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    Barry Davis Trivia

  2. Sheerstress

    Great Youtube Find

    Great matches - thanks for posting.
  3. Sheerstress

    Poeta to Illinois

    Looks like he's got some pretty good coaches at his facility: http://www.poetatrainingcenter.com/staff.html He could probably still be the owner but leave day-to-day operations to his staff. Overtime stayed open after Sean came back to Michigan to coach.
  4. Sheerstress

    D1 Coaches that were NOT top level wrestlers

    Brian Smith, Tony Ersland
  5. Sheerstress

    Cutting Weight

    Wasn't TJ Enright in a similar situation?
  6. Sheerstress

    Cutting Weight

    Interesting about Smith's teams cutting a lot of weight. I would be interested in whether he has a particular approach to this. As an OSU competitor way back in '83-'84, John Smith was the #2 or #3 seed entering the NCAAs as a true freshman at 126 pounds. He was, however, upset in the first round, failed to place, and later attributed it to poor weight cutting practices that served him well for duals, but that left him depleted for the NCAA tournament. I've read him say that this situation was an eye-opener to him as to the importance of good nutrition and proper weight-cutting practices to maximize performance.
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    Indiana Coaching Staff

  8. Sheerstress

    Gregor Gillespie Returns to the Octagon

    Overall, a nice night for wrestlers with wins by Green, Gillespie and Cormier; with Weidman looking OK despite the stoppage. One area in which they are not looking so great is that of fighters' purses. Lizard feed in my opinion: http://mmajunkie.com/2017/04/ufc-210-athlete-outfitting-pay-champ-daniel-cormier-leads-second-highest-payout-of-2017
  9. Sheerstress

    Gabe Dean

    I knew Dave Dean before Gabe was born, when he was an assistant at Michigan State. Dave has always been a class act in everything he does, great athlete and great coach. He actually left that job so that he could coach Gabe and Max in high school, and the results have been pretty good so far! Looking forward to Max competing for the Big Red.
  10. Sheerstress

    Any hope for Maryland ?

    To those presently in that area, how would McCoy's situation at Maryland compare to what Mark Cody faced at American when he took that job? A small, expensive private school that he somehow built into a strong Div. I program.
  11. Sheerstress

    Any hope for Maryland ?

    The campus is actually much closer to the DC area and all kinds of things to do in a major metropolitan area. Local attractions aside, however, we're talking about student athletes that will be balancing a full time college class load with team practices, training sessions, travel and competition. It's not like these guys will have a lot of time for long weekend trips or outings.
  12. I seem to recall reading that Lincoln really had no interest in coaching. Got married in college, started a family when a senior, and basically didn't want the stress and all-consuming aspect that came with being a coach.
  13. Sheerstress

    Who is your team?

    1. Michigan (alma mater) 2. Iowa (always was a Gable fan) 3. Michigan State (have a graduate degree from them) Beyond that, I tend to root for underdogs (younger, unproven wrestlers who may be starting to emerge), seniors (last chance to do or die), returning finalists (same as last one), and teams with athletes or coaches that I've come to admire over time, as long as they're not wrestling one of the above three teams.
  14. Sheerstress

    Best Coaches DI

    Actually Gable joined the Iowa staff in 1972, the same year Kurdelmeier became head coach. Up till that point, you had small crowds at meets and little interest in the program in general. The quality of wrestling started to push excellence largely because Kurdelmeier immediately put Gable in charge of the practice room. While he oversaw the program, Kurdelmeier's biggest contribution was probably going out and promoting it throughout the state, much of it in the name of Gable. Over the next four years, Kurdelmeier saw that Gable was clearly the future of the program, and handed him the reins in 1976.
  15. Sheerstress

    Dance draw

    He and Youtsey go way back. Dance is the more consistent, although the one win by Youtsey was in the consolation bracket two years ago that clinched AA for him. It's hard to gauge where Connor is at right now for the big dance, given that he's only had half a season. Should be interesting.
  16. Sheerstress

    NCAA championship host city after 2018

    As much as I would love for that to happen, Ann Arbor simply isn't equipped for that kind of a tournament right now. The largest indoor arena is Crisler, which is way too small (the floor will only hold four full mats), and it's too far away from the downtown and the hotels to make for convenient back-and-forth between sessions the way things happen at Div. I Nationals. The Breslin Center up at Michigan State would be a better arena for nationals.
  17. Sheerstress

    Roger Chandler

    Hard to say how things will shape up over the long term, but it will take at least a few years to start to get rid of the culture of mediocrity and failure that became the hallmark of Minkel's years at the helm. I'm all for Roger and Chris at the helm. Two guys who've been with the program for a long time, who know Michigan, and who genuinely want the program to succeed.
  18. Sheerstress

    Why Do Some Great Wrestlers Struggle As Coaches?

    I'd agree that that success as a competitor is no guarantee of success as a coach, but I do think this kind of thinking is often present in plenty of other sports as well. An athlete who's had tremendous success as a competitor, as a coach is now faced with the task of trying to get someone with less talent or less confidence to his level, a situation with which they're not that familiar. There certainly is a lot more than simply teaching the sport, as a coach is also an administrator, a promoter, a business leader, and a psychologist wrapped into one.
  19. Sheerstress

    2019-2022 Championship Sites

    The only facility in San Diego that might suffice is the Valley View Casino Center, which only houses about 16,000. The two Los Angeles area arenas best suited would be the Honda Center in Anaheim (capacity 18.336) and the Staples Center in downtown LA (capacity 21,000). The Honda Center is across from a transportation center, and has lots of restaurants and hotels nearby, although the best ones are a few miles down Katella Avenue near Disneyland (would need to take a bus ride). The Staples Center is in the heart of LA, which also has plenty of nearby accomodations, although the downtown area's traffic congestion is horrible.
  20. Sheerstress

    Lehigh vs Michigan

    In addition to Micic, Massa, and Amine, it's good to see Profaci and Striggow starting to hit their stride as collegiate wrestlers. Hopefully they can keep themselves injury-free and focused for the next six weeks.
  21. Sheerstress

    Whatever happen with Clemson....

    Krieger was one guy Heffernan never solved. So difficult to score upon. However, in that finals match, Heffernan initiated most of the offense: And Turner was one guy who Heffernan beat, but was a thorn in the side to Krieger.
  22. Sheerstress

    IMAR vs Massa

    I would agree that the bout was relatively close, although Logan initiated most of the offense in the bout. Martinez is going to be as tough as they come, and doesn't make many mistakes. For right now, he's probably got the edge.
  23. Sheerstress

    Michigan state

  24. Sheerstress

    Michigan state

    They have some promising talent in Gasca, Eicher, and Hughes. It seems the real test for the new coaching staff will be whether they can properly develop the talent, keep the athletes focused throughout the upcoming months, and get them to peak at the right time in March. To be seen.
  25. Matches started at 157. Coming into the dual, Assad, Micic, Profaci, Hall, Abounader, and Widmo had won the first match of the series. 157 pounds Brian Murphy (Maize) dec. Jordan Amine (Blue): 4-3 After a scoreless first period, Amine chooses bottom to start the second, and gets dumped on his head by Murphy a little too hard. Match stopped and Amine gets recovery time and a penalty point. After the restart on bottom, he escapes, and the two wrestlers get into a shoving match at the edge of the mat, with Amine’s family yelling for their guy to seize the day. Murphy is assessed an unsportsmanlike and Amine is suddenly in front 3-0. (come on guys - it’s only OCTOBER! :) Murphy starts the third on bottom, and reverses Amine after the latter attempts to take him back to the mat. He adds a quick two-point tilt, and hangs on to end the match. Murphy basically does just enough to get it over and done. 165 pounds Logan Massa (Blue) maj. dec. Aaron Calderon: (Maize) 20-7 Logan Massa is the new sheriff in town at this weight. Puts on a takedown clinic, and Calderon puts up little resistance after the first period, although Massa does get assessed a penalty when he extends Calderon’s shoulder a little too high while attempting a guillotine. 125 pounds Austin Assad (Blue) maj. dec. Mike Volyanyuk (Maize): 13-3 Assad takes a little longer to get control against Volvanyuk, but starts to pull away midway through the second period, demonstrating good command on his feet. 133 pounds Stevan Micic (Maize) pin. K.J. Suitor (Blue): 3:48 Micic gets a quick TD and cradles Suitor, getting on his back soon after. Suitor manages to keep from getting pinned, but Micic’s power down on the mat is evident as he goes up 8-1 by the end of the first, and gets the job done soon after starting the second. 141 pounds Sal Profaci (Maize) pin. George Fisher (Blue): 0:59 OT I was looking forward to seeing this match as redshirt freshman Profaci upset the veteran Fisher in their first match. Fisher gets the first takedown, and rides for awhile, although most of that time is spent cat-and-mouse attempt to reverse Fisher rather than to escape outright. Profaci eventually does escape and after a LOT of attacking and countering, he gets the TD to end regulation at 4-4. Profaci gets in deep against Fisher, and then maneuvers him onto his back with one second remaining in the first OT. 149 pounds Zac Hall (Blue) dec. Malik Amine (Maize) : 5-2 Amine is in on Hall, and dumps him a little too hard onto his back, getting a technical violation. They trade escapes and TD attempts for awhile, with Hall in on Amine slightly more often. He converts in the third and hangs on for the win. 184 pounds Domenic Abounader (Maize) maj. dec. Ernest Battaglia (Blue): 14-3 Abounader has little trouble coasting to a win over the backup. Heavyweight Kostya Golobokov (Maize) dec. Ty Wildmo (Blue): 4-1 Widmo looks small next to Golobokov. The first period is a typical college heavyweight shovefest, but they start to open up a bit in the second. Golobkov’s size starts to wear on the slightly quicker Widmo, who wilts and cannot convert on any further TD attempts. Rubber matches: 157 pounds Brian Murphy (Maize) dec. Jordan Amine (Blue): 4-1 This time Murphy comes out aggressive, getting an immediate TD, and riding Amine hard for much of the first and all of the second periods. He lets up a little in the third, but is in firm control for the win. 165 pounds Logan Massa (Blue) tech. fall Aaron Calderon: (Maize) 6:18: 23-8 More of the same domination by Massa, up 12-3 at the end of the first, and is unrelenting for the remainder. At heavyweight, Widmo was a little banged up after his match, so I think that he and Golobokov will probably finish things tomorrow in practice. Some nice wrestling, with the high profile newcomers looking good, and the few upperclassmen present looking good as expected. Still a lot of things to sort out, with Coon and possibly Pantaleo redshirting, and Mahomes still rehabbing. 197 and Heavy have a lot of guys that are game but very untested. The only weights that were probably settled today: 125: Assad 133: Micic 141: Profaci 157: Murphy 165: Massa 184: Abounader This makes up a reasonably solid core for now - looking forward to it!