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  1. A lot, but not quite. Scroll to the bottom: https://facts.stanford.edu/academics/undergraduate-facts/
  2. A little background: https://vault.si.com/vault/1995/02/06/the-civil-warrior-on-the-us-frontier-young-abe-lincoln-was-a-great-wrestler-and-sportsman
  3. Bonomo was a pretty large 118 pounder. This was his third title, and while he was hands down the best at his weigh; as I recall, motivation was a problem at this point in his career (basically HEW), and weight cutting was probably something he despised.
  4. My favorite points: 9:20: Bill Kelly spladles Brad Penrith at 126 to lock up the team title for Iowa State 29:00 Rico Chiapparelli displays amazing countering ability against Darryl Pope at 177 to win his NCAA title
  5. As for Big, he once posted that my screen name was making him feel somewhat agitated and wanted to know how I came up with it! The reason for his was a little obvious. I think there was actually a pic of him here when he was doing a beach wrestling tournament. It fit him well!
  6. I remember all of them well. 1. Don passed away not that long after we met at a Michigan dual meet. I attended his funeral; he was a man with a lot of different interests and a lot of knowledge about wrestling, and yet very humble. 2. Allan was another older gentleman with a tremendous wrestling knowledge and a willingness to share it. I got a bunch of PMs from him on various topics posted in this forum - he knew a lot about many wrestlers and programs in amazing depth!. 3. I didn't know him as well as the first two, but obviously a great contributor. 4. It seemed Denny was sometimes an unofficial moderator in addition to being a regular poster. Never actually met him but he seemed like a gentle giant. The dealio!
  7. Kind of a sad story about Mark Kerr. https://www.si.com/mma/2015/05/21/mark-kerr-former-mma-champ-reflects-on-career-future
  8. Campbell actually got his law degree from Cornell in the 80s, and subsequently moved to the Syracuse area and was working for the Carrier Corporation there when he decided to make his comeback.
  9. Was a great program with great tradition - a real shame it wasn't able to come back.
  10. For now, yes, there are more important things to deal with. Once the worst is past, people can sit down and hopefully discuss better solutions for this year's NCAA winter sport athletes.
  11. Was there any talk as to whether athletes with a redshirt year remaining might be able to apply it? Or did they simply say that everyone loses a year regardless?
  12. I watched it on Amazon Prime.
  13. https://www.freep.com/story/money/business/michigan/2020/03/23/essential-businesses-can-stay-open/2897435001/
  14. He probably woke up with the stroke symptoms after earlier having gone to bed normal.
  15. Just out of curiosity, what was bad about Burnett?
  16. It would be similar to a medical redshirt year, the athlete competed until a season ending illness or injury. In this rather unusual case, the athlete competed for most of the season, and the illness is certainly different than what it usually is.
  17. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/michigan-state/spartans/2020/03/12/coronavirus-ncaa-basketball-tournament-frozen-four/5032809002/?csp=chromepush That's pretty much it.
  18. Potentially, although keep in mind that this information is spread out over a vast demographic of different groups of people in different situations. The people most at risk for dying are the elderly. No reason for a panic.
  19. As of right now, very low (about 3.6% worldwide, and about 2.9% for US patients), although those numbers could change over the next few weeks, depending on the spread. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  20. If you have symptoms of this illness and you go to see a physician, unless you are critically ill, there is NOTHING they will do to contain the spread of the virus other than telling you to go home, limit your contact with the community, and practice supportive care. There is no "treatment" to limit the spread of this illness right now. Only preventative measures and good public health practices will effectively contain the virus.
  21. No, so far just specific schools (Duke, Kansas, probably more), conferences (PAC 12, Ivy League), and leagues (NBA).
  22. The PAC 12 just cancelled their men's basketball season. https://pac-12.com/article/2020/03/11/pac-12-statement-mens-basketball-tournament-pac-12-sport-competitions-and-pac-12
  23. So without fans, you've got the wrestlers, coaches, officials, mat workers, journalists, announcers, and arena staff. Maybe about 500-600 people? (pure guess on my part) Given the way the three day tournament works, I wonder if they will have a policy for those at various stages of the competition. Will eliminated wrestlers and coaching staff for eliminated teams be allowed to attend all remaining sessions? At that point, they will be reduced to fans for their teammates, friends and colleagues, and the NCAA is now removing the fans from the picture.
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