over, so my guess is that in addition to a very generous package, Joe probably told him that he would get the reins after a certain period. Similar to what Dale Bahr did to get Joe back to A2 from Indiana back in the 90s. I'm hoping he'll be around for a while to take the program yet further.
  20. Sheerstress

    3 Programs that need to Change leadership

    Four Div. I All Americans were from the state of Indiana, but wrestle for different schools. Micic is one of them.
  21. Sheerstress

    2019 ROSTERS

    Michigan (very tentative) 125: Mattin 133: Micic 141: Profaci/Freeman 149: Ma. Amine 157: Pantaleo 165: Massa 174: Mi Amine 184: Embree 197: Striggow/Davison HWT: Ready
  22. Sheerstress


    I know he's been running his academy pretty much since he left Oklahoma State. For a while it sounded like he was developing talent in a state not known for wrestling, although I haven't heard much about him recently. Insight?
  23. Sheerstress


    I was thinking the same thing when I saw the thread title! Rats! :) Seriously, it's great to see wrestling get more of a toehold in the Deep South. It's been so long of a drought.
  24. Sheerstress

    Joe McFarland/Michigan

    I really can't see how it could be anyone other than Sean. A proven coach who's helped bring the program up to its present level, bleeds maize and blue, and is practically at the helm already.
  25. Sheerstress

    Beazley drops out of NCAA's....

    A real cheap shot. Your handle says it all.