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  1. Most of the people who were raving about all that were the ones who back in 2011 were also saying how crappy Michigan had done at recruiting and how substandard the coaching had become, despite a lineup full of blue chippers and several years of top 10 and top 15 finishes at NCAAs. Now, after changes made, two excellent coaches kicked out, and new coaches brought in, everyone's whining about how much better things should be already, despite having a lineup with as many as five freshmen starting. Sorry if you're disappointed, but this is the team you've got right now. Accept it.
  2. I didn't know of any program violations at LSU; the reason given back in 1985 was basically that it was just too expensive to run the program with the best competition being long distances away.
  3. Eric Siebert, Illinois Byron Tucker, Oklahoma Brad Smith, Iowa
  4. Boy, it sure didn't take long for this thread to turn into an extended pissing contest, did it? All over a former collegiate wrestler's success in MMA. Happy New Year everybody.
  5. How hard has it been for him to maintain the weight in prior seasons?
  6. Thanks Denny - have a great holiday season as well.
  7. Neat show last night with the Olympians, Randy, Steve, and the Bonomos. JD Bergman needs to work on his Schwarzenegger accent.
  8. Junior high 8th grade. I was also a new kid in town, and when a friend said he was on the wrestling team, I thought I'd try it out. I'd always had been interested in martial arts, but wrestling sounded different. I took a beating that first year, and initially wasn't planning on going back, but before the year was out, some friends from the high school had us younger guys come up and practice with them. It was largely because of the encouragement I got from these friends and from the high school coach, who over time became one of my role models, that I stayed with the sport for the next four years. And of course I've remained a huge fan since my competitive days.
  9. Where was Owings from and which program close to his home missed out??He grew up in Oregon, so I assume Oregon and Oregon State.
  10. Dake didn't have the grades for Lehigh, but had them for Cornell?
  11. As they did this time as well. I'm a little hesitant to offer explanations for inconsistent performances (people will say that I'm just making excuses), but this tournament was primarily a wash due to injury and inexperience. Grajales, Salazar, Yates, Huntley, and Apland were all dealing with injuries at some point (Salazar probably tore his ACL); and though they've had some high points, the five freshmen in the lineup still are pretty green this early in the season; even Massa, who had some pretty impressive showings, is still learning how to approach the guys he can't own like he did pretty much everyone else in high school. So it's a work in progress. Not much more.
  12. I believe he would have had one remaining year of eligibility, having redshirted one of the last four seasons. His name, however, is not on the Wisconsin roster; perhaps he just decided not to come back for a fifth year.
  13. Hendricks has certainly looked very impressive in his last few fights with the two quick knockouts and the decision over Koscheck. With heavy hands, and GSP having a suspect chin, that would be a great matchup. Hendricks, however, has not fought a five-round MMA title fight, and would need to be prepared for a war of attrition against GSP, who always has great conditioning and versatility that help him grind down opponents in the later rounds.
  14. My thoughts exactly. Eric does fine against similar-sized opponents and those who don't have his level of strength or talent, but often runs into problems against the taller and longer guys, particularly those who can scramble well, avoid his throws, and know how use that length advantage against him. It was particularly evident against Binghamton's Vinson in last year's NCAAs. I'm thoroughly enjoying watch Camryn Jackson blossom at 141, but would want Grajales to at least try to make the cut down here before he's through with his career.
  15. Gibbons supposedly shined at the interview, and the administration apparently took the young energetic guy over the older experienced.
  16. It was resolved this past weekend, at a tournament ... Mangrum won and will continue to win. He's had a history of starting slow, and having weight issues. The kid is like 5'4" and looks like a fireplug. It did lite up the local msg boards for a bit.... :lol: Oops, you beat me to the punch...
  17. Second-ranked Michael Mangrum of Oregon State lost his intrasquad match to backup James Roberts 7-2 in their intrasquad. Mangrum returned the favor in the finals of the Mike Clock Open a few days later 5-1.
  18. You mean his older brother Rocky.
  19. I don't know what the scores were in the preliminary matches were, just what was posted about who won leading up to the intrasquad: http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/102412aaa.html
  20. 125 lbs. Sean Boyle dec. Connor Youtsey: 6-2 After some stong hand fighting, Boyle scores on a slide-by and rides out the period. He escapes at the start of the second, and adds another takedown. Youtsey has a little success with escapes from the bottom toward the end of the second and then in the third. Boyle adds RT for the win as experience wins. 133 lbs. Rossi Bruno dec. Grant Pizzo: 11-3 Bruno picks up a single leg, and then works on Pizzo hard from the top, coming close to scoring back points with a chicken wing several times. He adds an escape and takedown during the second, although Pizzo is able to get a reversal midway through the period. Bruno continues to dominate for the win. 141 lbs Camryn Jackson dec. Steve Dutton by injury default A slight contrast in styles, as Dutton is the more experienced and a little stronger, and Jackson is the longer and quicker. Dutton is able to establish the initial pace, get the first takedown and ride Jackson for about two minutes, but Jackson gives him nothing, repeatedly working standups and rolls until he is able to get out. Dutton starts the second on the bottom and gets out. Jackson makes a few more good shots, his length and his athleticism starting to make a difference. He eventually connects on a nice double. Dutton gets out, but Jackson takes him back down with a double to a bear hug. Somehow Dutton is injured on the way down, and the coaches decide to not risk further aggravation. So they’ll probably have the rubber match in the near future. This match piqued my interest more than the rest. Dutton is solid, but Jackson also appears for real. 149 lbs. Eric Grajales pin. John Evashevski 2:07 Grajales is in control against Evashevski from the start with a takedown and cradle for the fall. 157 lbs. Jake Salazar dec. Mike Carpenter: 7-4 Salazar wins some takedowns and escapes. His ability looks solid, although I thought he had a little more difficulty (especially dominating from the top and escaping) against the outclassed Carpenter than I would have liked, given his relative strength and maturity. We’ll see what happens as the season progresses. During the brief intermission, Jake Herbert gives a nice little speech thanking the program and coach Bormet for the help with his Olympic preparation. 165 lbs. Taylor Massa dec. Connor Brancheau: 16-5 This was my first time seeing Massa as a collegian. He puts on a takedown clinic, doing a TD-escape routine to go up 10-3 by the end of the first (gets two back points at the end). He coasts just a little after that, but if I notice anything, it’s that Massa is moving forward the entire bout – he means to dominate. Yes, Brancheau is no Taylor or Dake, but I’m liking what I’m seeing. 174 lbs. Dan Yates tech fall Brandon Hill: 20-4 (6:19) Yates looks quite a bit stronger than the previous seasons with the move up in weight. Like the other upperclassmen, He is in control of the match from beginning to end. 184 lbs. Jordan Thomas dec. Chris Heald: 5-2 Of the backups, Heald gives the most resistance to his highly regarded freshman opponent, who wrestles a careful match, waiting for the best opportunities to score. He’s good, but between him, Massa and Bruno, I think he would benefit the most from a redshirt year. 197 lbs. Max Huntley pin. Miles Trealout: 2:26 Huntley punishes Trealout with a hammerlock from on top, getting two sets of back points before sinking in a cradle to end it. HWT: Justin Dozier dec. Matt Hart: 7-4 Hart is the smaller and quicker of the two, and goes up early, but Dozier wears him down for the win. Justin will wrestle off against Ben Apland for the spot as soon as the latter is ready. So as of now the starting lineup is: 125: Boyle 133: Bruno 141: TBD 149: Grajales 157: Salazar 165: Massa 174: Yates 184: Thomas 197: Huntley HWT: TBD Like others have mentioned, I also would have wanted to give the new recruits the opportunity to redshirt, although for right now, duty calls. It should be an interesting season with so much raw but untested talent in the lineup, along with some solid upperclassmen and only one senior.
  21. RIP Jeff. Loved your passion for wrestling and MMA. You will be missed.
  22. Already somewhat covered in the Adam Coon thread, but my thoughts on Michigan: 125: Boyle should come back better and stronger, pushed by Youtsey. 133: Don't know how Bruno would do this early against collegiate competition. If redshirt freshman Camryn Jackson could make it down here that would give Rossi time to develop. 141: The big question is whether Grajales wants it bad enough to move down. That's what the team would like him to do, and he certainly has the talent to be one of the best in this class. Steve Dutton will be game to step in if that doesn't happen. 149: If not Grajales, Mike Hillock or Dutton would be the likely starter. Hillock, although listed as a 141 pounder, has competed mostly at 149 pounds during his three years, keeping busy in open tournaments. 157: After his National freestyle title, you'd have to favor Salazar, although don't forget that he was beaten out the previous two seasons by Justin Zeerip, who had a sophomore slump last season. 165: This is where they'd like to insert Massa, assuming Yates moves up. 174: Yates or Thomas; I'd go with experience. 184: Can Hunter Collins finally pull it all together in his final year? I would hope he would, and give Thomas the opportunity to redshirt and reload the following year. 197: Huntley. HWT: Ben Apland should do well in his final season, and has Justin Dozier to back him up. So a lot of question marks about who will go where, a lot riding on athletes making weight, and whether some true freshman are ready to be thrown to the wolves. Personally I think Massa is the only one you can say would definitely be able to contend for AA his first season. And to answer the question - is this team likely better or worse this year? There's more raw talent around this year, but it's mostly untested, so too early to tell right now. All the changes made over the last 18 months appear to be positive, but the 2011-12 team was basically the same as the 2010-11 one, and they both finished pretty much the same despite the coaching changes. And of this year's recruiting class, the only athlete who was really significantly swayed to come to A2 by these changes was Massa. Donny and Sean are already giving him initiation by fire - it will be good to see where he's at come November.
  23. Great to land Coon; he definitely fills in the upper weights to make the lineup pretty solid up and down for the next few years. Although the "transformation" really is yet to be seen. Hopefully some more placers and titles.
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