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  1. Thanks for posting. It does help add some important perspective in a sport where outdoing someone else in so many ways can have its downsides. Adam Coon had a similar problem when got injured a few years back: https://athletesconnected.umich.edu/u-m-wrestler-all-american-adam-coon-featured-in-video-addressing-season-ending-injury-and-its-impact-on-mental-health/
  2. Where does Jim Scherr stack up? I believe he placed 5 -1
  3. He was enrolled, just "concentrating on academics" per coach.
  4. Can't we all just get along?
  5. Doug is the guy with LiMu Imu (the large bird) in the Liberty Mutual commercial. They run around trying to save people money on insurance.
  6. So far assuming this thread is about Wisconsin - Madison. John Peterson attended Wisconsin - Stout (NAIA school), and was an AA. His career didn't take off until after college. And Russ Hellickson is also best known for what he did after college, as he did wrestle for Wisconsin, but was never AA.
  7. Foley's seminal posting was probably this one back in 2018: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20307 The guy who made the initial posting (Mustang98) was wrong, but Foley then used it as an opportunity to go on rant about gender rights, 'enforced celibacy,' and Jordan Peterson (what in the world does he have to do with wrestling?). The guy is entitled to his opinion, and I'm fine with that. But this is a WRESTLING column. If Foley keeps using it as a means to disseminate his politics, there's certainly no way I'm going to continue my Intermat subscription.
  8. Although not quite the top echelon of wrestling, Henry Milligan's career was pretty unique. A three-sport athlete at Princeton, 1981 Senior Scholar Athlete of the year, wrestling AA at 190, went on to be a US amateur boxing champion (lost in the 1984 Olympic trials to Mike Tyson). He might have been a little ahead of his time - had all the tools to be an MMA star. https://www.si.com/vault/1984/03/19/569022/the-ivys-irish-pug https://www.nytimes.com/1984/06/09/sports/ivy-leaguer-in-the-ring.html
  9. Great action between Brands and Colbray!
  10. I've always liked the guy as a wrestler and a coach. I once met him at the Ohio Open long before he got into politics; a very nice and personable guy. Politically, I myself tend toward the conservative, although he is so far to the right that I often find myself disagreeing with him on various issues. As for the whole Richard Strauss saga, I think it was an open secret among everyone that the guy was very strange, frisky, and voyeuristic, as were a lot of the people who showed up in Larkins Hall in the 1980s. Did Jordan know this much? I think so. Did he intentionally turn a blind eye to abuse? Ridiculous. His boss, head coach Russ Hellickson confronted Strauss about his shower room activities, and reported him to the Athletic department. Nothing was ever done. The people today who are going after him are just trying to use the whole situation against him politically.
  11. From A Season on the Mat: Dan Gable and the Pursuit of Perfection: “…It was a carryover from his college days, when Gable scoured the wrestling room for workout partners of any size and weight. He wanted to improve his conditioning and technique, and he needed opposition and resistance. He wrestled man many times his size (5-9, 140), including his Iowa state and Olympic teammate Chris Taylor, who weighed more than 400 lb. (“I can do pretty good with him for about the 1st 30 minutes. After that, he tires me out and I can't do anything,” Said Taylor, who died in 1979.)”
  12. I couldn't say exactly how much he made, but Sean Bormet was doing very well financially with Overtime when he left to coach again at Michigan. The school, however, did not survive that long after he left. Ben Askren is much more famous than Sean, and is already pretty well known as a coach, but started his academies with Max Askren or John Mesenbrink, two of his closest confidants. If Ben were to leave his academies for a collegiate position, would they be able to continue to hold down the fort?
  13. I don't know if the PINNED part of the story is exaggerated in some way, but this isn't the first time a smaller world level competitor was said to be able to beat most or all of the remainder of his teammates. Dan Gable was able to beat everyone on his Olympic team at least up to 198 (Ben Peterson, who won gold, basically says that Gable was the one who raised him up to that level, and kicked his butt from the first time they wrestled together). He would even wrestle Chris Taylor, and would wear him out over time. I've heard similar stories about Tommy Evans; Wayne Baughman states that he could pin everyone on the world team, although Evans ended up with Olympic silver.
  14. He was on the roster for 4 years.
  15. Currently working as a financial representative for a Detroit firm.
  16. The first time I saw women's wrestling was at the 1989 World Cup in Toledo. I had gone there to watch the US battle the Soviets, and when they announced that there was going to be a women's wrestling session between duals, I wasn't sure what to think. Up till that point, there had been relatively few girl/women wrestlers here and there, and were by far more the exception than the rule. However, these gals quickly made known to the crowd that they were there to compete, with plenty of action and almost no passivity. I imagine their coaches impressed on them that this was their opportunity to show the world that they were serious and that they belonged there with all the male competitors. They succeeded in making a fan out of me that day. Since then, aside from my years as a high school official, most of my observing women's wrestling has been at the trials or the US Open when I've attended it. If there's a competitor who I'm familiar with, I'll follow her, although I still attend events primarily to watch the men's competition. So yes, if my team started a women's program, I'd definitely start watching it, although I'll probably always be first and foremost a fan of the men.
  17. Moore wins at 197 for OSU. Parris evens the score against Stencel at HWT.
  18. Ohio State got another title from Kharchla too.
  19. Pretty much. Mike Amine was AA back in the 1980s (second to Mike VanArsdale), and his sons are Myles and Malik. Sam Amine is Mike's younger brother, and also wrestled back in the late 1980s. His sons are Jordan and Cam.
  20. Cam is actually cousin to Miles and Malik.
  21. Embree edged Caffey in the 184 semis to even their personal series to 1-1. It will be fun to watch them over the next 3 years.
  22. They just changed the brackets to Stencil pinning Rebottaro. Looks like he'll be meeting Parris again in the finals.
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