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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that the Brands brothers coach with a lot of intensity and fervor, much like Gable did. They all expected their athletes to go out on the mat expecting to win, or to at least fight their tails off trying. Zalesky simply did not coach with the same intensity, and over time, it showed. Not to say he was a bad coach, but intensity is something that the Iowa program seems to expect and demand from its athletes.
  2. 8,303 for today's awesome dual at Crisler! Shattered the old attendance record!
  3. Kjelgaard's college career was largely cut short by his knee problems.
  4. http://www.post-gazette.com/news/obituaries/2018/01/28/Rande-Stottlemyer-University-of-Pittsburgh-wrestling-coach-obituary/stories/201801280151
  5. Ever since Penn State, there's been increased recognition of the need for athletic programs to report sexual assault to the proper authorities, go through the proper channels, and cooperate with any investigation. That's something that's not all that difficult to do. The ESPN OTL story iindicated that in some instances, some complaints were handled only by the athletic department, and in some instances, only by the coaches. I think how true these allegations play out is key to whether Izzo and Dantonio survive.
  6. The preceding and outgoing MSU athletic administration never gave a crap about wrestling. Heck, they let Minkel stay WAY beyond when he had any remaining credibility as a coach. Roger, Chris and Wynn appear to be slowly building the program back up, but it will take time. So I don't think a new administration will change things significantly, unless it's someone with an axe to grind against wrestling. As for the "Nassar thing," as MSU trustee Joel Ferguson ineptly referred, it's an absolute clusterf--k that demands that major heads need to roll. I trained at MSU, and actually rotated through their sports medicine clinic. I never met the guy, but it makes me sick that they let everything go on as long as it did. I can't imagine how the peer review physicians actually cleared him back in 2014 when some female athletes started complaining about him penetrating them. Or how they kept letting him practice without a female chaperone present. But he was a special kind of predator in that he did it in plain view of patient's family members without tripping any alarms. And kept doing it right up until the end. Hopefully when the dust starts to settle in the future, everyone can start to move past this horror and make sure nothing like it happens again.
  7. How about Jim Nance of Syracuse and the Patriots?
  8. Sometimes it may just be that the team and the athlete just DON'T KNOW whether he/she will be ready for a given competition, and don't want to raise false expectations.
  9. He's at least a possibility for this Friday. http://www.mgoblue.com/news/2018/1/9/wrestling-michigan-to-host-no-1-penn-state-at-crisler-center.aspx
  10. I think most teams have the same basic format that at the beginning of the season, a wrestler at a given weight can challenge another for the starting spot by winning 2 out of a 3 match series. As noted above, beyond that, things can vary tremendously. Sometimes these matches are done informally at an early season practice, more formally at an intrasquad meet, or simply counted as such if the two wrestlers meet at an open tournament. Once the lineup is initially set, getting another opportunity to challenge for the position also varies. Some programs won't allow it after a certain point as to not disrupt a team's focus, unless a wrestler has shown he has a realistic chance of succeeding (i.e. a challenger beats the starter in an open tournament, the starter is doing poorly in competition, or is the challenger is improving such that he is thoroughly beating the starter in practice every day). Regardless, the coach has the final word as to who gets to challenge and who starts in competition.
  11. Weaver looked good against Profaci, just fell too far behind at the beginning, and Skatzka lost a close decision to Amine, reversing him twice. Experience made the difference in all the other matches. Yeah, still no Massa. I wonder if Sutton regrets moving up to 174, as the job would have easily been his.
  12. I don't have specifics, but word around the program is that it's not serious, and he should be back in action in the near future.
  13. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1992-04-30/sports/9202080465_1_athletic-director-dick-rosenthal-wrestling-notre-dame
  14. At the very least it will be a lot more difficult to score against Snyder, although size will still be one advantage he'll have. Adam's problems usually start when opponents get in on his legs.
  15. Beazley won the MSU Open last weekend ahead of Striggow (placed third), and in the finals pinned Ritter from Wisconsin, who beat Striggow in the semis. So I would think that the starting position is back up in the air.
  16. Quite different from tonight's bout with Hall? Or different from the previous match he had with Snyder? If you mean from tonight's bout, I'm not sure how Adam's wrestling tonight is an indication of how he'll approach Snyder. Both are somewhat smaller than Adam, but that's where the similarity pretty much ends. If you mean from his one previous match with Snyder in the 2016 Big 10 finals, Snyder won that match primarily with takedowns. Adam had difficulty scoring against Snyder, and he'll probably face the same problem this year as well. So at least at this point, I can't really find any reason to think the matches with Snyder will be different.
  17. Michigan 2017 Intrasquad Dual Notes 125 pounds: Drew Mattin (Maize) dec. Austin Assad (Blue): 4-0 This was the second match between these two, as Assad won the first match yesterday in practice. Mattin score first with a low single and rides Assad pretty hard for the remainder of the first period, and for the entire second as well after Assad choses down at the beginning of the period, racking up over 4:30 of riding time. Mattin gets out early in the third, and there is no further scoring as true freshman Mattin pulls off the upset. Assad’s leg is completely wrapped, and looks like he’s still having issues. 133 pounds Stevan Micic (Maize) maj.dec. Mike Volyanyuk (Blue): 18-5 Micic is businesslike, scoring pretty much at will against Volyanyuk. 141 pounds Sal Profac (Blue)i dec. Ben Freeman (Maize): 4-3 Feeman gets a slick TD in the first minute, but can only hold on for a few seconds. The two trade escapes at the beginning of the second and third, before Profaci nails a TD in the last seconds to win the match and the series. 149 pounds: Malik Amine (Blue) dec.Tyler Meisinger (Maize):: 8-1 Redshirt freshman Meisinger starts out aggressively against Amine, who claws his way out of danger, and eventually establishing himself in control of the match. 157 pounds: Alec Pantaleo (Maize) dec. Layne Van Anrooy (Maize): 4-1 Pantaleo is his usual bulldoggish self against the lanky Van Anrooy, who makes him work for everything. TD midway through the first, but fights to stay on top for the rest of the period. They trade escapes and Pantaleo adds RT for the win. 165 pounds Logan Massa (Maize) tech. fall. Ameen Hamdan (Blue) 20-5 5:35 Logan is his usual dominating self against true frosh Hamdan, the son of former Wolverine All-American Jehad Hamdan. 174 pounds: Myles Amine (Blue) dec. Garrett Sutton (Maize): 5-4 OT TB2 The first match of the evening between veterans. Sutton won the first match the day before. Both wrestle aggressively, but in a more controlled manner, and are tied 3-3 in the third, and through the first OT. A few TBs later, Amine squeeks out the win to tie their series 1-1. 184 pounds: Domenic Abounader (Maize) maj. dec.Andrew Davison (Blue): 14-4 Abounader is poked early in the match against the aggressive Davison, who then chooses top, and establishes himself in firm control. Davison remains games, but the senior is still too much for the freshman, and cruises to the win. 197 pounds: Jackson Striggow (Maize) pin Kevin Beazley (Blue): 2:27 Beazley picks up the first TD, and after a Striggow escape, almost appears to be countering a Striggow attempt into a cradle, when he loses control and ends up on his back. Series 1-1 at this point. Heavyweight: Adam Coon (Maize) pin. Zac Nemec (Blue): 4:27 Coon has no mercy on young Nemec, putting him away after several painful predicaments. Rubber matches: 125 pounds: Drew Mattin (Maize) inj. Default Austin Assad (Blue): 2:30 Assad tweeks his knee after giving up a first period TD. 174 pounds: Myles Amine (Blue) dec. Garrett Sutton (Maize): 4-2 OT2 More war of attrition between two guys who probably know each others’ moves like the backs of their hands. Amine finally nails a double leg near the end of the second OT. 197 pounds: Jackson Striggow (Maize) dec. Kevin Beazley 7-6 Things start similar to the first match, as Beazley picks up the first TD, and Striggow escapes. Beazley gets another TD, but Striggow manages a reverse at the edge of the mat, with Beazley almost cradled. He manages to squirm out of this one. They trade TDs in the second, and the score is even by the beginning of the third. Striggow claws out a reversal, Beazley escapes, but cannot score any more. With so many upperclassmen and returning AAs, you’d think that things would fall in place, but the theme for the evening was that all of our younger guys made them work for everything they got! We’ve had strong teams before, but I haven’t seen quite this much parity among the athletes before. Hopefully it’s a sign that the program will stay strong for a while to come. The lineup for now: 125: Mattin 133: Micic 141: Profaci 149: Ma. Amine 157: Pantaleo 165: Massa 174: Mi. Amine 184: Abounader 197: Striggow HWT: Coon Upsets at 125 and 197 nonwithstanding, I don’t think those weights are completely settled yet. We’ll see as the tournament season kicks off how those guys will turn out.
  18. This scenario for Iowa State is a little similar to what Michigan State faced in 1992. Program had badly slid and hit bottom despite there being tons of talent in the room. New staff arrives with quality assistants and makes a fresh start. That new staff had MSU placing top 3 at NCAAs within 3 years. We'll see what happens with this group.
  19. Brian Dolph competed under Jim Humphrey and Joe McFarland. He won the title in 1990, and Goldman didn't arrive as an assistant until the following season.
  20. Michigan http://mgoblue.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  21. https://www.si.com/vault/1982/03/22/564825/look-homeward-hawkeye#
  22. Great matches - thanks for posting.
  23. Looks like he's got some pretty good coaches at his facility: http://www.poetatrainingcenter.com/staff.html He could probably still be the owner but leave day-to-day operations to his staff. Overtime stayed open after Sean came back to Michigan to coach.
  24. Wasn't TJ Enright in a similar situation?
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