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  1. HIs winning or losing might not have made a big difference in the outcome of this meet, but if he becomes the guy for Big 10s and nationals, he may make a difference for team placings in March.
  2. Nice win for Nebraska and their seniors. Nice to see Parris avenge a loss from last year. I was looking forward to seeing Lovettt wrestle Silva, but they put out Assad instead. I really don't think that Assad and Silva are that even, and am wondering if they're holding back Silva so no one will know what to expect from him at Big 10s and Nationals.
  3. In the pre-internet era, I would be all over those guides when they came out each fall.
  4. I think once we see Gable wrestle Cass this coming weekend, we'll have a better idea of how Gable and Mason will match up. Mason clearly moved better than Cass this Saturday, but it's a given that Gable is an amazing athlete with a similar skillset. As noted, Cassar beat Steveson last year largely by shutting down his offense and finding the right openings later in the match. Parris will need all his athleticism to do this.
  5. Chandler is slowly but surely getting the Spartan program back where it should be. Great win!
  6. They're probably alternating him and Assad to see how each performs.
  7. I was never a big Kobe fan, but this is certainly a terrible tragedy, particularly for his surviving family. Being out here near LA, it's especially magnified. It's starting to emerge that he was flying in heavy fog, that actually grounded police helicopters, which may have played a role in the crash.
  8. Michigan has spent most of the past two decades in the middle tier, with a few years poking their head into the top tier. Certainly being in this middle tier of the conference doesn't count a team out for a high nationals placing, given the caliber of the Big 10. The last two years we've placed 3rd and 6th at Big 10s, but finished 5th both times at nationals. In 2007, we actually finished BETTER at nationals than at conference (8th at Big 10s, but 6th at NCAAs). Still trying to peak at the right time.
  9. Where was Sebastian Rivera? Injured?
  10. Final score: Michigan 22 Minnesota 15
  11. Mason just took the mat against Garrett Joles.
  12. What if Matt's talent is not in business, but in music? What if he starts a band, goes on tour, and rakes in mucho $$ that way? You could apply the same comparison to a lot of different crafts, but it really just comes down to the fact that certain areas of athletics still have this notion that participants must be "amateur" and should not profit financially from their activities in their respective sport. Sad, but the way it is.
  13. Steveson is and should be the favorite right now. Have these two ever actually met? Among the top Div. I heavies, I recall that Cassioppi and Parris met at high school nationals a few years ago, with Cassioppi winning pretty soundly, although both have since made great leaps in size and skill. Is there any point of comparison with Steveson?
  14. Well, looks like Silva is finally in the lineup. Hopefully everyone the rest of the weights will be settled soon as well.
  15. Also: Brad Smith. 142, Iowa 1976 Byron Tucker 174, Oklahoma 2000
  16. Storr, Lewan and Embree have at least an outside chance of placing. Although definitely a down year.
  17. http://www.nwcaonline.com/student-athlete-well/nwca-optimal-performance-calculator-weight-management/
  18. Both Taylor Massa and Jordan Thomas were the cream of their recruiting class. Massa was a world beater, and Thomas beat Gabe Dean in the MI state finals when they were both seniors. Both ended up fizzing out.
  19. Mark Massery and Jack Griffin both finished 5, 1.
  20. Perhaps a result of the recent successes of the Rutgers program? Has dual meet attendance significantly increased this season as well?
  21. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/22767 Insanity. If I'm reading this right, collegiate wrestlers can now report to a match with hair of ANY length!
  22. I don't know if this year's HWT field is that bad. In addition to Cassar, you've got Steveson coming back; Parris, who is having a great season; along with former AAs Hall, Hillger, and Stencil, as well as super frosh Cassioppi. I think this March will be a dogfight!
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